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Discover how AI apps are generating $20,000+ monthly revenue with just one person at the helm.

So I got to give credit to Goldman Sachs they have been calling out a lot of things about what’s happening in the AI field and so far it seems that they’ve been doing it very accurately we’ve covered a few of their reports that they’ published throughout 2023 and

Whenever I kind of go back to those videos it Dawns on me yeah they really knew kind of where the puck was heading they knew exactly what direction to skate in they’re ahead of the curve on their understanding of where the money’s going to go and just recently they

Published this article saying AI poised to begin shifting from excitement to deployment in 2024 and we’re really really beginning to see this now 2023 AA was kind of like the hype the excitement here’s what it could do here’s what it might do here’s a little demo but now

Very rapidly we’re going to be shifting into seeing real projects real money real use cases begin to emerge few months ago I did a video about why you should be building your own autonomous AI agents I described a situation where you wake up in the morning and you wake

Up to your autonomous AI agent that has been generating money and taking care of customer service and building these custom solutions for people and basically running the entirety of your business in this video I’ll show you examples of autonomous AI agents being used for business I’ll show you examples of sixf

Figure businesses being built business that bring in 200,000 500,000 some approaching 8 million per year that have just one founder and use AI to do the heavy lifting I feel like I got a lot of points correct in that video about building autonomous agents but a couple

Things I was surprised by one is that it seems like your ability to code may not be as important as we thought the rapid progress of AI being able to code create software we’re seeing things right now that are much more advanced than I would have thought even you know 4 months ago

6 months ago and it’s getting better open source models that are coding are getting better if you assume that we’re going to have a steady rate of progress which it’s probably not going to be steady it’s probably going to keep compounding and increasing it might be possible that you’re not going to have

To write a line of code at all you’re still going to have to learn some new skills all of us will have to but actually sitting there and writing out code that may not be necessary for a lot of this so really fast let’s start here

So this is Ben tossel he runs Ben’s bites a I mean at this point probably one of the bigger AI newsletters in the space I signed up to his newsletter pretty early on and saw it take off like a rocket ship really explosive growth this year and it’s definitely one of the

Top newsletters for me that breaks down what’s happening in the world of AI but the other thing that I like is Ben has built his own Tech startup and sold it to zapier here’s a little profile on him on zappier or Ben tussel Ben is known as

One of the original no code Pioneers he has built more than 100 products without code and this was before AI so this was before AI could do a lot of the having Lifting for you there were people that were doing pretty Advanced technical stuff while not being able to code so if

Youve tried to learn to code in the past and maybe ran into some issues or you just never tried it maybe it just seems too difficult too boring whatever don’t let your brain trick you into thinking that you can’t do any of this so here’s a recent article that Ben has published

I’ll link to it by the way as of right now I haven’t taken any money to promote anything on this channel so whatever you see here is just me talking about stuff that I see that I use that I like but so in this article he goes over a few

Businesses that are what’s called AI rappers so usually this is referred to for example open AI that has their own API where you’re basically able to use a lot of the functionality by kind of build a little wrapper around it so kind of have your own little app that does

One one specific thing but all the functionality for the most part is open Ai and a lot of people are scared to build this because every time openai announces something a lot of these companies tend to go under right when open AI announced whisper the speech to text translation transcription service

That they’re that it’s open source it’s free well anybody that was working on a project like that is just gone everybody that was working on Vision when opening up I announced their Visions if you’re trying to add Vision to GPT 4 when they release their version of it you’re

Pretty much gone so this can be a dangerous dangerous land to build your business on but there are I think cases that can do extremely well and usually when you find a very Niche project where you’re able to solve a problem better than the mass Market Solutions available

And Ben gives us three of these little businesses these little apps that are making quite a bit of money so the first one is Formula bot so if you’ve ever used Excel very often it’s kind of difficult to find the right formula or figure out how to do something in Excel

I’ve actually been using Chad GPT quite a bit to help me with Excel like if you need some very like specific formula that you can’t kind of either you don’t remember exactly how to write it out or you’re just feeling too lazy you can tell Chad PT exactly what you want and

What numbers you want to have in the formula and what cells and it’ll go ahead and write it out then you just copy and paste it and so formula bot it started as a simple page with no payall or anything it got shared on subreddits and Twitter Etc and it was built using

No code so they Ed something called Bubble and uh it’s it’s used quite a bit for building various apps and Pages Etc with with no code the simple click and drag interface looks like it’s got 3.3 million apps that are built on it and so he kind of built a

Minimum viable product something that’s just good enough to solve the problem but no bells and whistles and he started getting influencer marketing like Tik tokers affiliate program Reddit spent 5K on marketing and now is making 300,000 per year keep in mind that since a lot of this is handled through open AI with

Bubble we handle the code for you like you’re not doing too much work to keep this going the solution is provided by the system the code the AI once you build it a lot of this is on autopilot next we have photo AI from Peter levels which I’ve seen him on Twitter before

Create beautiful AI photos without using a camera and so you can upload selfies turn it into AI characters change clothes Etc here are some of the examples that they have on there one thing that always I think fascinates me is that if you’re kind of deep into the

Stuff you assume that everybody else’s too so you might be wondering well why wouldn’t they just use the AI themselves the maoury or dolly or whatever and it’s important to understand that there’s going to be a lot of people that just don’t know how to use it they don’t want

To take the time they want just a simple easy solution for their one specific use case that they want for a long time when Google Maps was launching there where you can like list your business on there there were people that would just go to Brick andmore businesses and say hey

I’ll get you on Google Maps you know they would take a few thousand for it there wasn’t really any trick to getting on Google Maps like you just had to go there and claim your property maybe add some information the whole thing might be you know 10 15 minutes worth of work

And people were making a lot of money doing that not only that but once they got the business set up on there there were a lot of backend Services they could do they can you know ask them if they wanted like a monthly SEO search engine optimization package Etc so this

Thing got to people through the door and then that relationship allowed for the guy providing the services to sell even more services that that business might be interested in cuz you already know know this is somebody that has a business maybe not so techsavvy there’s

A lot of things that you could help them with from there on and so that AI photo photo AI is now making 880,000 monthly recurring Revenue with 90% plus profit and so the takeaway is you need the most basic minimum viable product to get something like this going build a simple

App you can use bubble and no code connect it to zapier you know connect it to Huggy face open source platforms open Ai and then just return the output to the customer this would be very simple to do and would require again zero code most likely for the

Apis you might have to learn how to copy you know if one piece of software tells you here’s the API code you might have to copy and paste that over to zapier and something like that but it’s but it’s extremely simple I haven’t done this specific thing but I’ve done a little app where

You just tell it you know you tell get the latest podcast episode from this podcast it uses open a API to transcribe it summarize it and just it return to you whatever you want want do you want a summary do you want a transcription of

It do you want an article like a blog post about it and that was that was fairly simple it’s not that complicated to do now once you get customers and you have some money rolling in you could start upgrading it maybe you might have to hire a contractor to help you kind of

Polish it a little bit add some bells and features and stuff like that but to make your first dollar to get your first customer you don’t really need anything too complicated and then there’s PDF aai by Damon Shen so Damon is a founder and so users here can upload a PDF and ask

It questions what does this part mean or explain the legal jargon what is my termination clause and again so for me someone that’s done literally every single one of these just direct through Chad GPT it might be weird like why don’t they just go there and do it but

The reality is most people will not and slowly over you know a decade maybe more and more people will figure out how to do that but majority of the people will prefer to rely on these single use Solutions let’s say you’re getting a brand new lease on an apartment and you

Just want to go through it and see what are all the charges is all the fees that are going to be listed in there right you got this 40 page document you just upload and you like list every single fee that’s that’s either that’s going to happen every month or potential fees if

You mess up or whatever and Chad GPT will be able to do that for you and just spit it back and reference you where in the document those uh those fees are listed and so here’s pdf. yeah I mean look at that so 20 bucks a month gets you unlimited PDF upload unlimited

Questions now you might have a few power users that are going to ask more questions maybe ran up more of a more of API costs for you than what they’re paying 20 bucks a month but if you average it out across all the users most likely your costs are going to be tiny

Compared to what they’re paying so he makes 500,000 a year with over 500,000 customers and again all these are one person teams right so this isn’t a this isn’t 10 developers working together this is oneperson teams and like we know that the formula bot is just a bubble

App so no code pulling in 300,000 per year by the way so in the next section we’re going to talk about how to find these opportunities right because I know a lot of you are going to be like okay yeah but what are some other ideas right

They took all the good ideas right well no not quite there’s like a billion more ideas and even if the idea somebody already has a solution for it there are many many other ways to make money from that same idea so right now people have these solutions that are that they’re

Just charging for and probably for for years you’ll be able to do that right you have this one solution pay me 20 bucks a month and like you have unlimited access to that solution over time as things get a little bit more centralized a little bit more competitive different business models

Will take shape so more companies will attempt to provide the solution for free they’ll provide the solution for free they’ll take a loss on any single person that uses that but maybe they’ll do it just to get contact info email info right they’re going to acquire that user

And then later try to upsell them higher end services so for example one of the most expensive things that you can advertise on on Google for example are legal services so at the top I think you have like Legal Services Credit loans and like Financial stuff I think those

Are like the investing stuff like that I think those are like the most expensive keywords in general so let’s say you have a PDF specifically for legal questions hey you have a legal contract you have this you have that uploaded here and our little AI will answer all

Your questions for free but the point is later you can Target them with spefic specific products and solutions like hey do you want a consultation with a lawyer you can sell those leads to lawyers who will pay staggering money for it they will probably pay a a high fee for each

Lead a lot of them will buy those leads especially if it relates to their relates to their little profession what they’re doing right so we’ll we’ll look at how to find these ideas but if you’re interested in doing something like this leave me a comment let me know what is

Stopping you what is the thing that you want to know more about in other words let’s say you’re sold that this is what you want to do and you have a good idea like what’s the next big rock that you’re concerned with is it how to build

It like the actual Tech aspect of it is it how to Market it is it how to vet that idea make sure you don’t spend a year building it and you know then it flops like what what are the things that you’re worried about let me know in the

Comments and I’ll try to cover those in the next videos cuz I I’ve been doing this for a while so I have a pretty good idea about how to what steps to take to go from Hey I want to do this to you know out there and making money one of

The best things that happened over the last 10 years is how much easier it became to take payment that take credit cards it used to be incredibly difficult and now with things like stripe it’s it’s so easy a lot of people that are starting this right now don’t have to

Mess around with it’s it’s huge all right so this is Jacob Greenfield greenfeld Jacob greenfeld and so he’s got this little chart here in the background this background image so generate ideas evaluate ideas validate ideas build ideas and what you have at the end of it is profitable businesses

What’s fascinating to me about this is he wrote an AI agent that scours the web for pain points then it rates them for their monetization potential and how difficult those pain points would be to solve it’s not perfect but already surprisingly useful in surfacing interesting problems so he uses AI to

Research a boatload of these then he uses AI to actually go through it and vet it and filter out like the bad ones and figuring out what are like the top ones that would be good to actually go all in on and start building that particular solution that particular

Business and he publishes a lot of his descript iies on his substack business brainstorms I’ll leave a link in the description again no one’s paying me for this I just I’ve been reading some of his ideas and I got to say some are pretty good all right so let me just

Quickly point out some of the stuff that he talks about here so uh thumbnail generated 20,000 this month so here’s like the thumbnail so it’s an AB split testing software for testing on YouTube so different thumbnail the picture that you see in front of YouTube videos makes a big

Difference uh to how well the video will perform interesting Vivid thumbnails that kind of capture their user attention and get them interested in the story that the YouTube video will then tell those videos tend to do better if the thumbnail is good so so the way you

Test which one is better is you what’s called AB tested or split tested meaning you take all the people that see it and you kind of split into two categories and you show half one version of it and the other half the other version then you know there’s like a statistical

Formula that tells you when you’ve shown it to enough people to know statistically when you’re going to be you know confident that one of them is better than the other and so that can be a little bit difficult you got to know like you know the formulas you also got

To know how to actually split up those images to show to different people and this just takes care of it for you so 15 bucks a month for basic 30 for if you have a team and then 70 for like the Enterprise level so like if you have one

Channel and you just want to run these tests oh and it looks like they include titles as well as titles and thumbnails to see which one’s better you’re able to do daily and hourly tests so that’s 15 bucks a month so if they’re making 20,000 per month let’s say all of them

Are at 15 bucks cuz obviously they probably have other users at the higher uh levels but at 15 bucks a month so that’s 1,333 users that would not be too hard to acquire by the way there’s this great post by Kevin Kelly and Tim Ferris was the one that originally pointed this out

To me it’s called 1,000 true fans and if you’re getting started on something like this this might be a good read and the reason being is that often times when we start a business like this in our minds we think oh we need to reach tens of thousands hundreds of thousands millions

Of people to make this business profitable to make this business work and often times that is very far from the truth in fact as you’ll see if you read this in general if you can get a thousand people to really like what you’re doing to like your solutions that

Is kind of the point at which you’re making a full-time living from something like this where you’re doing maybe six figures a year maybe seven figures maybe you’re you’re going into making a million plus per year that’s that’s kind of like that that point at which you

Kind of make it in the sense that as as long as you continue building and improving and serving these people and helping them like you’re good like your expens are taken care of so you can just focus on this in other words you don’t need a million people to like your stuff

To which your job and do this because by a thousand often times that’s enough to do very very well and you can grow from there so I thought it was funny that you know this guy is making 20,000 per month we just a little bit over you know a

Th000 users could be under a th000 users since he probably has a few Enterprise accounts a few Pro accounts whatever then you have deal sorcerer is doing 25 ,000 Mr so that’s monthly recurring Revenue so use the power of AI to find and Source the best property deals this

Seems like a really good idea then you have pod notes generates 22,000 a month it helps transcribe and summarize your podcast pod notes helps you transcribe summarize and repurpose your

Leah Sirama
Leah Sirama
Leah Sirama, a lifelong enthusiast of Artificial Intelligence, has been exploring technology and the digital realm since childhood. Known for his creative thinking, he's dedicated to improving AI experiences for all, making him a respected figure in the field. His passion, curiosity, and creativity drive advancements in the AI world.


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