An internet user has taken social media by storm after creating anartificial intelligence-based chatbot as a tribute to Matthew Perry. One of Roshan Vadassery’s followers had asked him if he could make an AI of Chandler Bing, following which he took up the challenge.

Matthew Perry died by apparent drowning on October 28 (FRIENDS (TV Show)/Facebook)

“Can you make an AI of Chandler? My mom is a big fan of Friends and still watches at least one episode every day. She looks so quiet from the last few days,” the user said, as per a video Roshan shared on Instagram.

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Roshan then took up the task and completed it successfully. He asked the bot in Chandler’s style if he could be more sarcastic. The bot replied, “Well, could I be more sarcastic? I guess I could but then I would have to charge you an extra fee for a sarcasm upgrade.”

“The father of memes, I still remember in the early days of fb pages it was all about sharing Chandler jokes or wholesome scenes from Monica and his relationship. We forgot that there was another person behind the character. A person who helped a lot of people with passion, and held a smile as long as he can,” Roshan captioned the video.

‘I’m literally in tears’

Roshan’s followers appreciated his work in the comment section, with one of them saying, “Dude I tried it I am crying while writing this .. friends has changed me in so much ways i really made it part of my life am still not over him passing away .. thank you its just wow.. hope this goes more viral”. “Bro even though it is an AI…this made me cry way too hard thank you,” one user wrote, while another said, “Okay i just tried it and I’m literally in tears. I don’t know how to thank you in words. I just- hope you succeed in your life. Still crying”.

“Dude… Hats off for ur efforts… Not even a single day passes for me without seeing friends… Im still can’t accept he is gone…. Bt hearing him again made me cry like hell!!! Thanks for bringing our Chan Chan man!!” said one user. “You made me cry man, I’m crying rn and I’ll cry everytime I go and talk with our dear Chandler,” said one user, while another wrote, “I will cry. What is this. I checked the link. I talked. And it feels like …. Idk what to say. This is too good. I’m gonna go cry”.

Perry died by apparent drowning on October 28. He was discovered dead in the hot tub of his home in the Pacific Palisades neighbourhood just after 4 pm.

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