Feb. 26, 2024 /CNW/ – Pineapple Financial Inc. (NYSE American: PAPL), (the “Company or “Pineapple”),
a tech-focused mortgage brokerage with an integrated network of partner brokerages and agents across Canada, today announced the launch of

– My Artificial User Intelligence – the first custom Artificial Intelligence-generated websites for mortgage brokers.

Pineapple Financial Inc | NYSE American: PAPL Maui – Pineapple’s New AI Assistant (CNW Group/Pineapple Financial Inc.)

Maui is an AI assistant designed to help mortgage brokers improve workflow, speed up processes and significantly enhance broker productivity.

“We are proud to be the first mortgage brokerage to create custom Artificial Intelligence-generated websites for mortgage brokers.
Maui will work across all Pineapple systems and applications to fundamentally change how mortgage brokers run and manage their business, starting with its revolutionary website generation tool,” said
Kendall Marin, President and COO of Pineapple. “We are leveraging AI into our systems and processes to empower our brokers with new capabilities to provide Pineapple a distinct competitive advantage.”

Brokers can leverage the power of AI to generate a unique website within seconds that matches their brand style and tone.
Maui handles all the design and content writing, saving brokers significant time and money building their websites for lead capture and deal generation. Brokers can customize their experience by selecting from…

Maui adapts to each user interaction, he added, ensuring that the websites evolve with brokers’ evolving needs. “Maui is designed with a mobile-friendly interface and offers a seamless user experience that enhances engagement…

Pineapple’s CEO Shuha Dasgupta added, “We are very excited about this new innovative and disruptive service offering. We believe
Maui is the first of its kind and will set a new standard for digital innovation in the mortgage industry, solidifying our position as a pioneer in fintech advancement for brokers.” .

About Pineapple Financial:

Pineapple is an award-winning fintech and leading Canadian mortgage brokerage network, focusing on both the long-term success of agents and brokers, as well as the overall experience of homeowners. With approximately 650 brokers within the network, Pineapple creates cutting-edge cloud-based tools and AI-driven systems…

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