CEO Tim Cook hinted at Apple’s AI plans during a February earnings call, mentioning a “huge opportunity.”

Reports suggest that Apple will partner with OpenAI to use ChatGPT in iOS 18 at WWDC on Monday.

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Apple and OpenAI have not commented on the potential partnership.

Bloomberg first reported the collaboration between Apple and OpenAI, which was finalized in May.

Apple is also exploring a deal with Google for its Gemini chatbot technology.

ChatGPT and Gemini use generative AI to provide humanlike responses to prompts.

Apple’s interest in AI and chatbots marks a new direction for the company known for Siri.

With a large user base, Apple aims to enhance its ecosystem with AI technology.

Apple’s cautious approach to generative AI contrasts with other tech companies.

Apple’s history of innovation suggests a potential comeback in AI technology.

Edit: CNET utilized AI to generate stories. This content is created by our editors, not AI.


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