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Jobs AI Will Replace in the Future

As we move into the future, it is becoming increasingly clear that AI will replace a lot of jobs that we’re used to these days. But one thing is clear, this will gradually happen over time so you still have some time to prepare for this change and maybe to learn some skills that will make you irreplaceable. But in order for you to do that, you need to understand what the AI can do and that’s exactly what we’ll be covering in this article.

Examples of Jobs That Will Easily Be Replaced

I’ll show you three examples of jobs that will easily be replaced by these advanced technologies that we’re getting these days. It should be pointed out that for all these jobs, it’s really the entry-level positions that will be replaced first. So keep that in mind while we move through the list.

1. Copywriters

If you currently make your full-time living writing captions for social media posts or writing blog post articles, it’s probably time to start getting a little worried. With AI chatbots like GPT, you can see how easily tasks like writing blog posts can be automated. The advancements in AI technology have made it possible for these chatbots to mimic human writing styles and even tailor content for specific audiences.

2. Programmers

For entry-level programmers who do tasks like web design or writing simple scripts, AI chatbots can be more responsive and reliable than humans. Chatbots like GPT can write code in multiple languages, translate and debug it, as well as automate tasks like moving files on a computer. While senior programmers with years of experience may not be replaced by AI anytime soon, junior programmers or freelancers doing basic coding tasks may find themselves competing with AI.

3. Customer Support

Customer support roles that involve responding to emails or requests can also be easily replaced by AI chatbots. These chatbots can quickly analyze customer inquiries and provide personalized responses, showing empathy and understanding. By having access to a database of customer information, AI chatbots can provide efficient solutions to customer issues without the need for human intervention.

While the advancement of AI technology may be intimidating for some, it’s important to embrace these changes and adapt to the new realities of the workforce. By educating yourself on AI technologies and utilizing them to your advantage, you can stay ahead in the ever-evolving job market.

Remember, the best way to deal with the rise of AI is not to ignore it, but to embrace it and leverage its capabilities to enhance your skills and productivity. Stay informed, stay adaptable, and continue to learn and grow in the face of technological advancements.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more content on how AI is shaping the future of work.


  1. I was born in 1989, i was the first generation to grow up with a computer. I remenber my parents and teachers all telling me the job i should be going for is in computers. Your employer will expect you to be good with computers. Even at a young age with windows 98, a dial up connection and floppy discs i could see computers would eventually compete and win against human workers. I thought it would happen sooner to be honest

  2. Show me a new, inexpensive technology that can match human performance, and I'll show you the next 10 million unemployed workers. Its going to hit where most jobs are actually created, SMALL BUSINESSES!!!! They have the most to gain from CHATGPT.

  3. Is AI coming for your job? These are the workers who will be replaced first, according to experts

    Jobs most impacted by AI. Advertisement. …

    Coders/programmers. …

    Writers. …

    Finance professionals. …

    Legal workers. …

    Researchers. …

    Customer service. …

    Data entry and analysis.
    AND text to video is Coming so Movies Like AVATOR will be Possible in 1 Yr so UTUBERS might be a THING of the PAST

  4. 2:30 Programing jobs closer to the hardware will be the last ones to be replaced by AI. AI can tell you a generic program, but it cannot tell you a program that works for your: architecture, firmware, hardware, software configs, etc.

  5. Ive been using ChatGPT as a doctor. Whenever me or someone in my family gets sick, we ask the ChatGPT what it could be and how to cure it. Listing symptoms and telling ChatGPT whats been done and whats not. I get so much better answers than from a doctor.

  6. Should i start coding i completed my class 10 in march i already know html and css started python i am scared of chat gpt pls reply beacuse i think i have time know i need suggestion

  7. The problem is you (and many others, not singling you out), cannot say "educate yourself", this is so completely tone-deaf. We are talking about people's livelihoods and families, and children are involved here. People who studied and practiced all their lives for a job that is turned irrelevant in a matter of days. People displaced by new technology CANNOT be reprogrammed for a new job in 24 hours. The real world just does not work that way. It's been happening since the dawn of time, so obsolescence is not the problem, the problem is the speed in which obsolescence may now come. Telling people to use these new tools to their advantage, while I know it's well intentioned, it's just totally unrealistic for people who barely could fumble through basic applications of the computer age.

  8. Chatgpt explained algebra to me so I could understand it then gave me problems to solve. No teacher was ever able to explain algebra to me so that it made sense. This thing did! Amazing. Just amazing

  9. How do I say that
    I'm just recently started learning about coding. want to be app dev or game dev, and I have to go back to highschool.
    So it's about 5 or 6 years 'till I get a C.S degree or dev job. as we know AI ' ll grow over in next closely year (I mean It can't take over all dev or coding position but it'll absolutely replace and reduce most of the job opportunites in tech industry and other fields.)
    So should I keep going or just dive into other fields? I don't want to waste a bunch of years for just nothing and I have financial goal.
    I feel lost in these weeks.
    sorry bad English😢 aslo a dumb in math:")

  10. Yeah, AI Will Definitely Replace Authors. Just Read This AI Generated Nightmare. Literally And Metaphorically

    Once upon a time, there was a man named Jake who lived in a small town. One night, Jake had a nightmare that he was being chased by a monster. The monster was huge, with razor-sharp teeth and claws, and its eyes glowed a bright red. Jake ran as fast as he could, but the monster caught up with him and killed him in the most gruesome way imaginable.

    Suddenly, Jake woke up, relieved that it had only been a bad dream. But as he looked around, he realized that he was in another dream. This time, he was in a dark forest, and he could hear the sound of something moving in the bushes. Suddenly, a second monster appeared. This one was even more terrifying than the first. It had a long, slimy body with multiple tentacles and glowing yellow eyes. Jake tried to run, but the monster grabbed him with its tentacles and devoured him whole.

    Jake woke up again, sweating and shaking. He realized that he was stuck in a nightmare loop and was unable to wake up from his dreams. Each time he thought he was awake, he found himself in another dream, being chased by a different monster.

    In the third dream, he was in a dark, abandoned house, and a third monster appeared. This one was a humanoid creature with long, sharp claws and a twisted, demonic face. It taunted Jake, telling him that he would never escape the nightmare.

    In the fourth dream, he found himself in a maze, and a fourth monster appeared. This one was a giant spider with venomous fangs and glowing green eyes. It chased him through the maze, trapping him in its web and slowly devouring him.

    In the fifth dream, he was in a graveyard, and a fifth monster appeared. This one was a ghostly apparition with a skeletal face and long, flowing robes. It chased him through the graveyard, moaning and wailing as it tried to catch him.

    In the sixth dream, he was in a hospital, and a sixth monster appeared. This one was a mutant creature with multiple heads and tentacles, oozing with green slime. It chased him through the hospital, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

    In the seventh dream, he was in a dark, underground cave, and a seventh monster appeared. This one was a giant worm with razor-sharp teeth and glowing red eyes. It chased him through the cave, burrowing through the walls and floors to catch him.

    In the eighth dream, he was in a haunted house, and an eighth monster appeared. This one was a demonic clown with razor-sharp teeth and a sinister grin. It chased him through the house, taunting him with its evil laughter.

    In the ninth dream, Jake realized that he was only dreaming. He tried to take control of the dream and fight back against the monsters. But as he did so, a ninth monster appeared. This one was the most terrifying of them all. It was a dark, shadowy figure with glowing red eyes, and its mere presence filled Jake with dread. He tried to run, but the monster caught up with him and killed him with a single blow.

    Jake woke up for real this time, gasping for air. He looked around his room, relieved to see that it was empty. But as he sat up, he realized that there was something in the corner of his room. It was the ninth monster, the same one that had killed him in his final dream. Its eyes glowed red as it advanced toward him, and Jake knew that he was going to die. The monster killed him with a single blow, and Jake's body was found the next morning, lifeless and cold.

  11. A big part about writing includes human experiences.
    For example, when I write about how a video game changed my life, people will read it and keep it in their hearts as a memorabilia. They’ll remember the game’s journey as well as my own.

    Believe me, I’ve given ChatGPT enough prompts to write such articles. In the end, it gave me generic write-ups that summed up basic things. But none of it felt personal.

  12. I think it should be mentioned, that you need to keep in mind that as someone who works in the software engineering and IT field I have some experience and from what I can see, you need a lot more skills than just writing code, there is understanding how to implement things into the current stack or software, be able to analyze how to make things either more stable or faster, which is something that chat gpt cannot do.

    Also good effing luck using these AI tools in your workplace, where they will be or even are banned or blocked. It would be obvious why companies do not want their employees to use such tools, since 99% of the time you will be working with corporate data that cannot under any circumstances be indexed on the internet. In case you did not know anything you put into the chat bot or even when using its API, it will index the result on the internet and if that is found out, which it will be, then you will be fired on the spot.

    So no AI will not replace developers or even tech support people, because companies are banning the use of AI tools in the workplace.

    You can use it in your own projects, but that is about it.

  13. Digital technology has been a lawnmower for jobs. Some technology augments work, some replaces the worker. Certain tools have allowed us to become more creative or productive. But others replace creators or producers. Look at motorized transportation and horses.

  14. I am customer service agent(voice) from India. Working for US call centre. What should I do to up skill and leave call centre once and for all. Night shift is killing me.

  15. Well.. i just finished a quite complicated user story without doing a single googling.. tbh its quite scary, but we human adapt.. dont run away from it.. embrace it.. and always be ready for changes..

  16. How do you know that it won’t be able to do something in 5, 10…years? There is absolutely no way you can justify that comment. You just pulled those numbers out of your imagination. That common behavior is really annoying.

  17. Developers may find themselves becoming CEOs of their own companies, leading to greater competition in both desktop operating systems and advancements in web development.

    My programming performance has increased 30% since using chatgpt.

    We don't halt progress, rather we strive to enhance it, this is just the beginning of a revolution

  18. Number 2 is legit bs. This guy clearly wasn't in the industry long. The job isn't writing source code. The job is implementing it within the company's infrastructure. That includes different environments, within their security, as well as testing. ChatGPT is a replacement for stack overflow. Not the people who use it.

  19. If AI get to a point where it can complete replace programmers then I think not just programmers but every person with a job should be worrying.

  20. Theres bo advantage here……
    Lazy people now have the tool to make hard workers irrelevant and by doing so oversaturate every market so no one wins……

  21. Well I was thinking about drop from IT until I saw a comment that said “when some AI model could be able to code a full app all by itself it will be able to replace almost any job or at least all in Exact science “

  22. Isn't abstraction a long running theme in coding? We've come this far in making coding accessible via human-esque languages while still experiencing a shortage of technically minded workers. I don't think the shortage will end. We can add chatgpt or whatever into the mix and still end up with a labor force that continues to groan at the idea of learning IT/coding skills.

  23. I don't see how a company in a not so distant future will choose a new starter programmer that needs to be trained and learned compared to a chatgp coding version that can do everything faster and better. I think the industry will be impacted. So for the young people out there thinking of a future career .. just become doctors and you will be fine.


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