know, I never really thought about how many amazing artists are out there until I started looking at the profiles of some of our Patreon Discord members. And let me tell you, I was blown away by the talent and creativity that I saw. From stunning environments to expressive character designs, each artist brings something unique to the table.

First up, we have Devin L Kurtz, whose fantastical environments and storytelling abilities left me in awe. The way she frames her compositions and tells a story within each piece is truly inspiring. And then there’s Zine Chen, whose spooky and refined art style is both impressive and creepy in the best way possible.

Kuwai’s dark and moody compositions are a sight to behold, while Samuel Yun’s stylized characters and shape language make his work stand out. And who can forget Ilya Kufxinov, whose anime-style characters are beautifully rendered with soft colors and smooth transitions.

Reid’s Art, with her beautiful rendering and use of light and color, and Likelihood Art, who impressively transitioned from rough sketches to stunning artwork, both deserve recognition. And then there’s Celestial Fang, whose complex color palettes and intricate designs are a feast for the eyes.

Loish’s flowing lines and energy in her compositions, Jocelyn’s fantastical environments and mysterious storytelling, and Mr. Khan Liu’s daily color sketches that are anything but simple sketches all showcase incredible talent. Reno Park’s creative character designs and Laura Price’s expressive characters and stunning environment studies are equally impressive.

G Young Lee’s comic-style rendering and refinement, along with the exchange of a book with a crazy man, further showcase the diverse range of talent in the artist community. And last but not least, there’s me, I mean, you know, I’m cool, I guess.

But really, all jokes aside, these 15 amazing artists have truly inspired me, and I hope they inspire you too. Whether you’re into fantastical environments, expressive characters, or intricate designs, there’s something for everyone in this diverse lineup of artists.

So, if you’re feeling stuck in your own artistic journey, take a moment to explore the work of these talented individuals. Who knows, you might just find the inspiration you’ve been looking for.

As for me, well, I’ll keep creating content and sharing my own art with you all. But remember, it’s important to also support and uplift other artists in the community. So, go ahead and check out the work of these amazing artists mentioned here, and don’t forget to show them some love.

And with that, I’ll leave you to explore, create, and find inspiration in the world of art. Until next time, keep creating and never stop exploring new horizons in your artistic journey. Thank you for joining me on this artistic adventure, and I’ll see you in the next video. Take care!


  1. these are INCREDIBLY good buuuut… they don't belong into the top 15 artists of ALL TIME. French Revolution, 15th century to the 18th century. Personally that's where i would place my top 15 artist of ALL TIME.

  2. my artistic heroes are Cypriss, Scott Chistain Sava, Blixemi, and Jazza let me explain why each of them made it on this list for me

    when I have artist's block or when drawing a dragon and it just does not look right I always go to her I am pretty sure she is the one who inspired and taught me how to draw dragons she is incredible at what she does and entertaining to watch and she is the one that introduced me to the wonderful series of wings of fire

    he inspired me not just in art but in life as well to reach beyond my comfort zone he taught me that mistakes are ok and to take a break every once in a while also the art he makes is just stunning and fun

    while she hosts games more than shows how she draws i always find myself laughing so hard whenever i watch her she is amazing at drawing warrior cats and never fails to impress me i figured out how to draw cats because of her, and cats are the main thing i draw, without her i would not be able to draw like i do today also it was wanting to learn how to draw cats that started my whole art journey and eventually led me to my warrior cats obsession

    it was only recently that i found jazza but he quickly became one of my favorite artists his chaotic energy is always incredibly entertaining and he knows how to turn almost any dream into reality i have been trying to figure out how to draw humans most recently and jazza encourages me to do that also he gives me fun ideas to try out and switch things up sometimes

    these people helped me learn how to draw and still help me get better I always expressed my emotions with a pencil and paper from when I was little and writing letters to my mom every day to now where I can draw some pretty cool drawings that others along with myself love I know that a year from now I will look back at the drawing I made today and say that it looks awful but I love it now it is perfect to me now and next year these people I have listed will help me make it even more perfect

  3. Hmm, to me these are not really artists.. because they all seem to be making stuff for videogames or comic books.. i dont rly see people hanging paintings like this on their wall u know? I'm trying to learn about art.. can someone explain to me the difference if what im describing is accurate..


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