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The Code Report: June 16, 2023

It is June 16 2023 and you are watching the code report

As we edge closer and closer to the singularity, more and more crazy stuff is going to happen in tech. In today’s video, I have five crazy stories to share with you about things you should know about as a developer.

Google Domains Sold to Squarespace

This week, let’s get started with some bad news. Google Domains is shutting down, or more accurately, being sold to Squarespace. This announcement came out of nowhere and was pretty shocking to me as a Google Domains customer because Google rarely kills its own products. Except for Stadia, Hangouts, Duo, Google Plus, Android Things, Loon, AngularJS, and a few hundred others. In addition, just a few weeks ago, they announced a bunch of new top-level domains like .dad and .zip, and I’m the proud owner of But apparently, not enough people bought these domains to make the platform viable for Google, and now I have to call myself a Squarespace developer. That’s pretty bad, but it’s nothing compared to what Russia’s Killnet is about to do to the global banking system.

Russia’s Killnet Threatens Global Banking System

Russia’s Killnet has teamed up with Anonymous Sudan and a few other friends to release cheesy videos threatening to launch a cyber attack on the global banking system within 48 hours. While there were some actual cyber attacks on U.S. government infrastructure yesterday, as of right now, the banking system is still intact. This is a frightening scenario that the world has been worrying about for the last few years, and it’s playing out like a Hollywood movie. Meanwhile, aliens are landing in people’s backyards. I told you 2023 was going to get weird.

OpenAI’s New Feature: Functions

Lately, I managed to restrain myself from talking about artificial intelligence, but OpenAI just released a cool new feature called Functions, which allows GPT-4 to format responses that could execute your own back-end code. As a developer, you provide an array of functions that GPT-4 can call, allowing it to format the responses in JSON with the correct arguments and data types. This makes it far easier to build chat bots that execute your own code.

Versel’s AI npm Package

Versel has released a brand new npm package called AI, which is by far the quickest and easiest way to build an AI chatbot. It provides helpers for streaming text responses that allow you to recreate the typing effect found in apps like ChatGPT. Additionally, it integrates with all the major AI models on platforms like Anthropic, Cohere, Hugging Face, and of course, OpenAI.

Reddit Still on Fire

Reddit is currently still on fire, with close to 5,000 subreddits in private mode. This has been extended from 48 hours to indefinitely until Reddit provides fair API pricing. Reddit CEO Steve Huffman is prepared to die on this hill, and a leaked internal email showed him downplaying the impact of the protest, which made people even angrier. This means we may never get our beloved Programmer Humor subreddit back, at least until they kick out the mods and reopen it manually.

This has been The Code Report. Thanks for watching, and I will see you in the next one.



  1. Google is my first search engine and a friend
    If there is anything, is that I have to protect google, as if it were my home
    I will protect google, at any costs

  2. I fucking hate google, the worlds most unreliable tech company! They don’t give a shit about their customers or how their spermatic decisions effect them. They really suck and I’m tired of this. 🤬

  3. I'm honestly surprised Reddit API was ever free, and that they haven't already banned all the protesting mods. I would have done all that a long time ago.

  4. Would be a surprise if the dumbest thing on Earth invented a new form of intelligence. The first thing it will tell us how dumb we are…and we'll shut it down, or it'll have to shut us down. For the sake of intelligence, life.

    But we're so dumb that i'm pretty sure we're just lying to ourself about singularity. We are singularity, dumbest living thing on earth. That may suffice no ? Intelligence and dumbiness incarnate might not share same space with harmony.

  5. Ugh, Google Domains was the only registar that didn't jack up your domain cost after a year with BS reasons, only to force you to switch domain providers upon which you suddenly get a discount for the price you should have paid for in the first place.
    I want to like Google products, but you can't trust in them long term

  6. So if were calling gpt and bard etc AI…for predicting what you're prompting and then retrieving the information from a " categorized database"… wouldn't you say that technically we've already had AI in the form of search bars for google and bing for some time now? These search bars may not be as sophisticated as chatgpt or copilot but they can still auto fill the search you're typing into the search bar. So are these really AI …or just sophisticated search filters?


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