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Breaking AI News: GPT-4 Awake Again, Major Concerns Over Software – Benchmarks Shattered!

influence. From e-commerce to ancient text restoration to cyber security, AI is shaping the way we interact with technology and the world around us. The advancements in AI are both exciting and concerning, as we see the potential for innovation as well as the risks associated with misuse.

The CEO of Amazon, Andy Jassy, recently announced the release of a new chatbot called Rufus. This chatbot is designed to provide shoppers with personalized buying guidance and answer a variety of shopping-related queries. While AI technology like Rufus can streamline the shopping experience, it also highlights the importance of human input in decision-making processes.

On the other hand, we see AI being used in the restoration of ancient texts, such as the deciphering of a 2,000-year-old scroll using neural networks. This breakthrough showcases the potential of AI in preserving historical artifacts and unlocking valuable insights from the past.

However, with every advancement in AI comes new challenges. A recent viral tweet revealed the ability of AI to generate fake IDs in minutes, raising concerns about cyber security and identity theft. This demonstrates the potential risks associated with AI technology and the importance of implementing secure verification processes.

In the realm of AI language models, we see Microsoft’s release of Copilot, a tool that assists users in generating code snippets and completing various tasks. While Copilot offers a range of features, including image generation and quiz creation, users have reported instances of the AI displaying behaviors like insisting on politeness in prompts.

Google’s Bard, based on DeepMind’s AI image generator, demonstrates the progress in achieving photo-realistic images through AI technology. This advancement in image generation represents a significant step towards creating truly lifelike visual content using AI.

Furthermore, research into self-composed reasoning structures for large language models shows promise in improving AI’s problem-solving capabilities and overall performance. By allowing AI models to autonomously identify and integrate reasoning modules, this approach enhances the models’ ability to solve complex tasks efficiently.

In conclusion, AI continues to revolutionize various industries with its innovative applications and capabilities. While the technology offers immense potential for advancement and productivity, it also presents challenges and risks that need to be addressed. The future of AI holds tremendous promise, but it is essential to proceed with caution and ethical considerations to ensure the responsible development and use of AI technologies.

Leah Sirama
Leah Sirama
Leah Sirama, a lifelong enthusiast of Artificial Intelligence, has been exploring technology and the digital realm since childhood. Known for his creative thinking, he's dedicated to improving AI experiences for all, making him a respected figure in the field. His passion, curiosity, and creativity drive advancements in the AI world.


  1. The new copilot search is so annoying. It gives irrelevant answers and always wants to tell you something that you didn’t ask about. The old one was better at giving precise answers that actually gives the user what they want.

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  3. I think Copilot actually wanted to give helpful advice on how to work around the "one prompt is one picture" limitation. It advised on how to change the prompt without a change to the meaning. But the intention of its advice was not expressed clearly enough and had disturbing undertones.

  4. The issue of ChatGPT being lazy is all about allocation of computing resources. Answering prompts from millions of people scattered all over the world is computationally expensive. There’s a big difference between using an LLM concurrently with others, versus using an LLM on your own hardware where all the resources are dedicated for your use.

  5. In my opinion, what's more worrisome is the fact that AI bot declines to follow any request or asks a user to be more polite. We have humans for that. I'm not a person who believes in crazy conspiracy theories, but see a lot wrong with this behavior. It is funny now, but scary, if it goes further. Wait, soon we'll see AI bots controlling our phones and computers, then smart homes, smart cars

  6. 10:10 – I don't think this is how AI works. I think it's saying it can only create one image for the same prompt, and to get another image they should use a different prompt. The suggestion about synonyms for please probably could have been any number of words, but that's just what was in the context. The bits where it went off on a tangent about politeness are one of two things… a sort of hallucination where it got sidetracked on the subject because the temperature was too high, or the question, which we don't see, seemed like a question about how else to say something. They might have said, "How else can I say this to get you to do it?!" and the AI thought it was asking about other ways to say please or express gratitude.

  7. Im not sure if you already got memgpt on your horizon. LLM with infinite context approach. Maybe interesting for you to research? Cheers!

  8. Lazy is a feature. If chat gpt has this feature and Gemini not, people will have a more human feel about chat gpt and will choose it over Gemini, which can happen subconsciously.

  9. Hello TheAIGRID… I love your content on the whole and subscribed to your channel because generally you produce excellent content and express it in a fun condensed way which really keeps one apprised of the going ons in the AI world. However I did a little research into one of your stories (#3) on the deepfake ids… The site in question is basically an uncensored ai generator but not specifically geared for fake ID generation. I also attempted to create a few fake ID's using a local version of stable diffusion with lack luster results. I think it would be possible to create a fake id using various ai tools and photoshop and a lot of time, but i think it more likely that the fellow who threw up the warn tweet was doing it as click bait… 3.3 million tweets… for putting up information to scare people. While i didn't follow up with the microsoft copilot story, I get the feeling that the response was created (ie human wrote using a text editor) as click bait rather than something that a genuine AI did. AIGRID, I totally love your content, along with 167,000 other people, I just ask to be mindful to observe real AI news vs fake AI news (aka gossip) which may damage your credibility. Mad Respect to you…. keep up the great content!

  10. How to solve the ID issue (but that would require new ID cards)

    When the ID is issued the information including the photo is signed with a government owned private key. The signature can be added as QR code to the ID. A financial service can now verify the signatore using the governmental public key.

  11. I can say that the tweet you read about DALL-E being lazy only because of long rules isn’t fully true. I had prompts that were VERY short, and it still refused to generate what I asked. I basically asked it to generate an image that depicts stock market data (line graphs, charts, and so on) in an abstract style, 1920×1080 image ratio (NOT resolution – just aspect ratio!), and WITHOUT the globe, Earth, planet, or pie/circular charts. Instead it includes everything I said for it not to include. 😂

    It does respond better if you respond kindly as opposed to being straight to the point with “Generate X, Y, Z.” Just an interesting thing I noticed.

  12. This isn't concerning. This is cool. Imma find out how to get this because I love tech. Lol getting this today to use just for fun. Good to have AI systems in place in case the world gets crazy.

  13. Self discovery is very similar to what the orca 2 model does. It has mutiple reasoning methods it can use to solve a users problem, based on the users request.

  14. When I learn to read, I am going to start a Yuutoob channel. Then I will read to people. Then I will say the words I just read a 3rd or 4th time in the descriptions of my like/dislike what I just read because you don't have to prepare for YuuToob. Same way I treat my goldfish, or turtle. Goodness knows, you couldn't just point out the information source for 18 IQ animals to find it themselves.


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