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  • Collaboration between OpenAI and Color Health is advancing cancer care by speeding up treatment processes.

  • Color Health is utilizing OpenAI’s GPT-4o model in their copilot app to review patient records and spot deficiencies.

  • The company is also employing GPT-4 Vision to interpret intricate diagrams in lengthy PDF documents.

Healthcare is a crucial sector facing numerous obstacles such as limited resources and a scarcity of skilled healthcare professionals. The escalating number of cancer cases further complicates the situation. The World Health Organization (WHO) forecasts over 35 million new cancer cases by 2050.

Efforts are being made to address the rising cancer cases, but recent developments indicate that OpenAI and Color Health are teaming up to expedite cancer treatment for patients.

The new copilot app from Color Health will harness the capabilities of OpenAI’s flagship GPT-4o model to identify deficiencies in diagnostics and generate personalized treatment plans, enabling informed decisions by healthcare providers.

As per Color Health’s CEO:

“Color’s vision is to make cancer expertise accessible at the point and time when it can have the greatest impact on a patient’s healthcare decisions.” 

GPT-4o Simplifying Cancer Treatment

OpenAI and ChatGPT

OpenAI and ChatGPT

Missing screenings and delayed cancer treatment can severely impact the patient’s health. These processes are intricate and time-consuming, with patients facing a 6–13% higher mortality if they miss crucial steps by just four weeks.

According to Color Health:

“Screening needs are often personalized. More than a third of Color’s patients require unique screening methods based on individual risk factors not covered by standard guidelines.”

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Color Health commenced its collaboration with OpenAI in 2023 to enhance cancer patient care. They focus on interpreting diverse patient data formats, analyzing complex healthcare protocols, safeguarding patient confidentiality, and more.

Color employs OpenAI’s GPT-4 and GPT-4o models to extract crucial information from extensive PDFs containing intricate diagrams outlining care plans based on diagnoses. GPT-4 Vision proves essential for interpreting and analyzing complex diagrams.

Color Health’s partnership with OpenAI aims to expedite cancer treatment by:

  • Healthcare providers leveraging the copilot are able to identify 4 times more missing labs, imaging, or biopsy and pathology results compared to those without the copilot.

  • Through the copilot, clinicians can analyze patient records and spot gaps in just 5 minutes on average. Without the copilot, data fragmentation can lead to delays lasting weeks.

Color Health is gradually introducing its copilot app to its healthcare professionals.


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