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By Mayank Kumar

According to Google Lumikai report India’s gamer base is expected to be around 568 millions by the end FY 23. This gives an estimate of the affinity of Indian players towards online games. Mobile based games have made this number escalate to these levels as users can now access games anytime, anywhere. Skill based games like Poker, Rummy, Chess, Sudoku, Go, Scrabble etc need a certain level of expertise and analytical skills. Compared to games of pure chance like Ludo, lotteries, Roulettes etc, they inspire the players to learn and grow their skills while enjoying the games. Online Real Money Skill based Games have evolved over the years as a favourite of youngsters. They will play it casually with friends or even with strangers sitting across different parts of the world.

With such a huge demand, online games have transitioned from being standard games to custom made experiences that make it worthwhile for the player. Artificial Intelligence has become the catalyst for driving forth this transformation and ultimately deliver immersive games that are customized according to game-play. AI is able to analyse consumer preferences, their behaviour and the frequency of their interaction with such skill based games. This analysis can lead to customised experience for the user, instead of a one size fits all approach.

AI also provides data driven insights not just to improve the experience of the consumers but for the companies that create such games. With the help of intelligent algorithms, consumers can now discover new and innovative games easily, which makes it a superior experience for the user as well as for the companies as it is a win win situation for both. Infact, AI can also match the difficulty level of the game to the skills of the player in tandem with that of the consumer. Taking cultural preferences in notice, AI can help to bridge the gap between virtual entertainment and experiences that might feel familiar and make the players as comfortable as playing it offline.

AI is also an enabler and a comforting bridge between challenges that a consumer may face and the gaming company. One can now interact and seek assistance as and when needed. AI powered chatbots become companions at every point and provide a real time assistance, troubleshooting any problem instantly. As the chat bots learn from each interaction through the data bank, they provide tailored suggestions and address any query that a new or old consumer may face. The digital assistants are a testament of the evolution of the gaming landscape that is becoming player-centric every day.

Another problem facing the Real Money Gaming industry is to provide fair play and weed out any bots that can potentially overcome the human intelligence as they can dig into vast data in no time at all. It is imperative for RMG sites to keep a check on such unscrupulous elements, and ensure that every player enjoys the game. Being RNG certified helps an online gaming company to gain the trust of the consumers in no time at all. Such factors, along with AI have become the reason for this evolution of skill based games in India.

The author is director and co-founder, GetMega

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