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GPTs are now available to all <a href='' title='OpenAI pauses new signups for ChatGPT Plus due to overwhelming demand' >chat GPT</a> plus users

GPTs are now available to all chat GPT plus users

Have you been eagerly waiting for the introduction of GPTs in chat GPT plus? Your wait is finally over! With the new specialization of GPT models, you can now tailor your conversations to specific purposes, making them more efficient and effective.

Creating Specific GPT Models

Moving away from the generalist chat GPT model, which served a variety of purposes adequately, the new specialized GPT models offer a targeted approach. To set up your customized GPT, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the “Explore” button in the top left corner.
  3. Explore the different presets available or create your own GPT.

Configuring Your GPT

To set up your GPT model for a specific purpose, such as a growth hacker, follow these steps:

  1. Name your GPT model (e.g., Growth Hacker).
  2. Provide a description of the GPT model.
  3. Enter detailed instructions for the GPT model.
  4. Add conversation starters to prompt user interactions.
  5. Upload any relevant files or data for the GPT model.

Publishing Your GPT Model

Once you have configured your GPT model, you can choose to make it private, share it with specific individuals, or make it public for all users. By saving your settings, you can start using your customized GPT model immediately.

With the ability to create specialized GPT models tailored to specific purposes, chat GPT plus users can enhance their conversations and interactions. Experiment with different configurations and prompts to optimize the performance of your GPT model.

Take advantage of the advanced capabilities offered by the GPT platform, such as internet access, image generation, data analysis, and code execution. By exploring these features, you can unlock new possibilities for your GPT interactions.

In conclusion, the introduction of GPTs in chat GPT plus opens up a world of possibilities for users looking to enhance their conversations. By creating specialized GPT models and customizing their configurations, users can elevate their chat experiences to new heights.


  1. Thank you so much for the information Igor! I'm the kind of person who gets steamed up, but today I finally finished and published my bot πŸ§­πŸš€πŸ‘” "Career Determinator", for determining your real vocation, whoever is interested. I would be very grateful for a spoof. I believe in a community of like-minded people!πŸ˜‰

  2. Can anyone help? I downloaded the chat gpt app and I asked three questions (and was amazed!), but it says I’ve reached my limit with just 3 questions! Can I really only ask 3 questions a day?

  3. As always, it is taking me a minute to catch up on the updates. I really appreciate you making it so easy to follow for someone like me. I use your newsletter and your YouTube channel to keep up with ChatGPT updates. Thank you for all your work!

  4. Hi! How can I use websites and newsletters as input for the GPTs? I would like to have a GPT that represents the collective knowledge of creators I follow. Thanks

  5. Wow! How much time I wasted thinking this is any different than my GPT chats. They should introduce a search function for the chats. That would be an improvement.

  6. I'm just a dabbler, so trying to catch up on my understanding of this all. Is this similar to Custom Instructions and/or like creating a Chatbot with something like Zapier? Thanks for sharing so openly. I appreciate what you do.

  7. I am trying to create a gpt but keep getting a notification β€œYou don’t have an access to this feature” on OpenAI website, any ideas why? Location: UK.


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