GameScent is a new “fully immersive” AI-driven scent release device designed to bring players even deeper into the game worlds they experience everyday. Making its official debut today, the company says its device automatically releases scents based on gameplay as it happens “without the need for any specific game development.” I’m not sure if this is a good thing or entirely not just yet, but smell-o-vision is apparently ready step into the future and land in game rooms across the world. Now available for purchase, all of the details on GameScent are waiting down below. 

GameScent – AI-driven scent release device

GameScent says its patent-pending adaptor leverages and captures real-time audio, which is then processed by its “innovative AI to release scents that correspond with the on-screen action.” It works on console, PC, TV, or a VR headset. 

The GameScent box uses easy-to-swap cartridges to “keep the sensory adventure going” alongside something known as an Air Neutralizer that allows players to manually trigger the “Clean Air” setting to get rid of the smell of battle. The cartridges are created alongside “world-class perfumists to deliver a best in class experience” and additional scents will be made available for purchase separately down the line, including the likes of Blood, Ocean, Sports Arena, and Fresh Cut Grass.

Now I don’t think any of us really want to know what some of these game worlds we explore actually smell like, but it sounds like, at least at first, GameScent’s scent palettes will be relatively tame:

  • Gun Fire: Experience the intensity of a firefight.
  • Explosion: Feel the magnitude of a blast.
  • Racing: Sense the speed and thrill of the track.
  • “Clean Air”: instantly neutralizes any scents in the room.
  • Storm: Immerse yourself in the fresh smell after a storm.
  • Forest: Connect with the soothing aura of nature.

While it’s hard to say before actually giving it go, the question is does anybody actually want this? I guess there are some scents from games that might be enjoyable and immersive, but I don’t think anyone wants to experience the smell of rotting flesh in one of FromSoft’s poison swamps or, well…you get the point. 

Do you think this is something you might actually want?

If you do want to give it a shot, the GameScent is now available for purchase with a $180 MSRP – at Amazon it is marked down to $149.99 at the time of writing and still up at $180 via Best Buy

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