Upwork the world’s work marketplace introduced a new set of AI apps and offers, alongside new educational content so that independent talent on Upwork can harness the power of generative AI to supercharge their productivity and improve the quality of their work. Additionally, the company opened a waitlist for access to Upwork Chat Pro, a new GPT-4-powered app currently live as a beta and developed by Upwork to give professionals the opportunity to start and complete work faster and more effectively.

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The launch includes partnerships with industry-leading providers of tools that incorporate generative AI, including Adobe, Amazon, ClickUp and Miro, as well as training resources from Coursera, Jasper and Udemy. These partnerships ensure talent on Upwork have access to leading generative AI apps, tools and education that can help them boost productivity, automate tasks, and run their businesses more efficiently. The latest offerings are found on a new talent-specific section of the AI Services hub, created as a central destination for talent to access generative AI tools and resources and find work opportunities resulting from increased demand for AI-related projects on Upwork.

Upwork also continues to invest in generative AI innovation and improving customer experiences with the premiere of Upwork Chat Pro, a generative AI app integrated into Upwork and powered by GPT-4, OpenAI’s most advanced large language model. The app was created to help independent professionals start and complete their work more quickly and effectively, leveraging unique insights from Upwork about independent professionals to provide relevant responses and context-rich recommendations. Upwork will begin making the app available to select independent professionals on the platform over the coming months, and those interested in trying the Upwork Chat Pro experience can sign up for the waitlist.

“Independent professionals across our marketplace – from top-tier AI engineers and model trainers to skilled creatives and marketers – are excited and eager to use the latest generative AI tools to do their most productive work,” said Dave Bottoms, general manager and VP of product for the Upwork Marketplace. “The apps and resources we’re making available today will assist even the most skilled professionals on our platform to better leverage AI to enhance workflows, effortlessly automate tasks, and complete projects with increased efficiency.”

Independent talent on Upwork are interested in leveraging generative AI in their workflows, and recent research from the Upwork Research Institute shows that over three-quarters (76%) of freelancers have high confidence in their ability to learn new AI tools.Upwork’s latest offerings aim to increase talent skills and expertise in generative AI so professionals can land more projects, increase their earning potential and deliver better outcomes for clients. New AI-powered apps and offers available on Upwork include, but are not limited to:

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  • Adobe Tools for Creativity: Discounts to Creative Cloud All Apps and Photoshop subscriptions, which include innovations like Generative Fill powered by Adobe Firefly, Adobe’s family of creative generative AI models. In addition, discounts are available for Lightroom subscriptions.
  • Amazon for Software Development: Access to AI-based coding companion Amazon CodeWhisperer.
  • Miro for Virtual Collaboration: A free trial for Miro’s Business Plan that includes access to Miro Assist, an AI partner that uses your board content to help you build the next big thing with a prompt, a chat, or a click.
  • ClickUp for Productivity: Discount on the ClickUp Unlimited plan, and access to ClickUp AI, a creativity and productivity tool designed for roles like marketing, engineering, and project management.

In addition, Upwork released multiple ways to learn about AI-related topics in a new AI Education Library on Upwork Academy, so that talent have access to the AI knowledge and skills to help them find new projects. The latest AI education module includes:

  • Education Marketplace: AI skills-based courses from trusted providers like Coursera, Jasper, and Udemy.
  • Generative AI learning path: A self-paced course that covers the basics of generative AI and ways talent can use the technology to elevate their work output.
  • Mini courses: Short, digestible content on specialized AI topics like building an AI chatbot created by Top-Rated freelancers on Upwork.

“Harnessing the power of generative AI is the key to staying competitive and delivering exceptional results in today’s dynamic work landscape,” said Chisom Okwulehie, a senior architectural designer on Upwork. “Upwork is meeting the moment and providing the latest tools and resources that I need to enhance my workflows, boost productivity, and work with incredible speed and efficiency.”

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