So this whole week we’ve been talking about…

This whole week we’ve been talking about Sora opening eyes new mind-blowing video generation model but there’s been tons of other insane AI news happening behind the scenes but first let’s start with this Elon Musk jumps on Twitter SLX in a live spaces conversation and here Elon Musk explains the intersection of AGI and potentially seeing if it might help us figure out if we do indeed live in similation or or not and he does it all while I think one of his kids is trying to climb on top of his head so I’m wondering if we could propose another Turing to us to different.

Definition of AGI

Which would be actually coming up with new laws of physics or new complete paradigms of physics rather than just you know physics is a Bas layer of reality and you always quote that right well I think you can certainly have I would think it’s would not realize it’s an Simulation which may be the case for us right now and that would have a you know a true Pres engine and thus experience Sensations in the same way the simulus does explain some elements of qu mechanics such as you know only collapsing the probability distribution when you look at something like why.

Simulated Reality

Would something be only true when you look at it well if it’s rendering in real-time then that’s actually how video game works like to say you’re in worlden Warcraft or something and you walk through a forest and a rat appears but before that was there a rat or not a rat There was only a probability of a rat and the rat only became real when you when you look in that direction that collaps prob space in attitud so so I think Theory actually explains a lot of things that seem quite mysterious the against cat situation the universe may Seem infinite to us but frankly if I was creating a simulation of this reality I would you know I would put the Stars far enough away that we do not have to simulate the details of the planets and in fact that is the situation so you really just have to simulate with High Fidelity what is observed on our planet a much easier…

task than quite simate Lo reality and I joking that you know when the James W telescope went off that maybe the reason for the delays was that the simulators needed to bring more Computers online because now that we can See further they needed to improve the vality of their simulation so like they equivalent of Amazon web services or something there’s this interesting back and forth between elong musk…

Neil deGrasse Tyson

That’s this guy right here so he’s talking about the idea that El mus presented I saw it once at some Forum When somebody asked him a question that the idea is basically this so imagine that there’s something called the base reality this is the original physic IAL universe and eventually it gets enough scientific progress and computers and ability to do calculations to create their very own..



  1. Neils explanation runs into a huge blunder where it assumes every universe only comes up with a single sub reality simulation. Why there is this limitation? without this limitation our chances drops to 1 in infinity from beeing 50-50.

  2. It is a probability of base or end reality but it would be parallel simulations not series or sequential. Unless each reality only ever acquired the compute to run a single simulation but that’s unlikely.

  3. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I think I see a problem in Neil's argument. The chain of simulations assumes that each simulation only produces ONE simulation. Realistically, many wouldn't stop at one – they would creat multiple simulations, and so you wouldn't have a chain with two ends – you'd have a multi-branched structure with multiple ends, and it wouldn't result in a 50/50 chance of us being in base reality or not. It would be that we're either in base reality or in one of potentially millions of chain ends.

  4. 4:50 Ok so an anagogic take on this suggests that it's a nested reality all the way down to your inner brain stem. in other words, each human is it;s own simulator and the chain down creted the microcosm that is your physical body and the nested hologram that is the macro. And each macro is it's own micro…

  5. But any universe that simulates entire universes in computers, would likely have a lot more than just one. Think about it. If it's for research purposes, they will likely have multiple to test different variables. One universe where religion never existed. One universe where humans have far longer lifespans. One universe where humans are twice as intelligent etc etc. There wouldn't be just one universe. We could be one of the hundreds of thousands of simulations that are going on simultaneously and all those universes might have slightly different conditions and be at completely different stages of technological or evolutionary development.

    So we must be either the first, or because we don't have our own simulation we must be the last doesn't make sense. It assumes it's just a straight line from one universe developing a simulated universe to that simulated one developing one. I think Neil Saw that Rick and Morty episode about the car battery while high.

  6. AI Stocks are pretty unstable at the moment, but if you do the right math, you should be just fine. Bloomberg and other finance media have been recording cases of folks gaining over 250k just in a matter of weeks/couple months, so I think there are a lot of wealth transfer in this downtime if you know where to look.

  7. Every simulation will be at at one point in time the "deepest" simulation before its possible to create a deeper simulation. Hence the probablility is still 1 in infinity not 50 / 50. Neil dissmissed the component of time completly.

  8. Computer simulation is not the reality though. You can have very high fidelity simultation, perhaps even down to elementary particles, but in the "base reality" it's still only 1s and 0s travelling through electric wires.. And the whole idea that there could be real conscious beings "somewhere in there" is highly dubious.

    But even if there could you would still have to take into account computational power and time. Specifically the fact that each additional level of simulation would have to be smaller and slower than its parent. I.e. you would have less and less simulated persons the deeper you'd go, invalidating the statistical argument of the Simulation hypothesis.

    And the scenario where the robot is training inside simulation – that's almost completely unrelated to the Simulation hypothesis. Because in this case it is more like a Matrix-style simulation where the mind is shown simulated stimuli but the body is actually embedded in the "outside" reality (ie. not counting towards the statistics of Simulation hypothesis).

  9. Tyson's 50/50 argument doesn't take into account that close to no one would be born after tech reaches the point of creating such a simulation, because almost everyone would submerge themselves in similar simulation technology and never have biological children. It also assumes time is moving similarly in potential simulations above us, but time in such a scenario doesn't actually exist as anything other than processing speed. Throw the backwards working deconstructive features of quantum computing into the mix and we have a large enough "???" that I'd just say, who the fuck knows…

  10. The simulation theory explanation is not very correct, base reality can have multiple simulations running at the same time. they don't have to be nested into each other


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