A Moving Average Indicator that is 10 Times More Accurate: A Complete Trading Strategy


When it comes to technical analysis in trading, a moving average of a price is an essential tool that can determine the market’s trend and act as support and resistance. But what if I told you that I have found a free indicator on TradingView that is 10 times more accurate than a regular moving average?

Using the Sentiment Range MA Indicator

The Sentiment Range MA indicator offers a dynamic view of market activity, emphasizing stability and choppy market areas. It filters out noise to provide a clearer view of the market situation, showing bullish, bearish, and consolidation phases. The indicator is more accurate than a regular moving average and gives clearer signals based on market dominance.

To install this indicator on your chart, log into your TradingView account, open any market, and search for the Sentiment Range MA indicator created by Chart Prime. Customize the settings for the moving average length, sensitivity, and range multiplier to suit your trading preferences.

Building a Trading Strategy

To build a profitable trading strategy using the Sentiment Range MA indicator, we will combine it with two more indicators: the Parabolic SAR with algorithm and alerts by Lonesome Blue, and the Multi-Timeframe Supply and Demand Zones by Lenny Karuu. These indicators together can improve your trading decision-making and increase your odds of success.

Rules for Long Trades

For long trades, you must ensure there is an upward trend in the market, as indicated by the price moving above the Sentiment Range MA. The moving average should be at least two time frames higher than the current time frame to confirm the long-term bias. Wait for a buy alert and buy near a demand zone. Set your stop loss below the Parabolic SR dots and target at least two times the risk.

Rules for Short Trades

For short trades, confirm a bearish market trend using the Sentiment Range MA indicator. Wait for a sell alert and sell near a supply level. Set your stop loss above the Parabolic SR dots and target at least two times the risk. Following these rules can help you make profitable trading decisions in both bullish and bearish market conditions.


By using the Sentiment Range MA indicator along with the Parabolic SAR and Supply and Demand Zones indicators, you can create a complete trading strategy that is highly accurate and profitable. Remember to backtest any trading strategy before using it with real money, and stay disciplined in following the rules outlined in this tutorial. With the right tools and knowledge, you can improve your trading results and become a more successful trader in the financial markets.


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  6. Very engaging. Tried many trading EA/Indicators out there none works out well, can someone recommend any, my finance is draining by the management of wrong people.

  7. Took a look on those exact settings on the ETH 1 hr, on bar replay I got about 5 losses in a row so that's enough backtesting for me… Maybe it does well in trending markets but so do a great many strategies!

  8. trading with indicators are useless it better to focus on technical analysis. if you use indicators moving average is enough otherwise you will confuse your self by deficient indicators


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