Ah, there you are! Alright, I have for you guys today what I consider to be a very special video. Why, you ask? Well, because I am going to suffer. I may never come back from this. So, Ark Knights reached out to me recently. They were like, “Sam, we really enjoy your videos and we would like to sponsor you.” Ark Knights wanted me to draw one of the characters, and I was like, “Okay, this sounds great.” And they were like, “By the way, you can’t use undo.” But then I was like, “It’s alright, how bad can it possibly be?”

Just wait till you see the character. This might be one of the most detailed characters I’ve ever been asked to draw. I might not make it today, guys. And if I don’t, it was nice knowing you. So just before we dive into this drawing and give you guys some more backstory for this character, I want to quickly thank Ark Knights for sponsoring this video and for feeding my Village of BBS.

Ark Knights is a really well-known strategic RPG. The title’s most captivating feature lies in its immersive storyline set within the fictional Universe of teror. Players assume the role of the doctor in a world where the oropy disease poses the utmost Menace. The doctors command operators, one of whom is the character that we’re drawing today, to combat antagonists while trying to find a remedy for this ailment. There’s a gorgeous anime style in this game, with a perfect combination of RPG and strategic elements, along with a variety of characters you can collect – a wide range of operators with different types of specialties, including Vanguard Defender, caster, and many more. And this video is part of a celebration for Ark Knight’s 4th anniversary, with new plots, new operators, and new rewards. So, thank you, Ark Knights, for sponsoring this video.

With that being said, let’s dive in. The Ark Knights character that we’re going to be drawing in this video is AA-Fala the Vetasa. Despite her very cute appearance, she actually happens to be one of the most powerful healers in this game. Now, the world, the universe that she inhabits, has basically been ravaged by this oropy disease, and she’s one of the operators that goes out there into the world to try to find a cure.

There’s a lot of backstory elements that we’re going to dive into as we start drawing this character. A lot of key design elements to consider. Her muted color palette, her jacket that resembles a doctor’s jacket, her pouches with vials in her pockets – all reminiscent of an emergency medical setup that fits with her role as a healer.

Whenever I approach drawing a character, the first thing I look for are some key design elements. There’s a lot to work with here. She has a pretty rough sketch using no undo and no eraser. It’s a challenging task with so many details to capture. But through the process, the character comes to life, each brushstroke revealing more of her story – from her tragic past to her pure-hearted perseverance in finding a cure for the disease that took her parents.

As the drawing progresses, the details of her costume, her hair, her accessories all come together to form a detailed and intricate character. Each stroke, each color, adding to the complexity and depth of AA-Fala. The challenge of no undo and no eraser forces the artist to embrace imperfections, to work with what is on the canvas, and to find beauty in the process of creation.

With each brushstroke, the character of AA-Fala emerges, a strong, resilient, and compassionate hero on a quest to find a cure and save her world. The intricate details of her design, from her horn-like ears to the vines and flowers growing from her, add layers to her character and story. The connection between AA-Fala and Dolly the sheep, the Sovereign of sheep and beast Aristocrat, adds another dimension to the narrative, revealing the depth of the world of Ark Knights.

As the drawing nears completion, with no undo and no eraser, the artist reflects on the challenge and the process. Despite the limitations, the final result is a testament to perseverance, creativity, and the power of storytelling through art. The character of AA-Fala stands before us, a symbol of hope, courage, and the enduring spirit of a hero on a mission to save her world.

In the end, the artist is left with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, having overcome the challenge and created a work of art that tells a story and captures the essence of a unique and compelling character. The journey of drawing AA-Fala without undo or eraser has been a test of skill, creativity, and resilience – a challenge that has been met with determination, passion, and a touch of madness.

With the drawing complete, the artist reflects on the experience and the character of AA-Fala, a healer, hero, and symbol of hope in a world plagued by disease. The story of AA-Fala, her journey, and her quest for a cure, resonate with the artist and the audience, reminding us of the power of art to inspire, to move, and to bring us together in a shared experience of creation and imagination.

As the video comes to an end, the artist thanks the sponsor, Ark Knights, for the opportunity to draw AA-Fala and to share her story with the world. The video is a celebration of art, creativity, and the power of storytelling, a testament to the artist’s skill, passion, and dedication to his craft.

And with that, the artist bids farewell to AA-Fala, Dolly, and the world of Ark Knights, leaving us with a final image of a hero, a healer, and a symbol of hope in a world in need of saving. Well done, artist. Well done.


  1. I have a realy important question. How mamy layers are you using? (How mamy Base colors, how mamy shadows, lighting, details.) = How mamy layers of separate action? I'm always considering about this. I have problem with too much layers, and my painting sometimes looks overpainted and not loose ๐Ÿ˜–

  2. Little lore/fact, I can't say for sure if it's based off of it but there was a 'Dolly the Sheep' in medical history. Without actually googling to get it exact, I believe Dolly was the first livestock animal to be cloned and was a major credit to science and cell research. So she was the first thing I thought of when I heard Dolly the sheep. A quick google will give a basic run down of it and a picture of Dolly.

  3. I beg you please *draw lucia Crimson weave* from pgr (punishing gray raven) itโ€™s an underrated gacha game with insane combat style and graphics please!

  4. Man, I love your colors and rendering but the disney styled same face syndrome is killing me. I would have probably recognized some of the characters had they not been disney-fied.


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