OpenAI’s AI-powered chatbot platform ChatGPT is continuously growing with new features. The GPT Store, a store for AI-powered applications and services, has been introduced. The memories feature allows users to save preferences for more personalized chats. Additionally, an upgraded voice mode for ChatGPT will be coming soon, enabling more interactive interactions with the platform.

Curious about the cost of ChatGPT? OpenAI offers various plans, both paid and free, tailored to individuals, nonprofits, small and medium-sized businesses, educational institutions, and enterprises.

For a comprehensive overview of the different ChatGPT subscription options available, check out our guide on ChatGPT pricing, which we will continue to update as new plans are introduced.

ChatGPT free

The free version of ChatGPT has evolved over time, now offering access to OpenAI’s flagship GPT-4o model, web content augmented responses, access to the GPT Store, file and photo uploads with related questions, memory storage for preferences, and advanced data analysis capabilities for files like spreadsheets and PDFs.

However, free ChatGPT users may encounter limitations such as daily capacity constraints on the GPT-4o model and the temporary switch to the less-capable GPT-3.5 model when limits are reached. Additionally, certain data analysis features are not available for free users.

ChatGPT Plus

Individual users seeking enhanced capabilities can opt for ChatGPT Plus at $20 per month. This plan offers 5x higher capacity than the free version, along with early access to new tools like the macOS client for ChatGPT.

ChatGPT Plus subscribers also benefit from upgraded data analysis features using GPT-4o, enabling the creation of interactive charts and tables from datasets.

ChatGPT Team

For small businesses or organizations requiring multiple licenses and collaborative features, ChatGPT Team offers a solution at $30 per user per month or $25 per user per month billed annually for up to 149 users.

ChatGPT Team provides a dedicated workspace, admin tools for team management, access to the latest models and data analysis tools, as well as the ability to build custom apps based on OpenAI models for specific use cases or departments.

ChatGPT Enterprise

Large organizations with more than 149 users can consider ChatGPT Enterprise, which offers enhanced privacy, data analysis capabilities, performance, customization options, and integrations tailored for corporate needs. The pricing is not publicly disclosed, but reportedly around $60 per user per month with a minimum of 150 users and a 12-month contract.

ChatGPT Enterprise customers receive dedicated support, access to OpenAI expertise, shareable conversation templates, and Business Associate Agreements for compliance with U.S. regulations.

ChatGPT Edu

ChatGPT Edu is designed for universities and academic institutions, offering features similar to ChatGPT Enterprise with support for SCIM protocol. Pricing details are not yet available.

ChatGPT Edu includes data analysis tools, admin controls, enhanced security, and support for building custom chatbots, with increased message limits for users.

OpenAI for Nonprofits

OpenAI for Nonprofits provides discounts on ChatGPT Team and Enterprise plans for eligible nonprofit organizations. The eligibility criteria exclude academic, medical, religious, and governmental institutions.


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