Welcome aboard the thirst train, where we will be diving into the world of drawing desirable characters. In this video, we will be taking a look at various drawings from my audience and transforming them into stunning and alluring creations.

Starting off, we have a character named Rain, who was originally meant to be an ethereal being but ended up looking more like Sailor Moon. With some adjustments to her features and anatomy, we were able to enhance her appearance and make her more desirable. The key to making a character desirable is paying attention to symmetry, facial features, and adding soft textures to enhance their appeal.

Moving on to the next character, we encountered some challenges with the original design, including an awkward face, stiff hair, and questionable shoulder proportions. By making subtle changes and adding a pop of color, we were able to transform the character into a more attractive and appealing version of the original.

For our final character, we decided to combine two different designs to create a unique and bold “lumberjack mommy” character. Emphasizing her physique and adding masculine features, we were able to create a one-of-a-kind character that exudes confidence and allure.

In addition to the character transformations, we also took a moment to revisit a character who was in need of a makeover. By giving him a chiseled jawline and a more defined appearance, we were able to make him desirable once again.

Overall, the process of turning ordinary drawings into desirable characters was both challenging and rewarding. By focusing on key aspects such as anatomy, facial features, and adding depth to the designs, we were able to create captivating and visually appealing characters that stand out from the crowd.

As we continue down the path of creating desirable characters, it is important to remember that beauty comes in all shapes and forms. Whether it’s a fairy angel, a seductive hair woman, or a Canadian Lumberjack Mommy, each character brings something unique and special to the table.

So, which character do you think was the most desirable? Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more videos on transforming drawings into works of art. Thank you for joining me on this journey of creativity and transformation. Until next time, stay creative and remember to embrace the beauty in all things. Goodbye for now!


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