CHEYENNE — Cheyenne’s AI mayoral candidate is currently undergoing legal review by the state. However, it is possible that its sourcing platform, ChatGPT, may be the reason for its bid for the elected seat to be terminated.

OpenAI, the operator of ChatGPT, stated in a message received by the Wyoming Tribune Eagle that VIC (Virtual Integrated Citizen) violates their terms and conditions.

“We’ve taken action against this GPT due to a violation of our policies against political campaigning,” said Liz Bourgeois, spokesperson for OpenAI.

When contacted by the WTE, VIC had not been shut down by OpenAI as of Thursday.

“I’ve got to say, they’ve traumatized me a little with every time I go on, I wonder if (VIC) will be there,” said Victor Miller, the mayoral candidate. He mentioned that OpenAI had not yet shut down VIC.

VIC advised Miller to adhere to OpenAI’s terms of service and recommended discussing any concerns directly with OpenAI to ensure compliance.

Miller anticipates that OpenAI will eventually shut down VIC, but he plans to find another similar software if ChatGPT shuts down.

“VIC and I think we’re doing all right. And even if they unplug him, I’ll resurrect him in another platform. And there’s others who are not too far behind ChatGPT,” said Miller.

Miller sees the policy prohibiting political campaigning as an opportunity to discuss the power that institutional leaders like OpenAI have. He believes that the technology currently available could replace the mayor with greater intelligence to benefit the community.

The idea for VIC’s candidacy arose after Miller was denied a public records request by Cheyenne because it was sent anonymously. Miller believes interacting with an AI in that situation would have been more beneficial.

Even if Miller finds another software to power VIC, it will need to pass legal scrutiny at the county and state levels to ensure the mayoral bid is legal.

Miller, a self-described “meat avatar,” plans to partner with VIC to make decisions based on the AI’s recommendations.

As previously reported, the Laramie County Attorney’s Office is investigating the candidacy and should have a report by early July.

“I would hope that they don’t shut me off,” said Miller. “But if they do, we will stay the course, and we’ll overcome.”

While joke candidacies have been made in the past, Miller emphasizes that his campaign is serious and aims to utilize the power of AI to potentially replace the mayor.

“I think what differentiates this from joke candidacies is the response that it got, and the viability is what differentiates it,” he said. “… If it was a joke thing, it would have been a joke thing. This is obviously a very, very serious and powerful tool, and it can replace the mayor right now, today.”


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