The Easy Algo Oscillator V3: A Powerful Alternative to the RSI Indicator


The relative strength index (RSI) is one of the most popular technical analysis indicators used by traders to identify overbought and oversold conditions in a security’s price action. While the RSI indicator is a useful tool for traders, it has some weaknesses that should not be ignored, particularly in trending markets. To address these weaknesses, traders can consider using a different, more advanced alternative known as the Easy Algo Oscillator V3.

The Easy Algo Oscillator V3

The Easy Algo Oscillator V3 is a technical analysis tool that measures the momentum of price movements in financial markets. It is designed to provide traders with information on whether an asset is overbought or oversold and whether a potential trend reversal is likely to happen. The oscillator generates numerical values within a range between 0 and 100, with key components including overbought and oversold zones, wave trends, and buy and sell signals. The indicator also features volume bars that can be bullish or bearish.

A buy signal is generated when the wave trend switches from bearish to bullish after entering the oversold zone, while a sell signal occurs when the opposite happens. The Easy Algo Oscillator V3 is designed to work well in combination with other indicators to provide traders with a comprehensive view of the market.

Creating a Winning Strategy

To create the best strategy using the Easy Algo Oscillator V3, traders can combine it with the Kiril Channel indicator. The Kiril Channel helps traders identify volatility as well as overbought and oversold zones based on several technical indicators. When the price approaches the lower green bands, it may be a potential buying opportunity, while approaching the red bands may signal a good selling opportunity.

By combining the Easy Algo Oscillator V3 with the Kiril Channel, traders can filter out fake signals and focus on high-quality trading opportunities. However, to further enhance the strategy, traders should also include a 200 smoothed moving average on the chart. The smoothed moving average helps reduce the impact of short-term price fluctuations and provides a clearer picture of long-term trends in the market.

Executing Trades

For long trades, traders should look for opportunities where the price is closed above the SMA, the Kiril Channel is positioned above the moving average, the price pulls back into the lower green band, and the Easy Algo Oscillator prints a blue dot. A buy order can be placed at the close of the price bar, with a stop loss below the recent swing low.

Similarly, for short trades, traders should ensure that the market is in a downtrend, with the Kiril Channel positioned below the SMA. The price should pull back into the channel’s overbought zone before the Easy Algo Oscillator issues a sell signal. A sell order can be placed at the close of the candlestick, with a stop loss above the recent swing high.

By following these conditions and implementing proper money management techniques, traders can effectively use the Easy Algo Oscillator V3 to capitalize on market opportunities and avoid ranging markets.


In conclusion, the Easy Algo Oscillator V3 is a powerful alternative to traditional indicators like the RSI. By combining the oscillator with other technical indicators such as the Kiril Channel and a smoothed moving average, traders can create a winning strategy for trading stocks, forex, and cryptocurrencies. The Easy Algo Oscillator V3 offers a premium solution for traders looking to enhance their technical analysis capabilities and improve their trading performance.


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  4. Ugh. Another magical unicorn strategy. On the one hour chart I found ONE trade in 3 months. The bottom channel is very rarely above the SMA. You would have to check hundreds of setups just to find one trade. Yes, the strategy is profitable. You just have to account for the enormous amount of time needed to find a single trade.

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  6. It will be worth buying this indicator, it is very expensive to get it, I even read a comment that said that it repaints several times … It does not make sense to pay for this indicator that it repaints

  7. The trade taken at 5 minutes into the video would have been stopped out. You set the stoploss lower than what was indicated at the time of the trade being triggered but this was only with hindsight. The actual stoploss would not have been that accommodating.

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  9. By Selecting SMMA 200 it clearly shows you have poor knowledge what are Moving Avg….. Sorry but its True, 200smma means 400msa almost and 500ema …… knowledgeable person doesn't depending on videos and remain busy in making money from Trading……

  10. Look man its obvious you and the Ezalgo team are co-oping. thats great but please dont let money damage your honesty and quality. they are good indicators but there are plenty more out there.

  11. This channel used to be great! I was following this channel from the very beginning. It's sad to see what kind of shitty channel it has become. unfollow

  12. Thats just a MACD with an adaptive MA and signal line with ribbon fill….. You could code that in 3 Google searches in pinescript…. Most paid indies are same as free ones…. Dont get duped.

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  14. How does this EzAlgo indicator work? You mentioned the word "wavetrend". And it actually looks like a wavetrend indicator. There are plenty of wavetrend indicators available for free on TradingView. Looks like for this strategy there is no need to spend money on paid indicators.


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