Ilya Sutskever, the man believed to be responsible for the brief removal of Sam Altman from OpenAI, has recently launched his own company named Safe Superintelligence Inc. (SSI). Sutskever, a co-founder of OpenAI, is seen as a highly influential figure in the industry. The announcement of SSI was made by Sutskever on X.

Alongside Sutskever, Daniel Gross and Daniel Levy are the other co-founders of SSI. Through an official post on SSI’s X account, the company defines its mission and highlights its distinction from companies like OpenAI and Google. The company’s primary focus is on developing a safe superintelligence.

According to SSI, “our goal, product roadmap, and name is centered around creating a safe superintelligence. Our team, investors, and business strategies are all aligned towards achieving this objective.”

Emphasizing safety, SSI intends to work on both enhancing capabilities and ensuring safety simultaneously. They express, “We tackle safety and capabilities concurrently as technical challenges to be addressed through innovative engineering and scientific breakthroughs. Our aim is to progress capabilities swiftly while maintaining a leading edge in safety.”

SSI criticizes existing AI companies for commercializing a technology that is still not fully comprehended. They state, “Our undivided attention eliminates distractions from management or product cycles, and our business model shields safety, security, and progress from immediate commercial pressures.”

The company will establish offices in Palo Alto and Tel Aviv initially, as they seek to recruit top technical talents in both regions.

SSI is assembling a focused team of outstanding engineers and researchers devoted solely to the advancement of SSI. They offer an opportunity for individuals to contribute to solving the most crucial technical challenge of our time.

The launch of SSI follows criticisms towards OpenAI CEO Sam Altman for hasty product releases within the organization. Former board members, responsible for Altman’s removal, claimed to have no knowledge of the OpenAI ChatGPT launch and only learned about it through Twitter.


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