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Advanced All-in-One Technical Analysis Indicator Tutorial on Trading View

This is the Most Advanced Technical Indicator on Trading View


This is without a doubt the most advanced all-in-one technical analysis indicator on the trading view platform. It has everything supply and demand, dozens of confirmation indicators, EMAs, and various smooth filters. I guarantee you have never seen anything like this before. In this detailed tutorial, I will teach you how to use this indicator as well as give you a full trading strategy with it that will make you highly profitable.

Usage Across Different Markets

It is important to note that this technical analysis tool can be used for trading volatile cryptocurrencies, stocks, futures, and Forex pairs. The most suitable time frames for this indicator are 5 and 15 minutes, 1 hour, and 4 hours. Traders, if you’re frustrated by losing streaks and wish you had the guidance of a professional, I found a solution for you – easy options live trading. Forget about uncertainty and blown-up accounts. From now on, you have the opportunity to follow the strategies of a professional options trader who gets a consistent 80% plus win rate. His signals are highly accurate, and the process is very simple. All you need to do is attend daily live streams during market open and enter and exit trades along with the trader in real time.

Installation Guide

To install this indicator on your chart, log into your trading view account and open any market. Currently, I am viewing the Ethereum price chart on the 15-minute time frame. Open the indicators and search for DIY custom strategy Builder V1. Select this one by Zaya. Let’s thank the creator of this fantastic script. This is how the indicator looks in default settings. It displays buy and sell signals on the chart with supply and demand zones and market sessions. Having sessions on your chart is extremely beneficial as you can instantly see during which session the market is most active. The candle coloring also plays a significant role in indicating the market’s momentum and trend. Green candles indicate bullish momentum, red candles signal bearish momentum, and gray bars are displayed when the market consolidates. If a buy signal appears under a green bar, the chances of it being profitable are much higher. The opposite is true for a sell signal. Before using this indicator, I suggest accessing the chart settings and hiding the candle body and wicks. This way, the candle colors will be easier to read.

Customization of Indicator

In the indicator inputs, you can customize the accuracy of buy and sell signals with more than 40 indicators available. You can select any combination you prefer, and the indicator will generate buy and sell signals accordingly. This is an alternative to the time-consuming process of manually confirming signals from multiple indicators. This tool simplifies the process by automatically printing buy and sell signals based on your chosen combination of first and second confirmation indicators. No more staring at a screen for hours. Simply set up alerts and let the indicator do the work for you. Depending on the market you trade, you can select different indicator combinations. DIY custom strategy Builder even has an option to set a signal expiry candle count. By default, this number is set to three. This means that if the leading indicator generates a signal, it will wait for a maximum of three more candles for the rest of the confirmation indicators to catch up. If they do not respond in time, the signal will not be printed. In the next block, you have an option to choose which indicator will be your main confirmation. These are the most popular buy and sell indicators on Trading View.

Trading Strategy Example

Let me show you another effective combination that works for day trading Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Salana. The first step is to enable BX trender as your main confirmation. Scroll down and select the range filter and the Watar explosion as signal filters. You can customize the length of the indicators to further improve signal accuracy. For simplicity’s sake, let’s keep them default. You can also turn on overlay indicators such as fair value gaps, liquidity zones, and more. For this setup, we’ll enable supply and demand, liquidity zones, and candle coloring. If all the indicators align correctly, a buy or sell signal will be generated. Remember to check the candle color before initiating a trade. It is also helpful to consider supply and demand as final trade confirmation to maximize your odds. Avoid opening a long trade near the supply zone and a short trade near the demand zone. Let’s look at some trade examples with this trading setup.


Traders, if you have any interesting ideas or indicators, please write them down in the comments. Be sure to backtest this or any other trading strategy you find on Trade IQ. Thanks for watching until next time.


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