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Best TIKTOK Art Tips – Boost Your Creative Skills Now! 🎨🔝

I’ve returned art tips from someone paying twelve thousand dollars to do art good let’s go. I have a drawing of my kids plagiarize from yourself all right so the last time I looked at some TikTok art tips a lot of the kids seem to really like it so today I’m gonna do it again and for all the boomers out there TikTok is basically where all the kids post their super short super chaotic videos and there are people on TikTok who are teaching art so I figured, you know, just here to make sure that all the information is good for the art babies because you don’t want the kids listening to nonsense and there’s a lot of that on TikTok.

Our tips on TikTok. I don’t know why I’m doing this to myself but let’s go. Stop using squares for hands too blocky; polygons are where it’s at. Thumbs and fingers it’s a handshake. All right so we’re talking about hands and I’d like to think that I know a thing or two about hands even though I don’t really like drawing them. But this is a really good tip; you know you shouldn’t treat the palm of the hand as just a square shape because it’s not a square shape. So if you hold up your hand to your face right now and you look at your palm it’s actually there’s a bit of a taper so you can see that it peaks at the middle finger and then it comes back down there is a bit of roundness to the shape of the palm and there’s a bit of taper as you get down to the pinky so that’s a very good point you don’t want to treat it just as a square, good job.

Hold up when in dowdy one finger audi I feel like did that belong to somebody else there Ethan Becker’s gonna come for you man eight out of ten you lost two points for saying uh when in doubting one finger audi next burnt out like really burned out. So I wanted to give you some tips on how to get out of the artist burnout. I feel like burnout can serve from comparison and holding ourselves and our art to such a high standard feeling like when we don’t meet them my tip is to make language that you haven’t used.

Okay, so I really like that video; I like these more emotional, you know, sentimental videos because this is talking about artists burnout and I know that everybody feels burnout at one point or another maybe you’re forcing yourself to do too many studies maybe you’re just not having fun doing what you’re doing and they’re basically saying that when you’re feeling this go back to doing things that you can have fun with you know find some new materials to work with play around with different things it’s just just get back to the essence of why you do art to have fun to escape from reality to make your own world to let your imagination run wild and just especially with social media nowadays everybody’s out there saying like yo check out my work look what I did look at how much I’ve improved over the past two weeks I did this in like 20 minutes.

It could be very overwhelming for a lot of people but remember why you’re doing art to have fun. This video has taken such a wholesome turn 10 out of 10 good job.

A lot of artists on TikTok seem to just post a time-lapse of their art to music and wonder why they don’t get many views. I try to do a jump cut about every two to four seconds in my videos and I’ve seen it really makes a difference. This is kind of funny because the person saying when you’re posting on TikTok you want to do a jump cut every one to two seconds because apparently the kids have the attention span of a green fruit fly nowadays I mean I do that but my videos on TikTok don’t get that many views so I can’t say that this actually works but I do think that you know changing the scene every couple seconds especially for a platform that’s as chaotic as tick-tock is definitely better than just posting a time-lapse video of your drawing and putting music to it because you know you’re going to do it for the chaotic brains of the kids nowadays and I get that at six out of ten.

If you’re an artist and you’re watching this you should start making a certificate of authenticity which print you sold and it actually adds value to your work design number and stamp each of them with my brand and logo. Jesus, the last thing that I expected to see this morning was a butt crack on TikTok anywa…

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Leah Sirama
Leah Sirama
Leah Sirama, a lifelong enthusiast of Artificial Intelligence, has been exploring technology and the digital realm since childhood. Known for his creative thinking, he's dedicated to improving AI experiences for all, making him a respected figure in the field. His passion, curiosity, and creativity drive advancements in the AI world.


  1. Instead of burnishing your colour pencil with white pencil, which makes it hard to add any more colour afterwards, you can also use odourless mineral spirits to blend, without flattening the tooth of your paper/causing that waxy look (just make sure the area you're working in is well ventilated!)

  2. 12:23 I hold pencils incorrectly and never really bothered trying to correct it. I hold pencils between my middle finger and ring finger and let the eraser side shoot out under the pointer finger and behind thumb. Because of the way I hold my pencil and the fact I have held it this way my entire life I can actually make curved lines without much movement and even more control! But holding pencils like this for too long dents my ring finger, so sometimes I go off my stylus and just use my fingers while drawing digitally.

  3. the way I RAN to clip studio after seeing the third tiktok to try it out 💀 god, I wish I knew about this sooner cuz I was literally just drawing a piece that could've used this 😭😭

  4. I agree with some of these videos being way too chaotic ;-;

    And while I know they're meant to appeal to "adhd kids" they're really only gaining views off self destructive behavior.

    As a person diagnosed with this disorder, staying focused on stuff can be physically impossible without aid (stims, medication, fidgets, etc.), though if a topic is of great interest it can really pull ya into DEEP focus.
    So basically stuff is hard to focus on unless it's fun or interesting to the individual or it's the big flashy loud yelly thing that's pretty much impossible to ignore.
    Now, as I've discussed with friends and mutuals before the healthiest way to live with it is to try to make things that are hard to focus on enjoyable to do, interesting to engage with or simply treat it as a necessary obstacle that one needs to figure out how to get around to get to the fun part (e.g. I can't get myself to learn art theory, so I look for well made videos that are enjoyable to watch, think of fun mini-games and challenges to practice or tell myself stuff like "look, if you put all your thoughts into figuring this thing out you can afterwards enjoy drawing it over and over again with your favorite stuff!")
    Unfortunately that's a more effort requiring attention grabber than just "JDGWJSYDIDGDIDBDDIWGDIDG"
    And even more unfortunate is that sooooo many videos are just made to be quick overstimulating attention grabbers (I've even had a private conco where I asked someone who wanted to be an art content creator why they have to put all those noises and extra overlays and videos and texts on there if they put so much effort into their art and they straight up said it's for the views and that with my condition I "should be the perfect viewer, no?")

    Though just because they grab attention and give views from people like myself doesn't mean that it's due to interest or enjoyment.
    Much rather it's the everything going on, the "we both know you don't care about this bs at all but look at the fun moving colours wheeeeee", which inevitably gathers a viewership of people who don't care about the content creator or even the content, potentially resulting in just a toxic gathering of people who want nothing to do with this content but stayed because it's "HDHWUDGEKETDOEDGDIEHDJF"

    On top of that it's DRAINING as hecc to constantly have that stuff running and can genuinely use up someone's entire body battery to do anything (as if having constantly a duwgdjdillion thoughts simultaneously while barely being able to keep focused as a dozen things around you just banshee screech for your attention and your phone adds another 50 layers of visual and audio stimulation.
    Being under constant ovestimulation can either end in a shutdown or in the buildup in a resistance to it, which however in return may make one feel unbearably understimulated when the overstimulation ceases, causing one to seek out more stimulation aaaaand the rest goes without saying.
    It's just awful really, as it not only potentially worsens the lives of people who already suffered with an inability to stay in one place mentally, but may also have an impact on leading people without the genetic issue to develop similar habits based on basically "audio-visual stimulation addiction"

    (No shade to those creators who have chaotic videos exactly because of this condition, but definitely to those who actively have a negative impact for no reason other than BIG VIEW COUNT HEJDHDJDHDKEDG

  5. my hand is too much miniature and dolly for a digital-artista glove so for me – it's to baggy and I have to fixate it with a wristband.

    worst thing that finally somehow approves it's existence is my OCD(Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) that I always wash my hands and they are not oily anymore(I think I washed all of it out with a soap and hot water, my hands got more tanned and white at the same time, feels like they were boiling).

  6. I hate that amount of chaos… I can't even try to understand what they are trying to explain!!! I newd to pause the videos to see what they do a little bit better to get the idea

  7. the nudity filters are bs. i have had art pieces taken down due to there being paws covering the chest area. even though they were completely sfw

  8. i know probably nobody will see this but it's SO HARD to draw polygons from different angles and keep the form of the hand accurate. that's why keeping that quadrilateral base for the hand and ADDING an ovular sphere for the meaty thumb part is BOMB

  9. In the last clip i feel like she got more confident with the colors and gained more knowledge, because i used to use more pale and dark muddy colors before too because it wasn't as noticable if it looked bad, tho now i learned that the least noticable isnt really better, you gotta make it more saturated and shinier ofc not everywhere but in the center of focus, so not everyone just looks pale and kindoff looks alike mixing with each other and looking straight up boring


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