Govee AI Gaming Sync Box Kit 2


Govee is taking to CES 2024 to debut its new and improved Govee AI Gaming Sync Box Kit 2 and Neon Rope Light 2, as well as improved iterations of its popular smart home and gaming products.

Staying true to this year’s artificial intelligence theme at CES, the Govee AI Gaming Sync Box Kit 2’s value relies on what users can’t see: the AI algorithm tucked inside the device.

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The first version of the Govee AI Gaming Sync Box Kit wowed at CES 2023 as an AI-powered device that automatically translates in-game content to create lighting effects, giving the immersive feel that your display is being extended with light around it in real-time.

The Govee AI Gaming Sync Box Kit 2 will get Matter support via an over-the-air update in 2024 and is compatible with gaming on PCs and consoles, with support for HDMI 2.1 and up to 8K gaming resolution. Govee claimed that its AI algorithm, named CogniGlow, is more responsive than ever and has reached 99% accuracy, thanks to how it applies parallel processing to multi-tasking AI for better feedback.

The company is also launching an AI Lighting Bot to add more interactivity to its smart lighting. The company has not yet provided details on how the Lighting Bot will work, explaining only that it can adapt and respond to different scenarios. “Whether for home entertainment, public venues, or special events,” the company stated, “Govee AIGC-enhanced lighting ensures a unique and engaging atmosphere.” As CES gets underway, we’ll learn more and update this story.

Neon Rope Light 2


Govee also launched a new version of its Neon Rope Light with smoother color transitions and effects, improved bend clips, and black-and-white variations to adapt seamlessly to more aesthetic and home decor. The Neon Rope Light 2 is also more flexible than the previous model to give users an easier time at creating the shape they’d like to display on their wall.

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In discussing its independent GoveeLife line of smart home products, Govee announced a new smart Presence Sensor and Matter-certified Smart Plug coming to the market — along with the Govee Govee AI Gaming Sync Box Kit 2 and the Neon Rope Light 2 — in the first half of 2024. Pricing information has yet to be announced for these Govee and GoveeLife products.


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