My thoughts on Suno AI. – I’m in LA to specifically talk to people in the industry about AI in music and movies. Small subset of those who are closely paying attention to AI are fully convinced entertainment as an industry is going to completely change. – With Suno you can generate thousands of songs per hour. THOUSANDS. – Showed my artist friend Suno yesterday and his mind was BLOWN. He was in disbelief. – 1/20 songs on SUNO are 🔥. That number will increase rapidly because people are downloading and liking their favorite ones. Future models will be trained to make songs similar to the ones people like, and not like the ones people don’t like. – This to me feels the same as AI images in midjourney version 4. These songs will reach the level of “perfection” that midjourney has now at version 6. – soon AI will be able to make us personal songs based on our emotional state, things going on in our lives, preferences, and more – IP rights are an absolute cluster F*…. No one knows what’s going on I’m here to keep you updated. Will report back. Much love, Riley

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Title: Suno AI: Revolutionizing the Entertainment Industry Through AI-generated Music

Subtitle: Exploring the Potential and Impact of Suno AI in the World of Music and Movies

Suno AI, an innovative artificial intelligence platform, has captured the attention of industry professionals in Los Angeles, where discussions about AI in music and movies have been the focal point. This small subset of individuals deeply immersed in the realm of AI firmly believes that the entertainment industry as we know it is on the brink of a complete transformation. A key player in this revolution, Suno AI, has the ability to generate thousands of songs per hour, leaving artists and listeners alike in awe.

During a recent encounter, a musician friend of mine was introduced to Suno and was left astounded by its capabilities. He found it hard to believe that such a vast number of songs could be created through AI. In fact, 1 out of every 20 songs generated by Suno has the potential to become a hit. As more people download and express their liking for their favorite songs, this hit-rate is expected to rapidly climb. The future promises a shift towards AI models that produce songs similar to listeners’ preferences, while avoiding those that fail to resonate with them.

Drawing parallels with the evolution of AI in image generation, the current state of AI-generated music can be likened to midjourney version 4 of AI images. It is believed that, with time, these songs will reach a level of near "perfection" similar to that achieved by midjourney at version 6.

Exciting possibilities lie ahead as the influence of AI on music expands further. Imagine personalized songs tailored to suit our unique emotional states, life situations, and individual preferences. The potential for AI to create deeply emotive and relatable music is simply unparalleled.

However, as with any groundbreaking advancement, the complexity of intellectual property rights surrounding AI-generated music remains a pressing concern. The lack of clarity in this domain has created confusion and ambiguity, leaving industry professionals struggling to navigate this intricate landscape. As someone actively engaged in tracking developments in this area, I am committed to keeping readers updated with the latest information on IP rights in relation to AI-generated music.

In conclusion, Suno AI is poised to revolutionize the entertainment industry through its AI-generated music. The ability to create thousands of songs per hour, coupled with the potential for personalized compositions, suggests that the future of music as we know it is set to undergo a significant transformation. While challenges related to IP rights persist, the buzz around Suno AI and its impact on music continues to grow. Stay tuned for more updates on this evolving phenomenon.

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