I’m worried about you

I’m worried about you. I’m worried because I can sense you’re worried. About generative AI, that is.

You’re so worried, in fact, that you won’t go anywhere near it. And indeed it is. But that doesn’t mean you feel ready to leap into its great unknown.

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So, on your behalf — and entirely gratis — I went to Open AI’s ChatGPT and asked it the very questions that, I suspect, are bothering you most.

Let’s address the fear

First, then, I asked it: “Why should I be afraid of ChatGPT?”

Several things might touch you here. The use of “generally,” perhaps. Also the phrase “doesn’t have an inherent understanding of ethical considerations.”

Additionally, it’s essential to remember that ChatGPT doesn’t have access to personal data about individuals unless it’s shared in the course of the conversation. It’s designed to respect user privacy, and OpenAI has implemented measures to ensure data confidentiality.

The confidence builder

I hope you are heartened by this response.

It’s just a tool. Use it wisely.

Let’s address the fear

What can I do that you can’t?

That’s also heartening, isn’t it? Especially the part about its knowledge only being up to date until January 2022

This is a developing tool, not some all-powerful menace. (As far as one can tell.)

Are you holier than thou? Smarter than thou?

You see? Its intelligence is (still) narrow. Its abilities are limited. And the goal is to complement human intelligence. Generally.

Why, it’s even quite good at flattery, isn’t it?

Can we have a serious relationship?

The reply came very swiftly:

So there. This isn’t some mindless robot. It’s something that has (been programmed with) some awareness…


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