So this morning I woke up to this pal world made 100 million profit in 4 days by giving guns to Pokemon well you were busy building your B2B AI SAS with a hardware device no one ever wanted which made me wonder what’s pal World well. It’s a brand new game that’s a huge huge hit 100 million Revenue in 72 hours on Steam 2 million concurrent users second ever to only pubg which pubg is the hardest addiction I’ve ever had to kick but back to power world there’s a massive controversy around it because.

Some people are accusing them of basically generating the entire game with AI why well the CEO experiment with AI monsters back in 2021 or at least made references to it based on some of his tweets he seems to be really fascinated by Ai and their previous game. Was called AI art impostor and for sure used AI also the development team is very small and they have an insanely fast development speed they just got interviewed on Japanese TV here’s what we know none of them knew how to develop a game we all learned on the job they said budget of.

$10,000 most of the models and gun stuff was done by some middle schooler who was working part-time at a convenience store that the devs went to originally they were going to use Unity to build the game but realized it was too laggy so they switched to Unreal on the advice of.

The senior developer who worked with unreal once before none of them knew how to use unreal the senior Dev had to teach everyone how to use it and they decided to make it about Pokémon with guns because quote Americans like to shoot things which okay I guess that’s.

Fair so this story has it all small Game Dev Studio hits it big the artist Community is outraged new technological shift that absolutely no one is ready for and Pokemon well it’s not Pokémon actually any resemblance to Pokémon alive or dead is purely coin incidental but Nintendo the owners of Pokemon they.

Are pissed that’s a whole other story now ai and video games go together like a gamer and caffeine on this channel we’ve covered Voyager AI where nvidia’s researchers taught GPT 4 to playing Minecraft and it got really really good with it we’ve covered Smallville where.

25 GPT 4 NPCs run a town and try to achieve an objective without any human supervision and they get really really good with it we cover when AI plays Pokemon Red using reinforcement learning and it gets really really good with it and of course we’ve covered things like.

Chad Dev where we string 16 Chad gpgs together into a game development Studio each with its own departments like coding testing and documenting with the CTO the chief technical officer running around and making sure everything goes smoothly you just type in what you want to make and they’ll get to work creating.

It testing it working out the bugs and then creating a manual in case you can’t figure out how to play the game then they save everything into a neat little folder on your computer and it’s ready to run but this this is different power world is accused of using existing.

Copyrighted works and using AI to generate very similar looking knockoffs most people are fighting over whether they did it or not first of all let me show you how the latest AI is used in games and two we’ll take a look at what palor is accused of doing and the.

Evidence for and against them using AI to create your own story so the first and most obvious use of AI in games I saw was simply hooking up something like chadt to NPCs the non-player characters who inhabit the world the various companions that Quest a few in the past.

They had a few lines of dialogue no ability to respond to new situations and limited scripted responses to scripted in game events with AI you can literally make your own storyline and the characters like good improv actors would just go along with it no matter how insane you made the storyline in Skyrim.

For example you were supposed to go yell at dragons right something about yelling at dragons I never followed the quest line I don’t actually know I was more interested in figuring out is the color of night in case you were wondering it’s sanguin my brother that was the password.

To get into the dark brotherhood and Skyrim which was a guild of skilled assassins who carry out assassination contracts rumor has it they also have some links to a diag prince too they’re the bad guys who are all about violence if if I haven’t made that clear to get.

In they ask you what is the color of the night and you answer sanguin my brother now sanguin means optimism and joy it also means blood red a lot of love and attention was put into the dark brotherhood storyline and this simple password exchange I think really shows.

You how beautiful and dark that quest line was but let’s say you wanted more after that scripted story line ended let’s say you wanted to write your own continuation of the Dark Brotherhood storyline but darker much darker skip to the next video Chapter if this isn’t.

Your thing but if you wanted to go down that rabbit hole here’s how you would do it first you hook up one of your companions to Chad gbt you can use open ai’s whisper which is an open source speech to text and have a transcribe your voice into text.

And feed that into Chad GPT you describe the character Chad GPT would play and you prompted it to respond to your requests you used 11 labs to turn the text output into speech and the setup is complete now you can talk to your companion and they respond in kind and.

Now you can write your very own new AI assisted ending to The Dark Brotherhood Saga now if you recall at some point in the quest line you get a contract to assassinate the owner of the honor Hall orphanage in rifton let’s say you wanted to pick up where that story ended your.

New story line involves you taking over the orphanage and turning it into a thriving business step one is to introduce your companion to this idea but it must be done gently we don’t want to scare her off why aren’t you using your delicious mystery meat looks like.

Mystery meat isn’t my thing you don’t know what it is you don’t know if you don’t like I prefer to know what I’m putting in my mouth next we introduce her to the other henchmen so they can start developing their professional relationship good work on the orphan.

Farm boy boy is in charge of the operation oh great the boy is in charge I feel so reassured now what could possibly go wrong with that brilliant decision making then we embark on a quest to push out the competition need a drink don’t do that I I slapped him with.

A fish slapping someone with a fish is certainly unique and eventually we have a tragic falling out and have to tie up the Loose Ends do you know where we are of course I do do you you have last words before you go sailing and splat below I’ve always enjoyed a good freef.

Fall but before I go let me just say I never liked Heights Anyway in the end we’re on our knees lamenting the death of our business obviously by the way if you want to see that full video it’s called the new Skyrim VR experience with AI changed my life by I am crusty and it’s much darker than it seems using AI to generate Cod.

For software and games another way that AI is being used in games now is to actually code and test these games or software applications now this is still very early stage we are not quite at the point where you can have entire software development Studios run completely by AI.

But projects like chadev and Microsoft’s autogen are showing that we are getting ever closer in chadev for example you are given a team of AI developers in different departments you give them a t task like create a Rog like game with a health system and multiple levels to.



    ChatDev [Wes Roth]

    Minecraft Voyager AI [Wes Roth]:

    Smallville Generative Agents [Wes Roth]:

    AI + Skyrim + VR [IAmCrusty]

    ( I really enjoyed this creator's smart setup, using AI + VR + Skyrim to create an incredibly engaging story. I highlighted his story because I've tried creating something similar with ChatGPT + Whisper + ElevenLabs)

  2. Clickbait. Quite literally nothing in the game has any relation to AI, and so far people found nothing that could have been AI-generated in it

  3. Who care if it was made by AI. It's not like you ask AI, make me a game, and you have it lol. AI is just a tool. It's like saying, ho they made a game in unreal engine instead of making everything from scratch with code … like in the old days.

  4. Guaranteed anyone using the poison pill has bad art nobody cares to use anyways lol. They think so high and mighty about things they really ought to be more humble about

  5. I think enough is enough – I’ve called you out on the click bait and inaccurate titles in the past, I’m unsubbing. This channel could be so damn good if you were just a bit more thorough and less of a sell out, disappointing !

  6. This is giving me The Matrix. Neo and Mr Anderson. Wait actually this is giving me Beaudrillard’s Simulation and Simulacrum, Hyperreality.

  7. I’m still waiting for the day I can use video game currency to buy groceries, pay bills, insurance, services, mortgages, real estate. I WANT A STABLE VIRTUAL CURRENCY!

  8. I like your videos but using the same generic title as every other ai YouTube I find myself skipping your videos more and more. I watched this for the palworlds content and nothing shocking about it..


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