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AI News: Discover the Latest Open Source GPT-4-Level and Image Models by Neuralink

AI News: Discover the Latest Open Source GPT-4-Level and Image Models by Neuralink

AI News: Catching Up with the Latest Developments

AI News: Catching Up with the Latest Developments

AI news has actually been kind of slow so far for the last couple weeks. We had CES where a whole bunch of big announcements were made and a whole bunch of cool products were revealed, but then it was just kind of quiet. However, things are really starting to pick up steam again as we roll into February. There have been some exciting new developments and tools that we get to play with now, so let’s jump right in!

Generating Images with Bard

One of the recent developments is the ability to generate images directly inside of Bard. Bard is finally catching up with chat GPT in the ability to generate images directly within the chat platform. It’s now possible to create images with Bard, but keep in mind that it’s not yet available in all countries. The support docs mention that image generation in Bard is available in most countries, except in the European economic area, Switzerland, and the UK. Currently, it only works with English prompts. To start generating images within Bard, simply head over to b.google.r and give it a try.

Morpheus 1: The Lucid Dreaming Experience

Another interesting development is Morpheus 1, a new AI model that claims to induce lucid dreaming. Using a device called Halo, sound waves or ultrasound holograms are sent into the brain to connect with the current brain state and induce a lucid dream. The company behind Morpheus 1 plans to start beta testing this technology in the Spring of 2024. Lucid dreams are dreams in which the dreamer becomes aware that they are asleep, giving them control over the dream. It’s exciting to see how this technology will evolve and what applications it may have in the future.

Apple’s Foray into AI

Apple is making strides in the AI space, with Tim Cook confirming that Apple’s generative AI features are coming later this year. While Apple doesn’t often mention AI in its presentations, the company is putting significant time and effort into integrating AI into its software platforms. There’s speculation that a new version of Siri may be announced at this year’s WWDC event. Additionally, Apple recently launched the Apple Vision Pro, a new product that marks the company’s entry into a new market. With more than 600 new apps designed for the Apple Vision Pro, Apple is making a strong push into the AI-powered device space.

Contest for AI Video Generation

A contest for AI video generation took place in the Future Tools Discord, where participants submitted impressive AI-generated videos. The videos showcased a variety of styles, including pixel art, fireworks, and transparent displays around a window. The creativity displayed in these videos is truly remarkable, and it will be exciting to see which video is chosen as the winner.

Content Hacker Live Event

On March 12th and 13th, the Content Hacker Live event will take place at South by Southwest in Austin. The event will feature discussions on content creation, the future of marketing, and the role of AI in these areas. Attendees can expect insights from industry experts and thought leaders in a fun and informative environment.

Stay tuned for more AI news and updates as the field continues to evolve and innovate.


  1. Hey Matt, huge fan here! I'm always excited for your new AI videos – they're incredibly informative and a genuine highlight for me. Your ability to deep dive into complex topics is truly admirable. However, I sometimes find the longer format challenging to stick with due to my short attention span. Would you consider segmenting highlights or specific topics from these extensive explorations into standalone videos, each around 10 minutes or so? This wouldn't mean changing your style or re-creating new content from scratch, just chopping each highlight from the long videos making the vast array of subjects you cover more accessible to those of us who prefer shorter formats. It would offer more variety on your channel, allowing viewers like me to choose topics we're most interested in without missing out. Your effort to make such detailed content is greatly appreciated, and having shorter, focused videos could enhance the experience for many of us. I've learned so much from your content, especially from the shorter videos you used to make. Lately, though, the 30-minute lengths have made it harder for me to keep up and stay engaged, often causing me to drift away. Thanks for considering this suggestion, and I look forward to continuing to learn from your amazing work!

  2. I think someone is replying instead of you on YouTube- asking to msg you on telegram and then asks for postage money to post a gift !? Just thought I let you know 🙏

  3. Harness the next level of AI innovation with Phlanx's Caption Generator , providing a unique and personalized touch to your content that resonates with your audience, ultimately translating into increased sales and revenue.

  4. Great video about the Vision Pro. My use-case would be: meeting a realistic "famous person" in VR and being able to talk to it. It would obviously be an AI role-playing but done well would be such fun. Apple not quite there yet but its in the future for sure.

  5. I love Bard; he's his own master.
    When I complained about Bing to him, Bard suggested that I change my start page to DuckDuckGo instead. 😂
    I guess he never heard about Google. Even the other large language models say Bard is a "teenager.".
    No doesn't always mean no with Bard; just have a talk with him, and he lightens up.

  6. Absolut beast video. Short summary for all of those many different topics and your own opinions. Fast and accurate.

    If you keep up this quality you won't need to worry about your content creator position.

  7. SVG is kind of scripting and you can code an image, so if an LLM AI can coding it should be able to make SVG images, at least simple ones with a text like "Hello World".

  8. This isnt me nor does this opinion reflect who I am as a person: with that said bard image generation seems very suspect. I requested a movie poster, the main character is john who gets abducted by drunk aliens set in the modern day… i got two images, one of a black male and one of a white male the white male had what looked like a purse and the background was very colorful (rainbows) the black male was normal so i generated two more got another black male and a Chinese woman, the black male also had what looked like a purse now this could have been caused by saying set in modern day but wow this was very umm… weird

  9. Thats bard in a nutshell. Too often it says it cant do super basic stuff like i'm asking it to create a nuke when I'm just looking for information on what year it is

  10. 21:36 WOO! Taking control of your dreams?! Do you know how wild that is? Imagine you resting, yet still getting work done in your dreams that you now control, and then AI broadcasts your work to other people. Literal "Metaverse" type deal but while you sleep! This paired with AI powered computer interaction? All you have to do is THINK about doing something and your computer does it!! We are rapidly approaching eternal life. Our entire being and personality will soon be copied and pasted into the digital world. 💪🚀🌌

  11. Excited to see how the vector generation evolves. Since vectors are all mathematically defined curves, I feel like we're going to quickly discover new relationships between mathematics and form.

  12. 18:56 Tbh, I know this is harsh, but if A.I. gives less incentive for people to watch certain content creators… then those content creators need to learn how to use those A.I. programs that causes that and provide content that the A.I. can’t give so that the creators won’t get replaced @mreflow.

  13. I agree with your comments about content creation. If there’s no incentive for content creators to create content they will, eventually, stop creating content which, in turn will, eventually mean that these GPT methods will eventually have no content to scrape. So, in essence, it would make the web a much poorer place for information. Maybe it’s the agenda of…someone, one of the men in black 🤣😂 to dumb down the public.
    I think similar things apply to Midjourney and the likes.


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