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Yassifying Puss in Boots Characters

You know what else is not helping the fact that he doesn’t have eyebrows it’s hard to

yesify someone they don’t have eyebrows

By: Sam

What’s up guys you saw the title you clicked on this video you know exactly what we’re about to get into today. So I’ve been seeing people all over the place talking about how good Puss in Boots was and I was like this is so stupid it’s Puss in Boots how good could it possibly be it’s an amazing movie with an amazing style and I figured you know what I’m gonna do the one thing that I know how to do to pay my respects to this movie I’m gonna yassify these characters in human form so with that being said let’s get right into it you clicked on this video you know what you’re getting into prepare your eyes for some Abominations first up.

Let’s start with the big boy okay let’s start with Puss in Boots himself so like with any drawing the first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to start off with a nice sketch a yesified sketch we’re going to turn him into a beautiful man all right look at that smile that’s that classic trademark Puss in Boots smile boom what’d you guys think of that see what I’ve done here is I’ve taken his expression his very Sly very cunning expression and I’ve put it onto my character and we’re just gonna flip this canvas around here to spot our mistakes and finalize our sketch so that our beautiful Puss in Boots can go on to coloring now I don’t know exactly what kind of hair he would have in human form but this is just my interpretation you know something that’s very Carefree something that just hangs which is a feeling I have never known. So I think our sketch is good let’s give them some colors and for all the babies who are super new to digital art I’m talking like fetus level babies when you start coloring your drawings make sure your color layer is under your sketch layer so that you can color and see your sketch at the same time huge brain massive and you know what guys we’re gonna stay true to our reference material here we’re gonna make his costume orange check out this beige handkerchief that represents the color of puss’s belly now if you guys know me you know I’m gonna do this clipping mask and multiply trick to apply my Shadows not because it is the best way to apply your shadows but because I am lazy boom insane all right we’re just gonna merge that down add a new layer and we’re gonna give them some details okay you guys want to see a trick I’ll show you a trick we’re gonna select a very vibrant color right on the transition between the Shadow and the light we’re just going to apply this very vibrant color and boom does it work well I don’t know now when we’re drawing stylized characters like this sometimes you gotta remember that less is more alright so we don’t we don’t need to do too much for the rendering we don’t need this to be photorealistic sometimes when your drawing looks almost unfinished there’s a certain level of charm to it at least that’s what I tell myself alright so that’s looking good now let’s go into the eyes so when I zoom in here you know what I see I see a little bit of eyeliner going on he’s got that pirate look what do you guys think is he too pretty nah all right guys there we go what do you guys think yesified Puss in Boots so now with puss out of the way let’s move on to our next character we got Kitty so once again we’ll start off with a sketch and when I have something that’s not horrendous I’ll check back in with you guys so with this character I think it’s important to get her attitude across she’s got a bit of a fierce kind of demeanor we have to show that through not only the post but also the expression of our character okay that’s good very good very good status multiply and then we’re going to start a new layer and uh everything’s just gonna be black you know what this character is going to be a lot simpler than puss but still simple doesn’t mean worse sometimes the less you do for a character the more iconic they look so I’m going to give her some thick eyeliner and eye shadow here because she’s a thief and that’s kind of what you associate with thieves a lot of makeup and flip that canvas around and rework some of the silhouette here and this this is a little toothpick because she’s sassy it is not a cigarette guys I do not condone smoking Smoking bad for you remember to take care of yourself stay alive stay well so that you can continue producing art and I can continue to roast you alright so this character was actually pretty simple last but not least though we’re gonna have to add a little bit of Details just to finish up this painting So for highlights what I like to do is you just paint on this kind of lighter color okay and then you just chip back into it with your original hair color and boom look at that highlight simple don’t do too much all right now that That looks pretty good to me she’s got the right attitude for this character which I think is the most important thing see you don’t always have to make your characters look super refined super detailed and photorealistic rendering as long as you get their attitude and personality right you know they kind of Look like they’re uh who they’re supposed to be now I don’t want to stop just there okay we have another character that we have to do as always start off with a sketch hopefully a sketch that will set us on the right path to making him look Like a normal human being think if I can pull this off I deserve to retire from YouTube Just Kidding guys I would never leave my babies I go to the grocery store and I always come back all right I think there’s potential here all right let’s start with the colors then Jesus Christ look at this color Harmony oh my God that is that is beautiful now my question is do we still want to make him like a villain kind of character because uh if so we we might have to make some different decisions now I think we should because You know that’s part of his his personality we’ll just make him a really good looking villain you know what else is not helping the fact that he doesn’t have eyebrows it’s hard to yesify someone they don’t have eyebrows look at that huh just turned our little Jack into Big Jack This is a big dick Fantastic look at that oh oh man you know what guys let’s finish this off with perdito we’re gonna yassify our little Chihuahua friend here now I don’t want to draw him all over again so I’m I’m just gonna look Fly Away here hopefully you guys can see What I’m getting it I don’t know guys I this is the kind of content I’d be doing now huh his face does look a little bit goofy right now but we’ll change that don’t worry guys don’t worry don’t you worry I’m gonna yassify the heck out of This boy looking good looking real good we’re gonna give him some seductive eyes yeah that’s that’s what I’m there we go oh all right now I’m gonna use this fur pattern here to create an illusion of an eyebrow you saw the title you clicked on This video okay yeah look I I don’t know what to tell you like is it is it actually just me or do you guys click on the eyedropper icon on in procreate and it just doesn’t listen to you is it just me just me very good okay very good very good very good give them a little Cape all right there we go guys a bit that’s it that’s that’s perito now if you’re asking me well Sam why didn’t you do death you should have done death well I you know what I don’t think he could be yesified he is perfect the Way he is to be honest with you anything that I could have done to death would have just made him look worse all right so stop complaining enjoy what you have here just kidding let’s give him a shot real quick the vibe we’re going for here is like an anime antagonist The over the top let’s give him like some some real pale skin here so he doesn’t even look human now I’m gonna make the pupil real tiny because the smaller your character’s pupil the less friendly they look that’s not a rule nobody said that but that’s just How I feel okay what do you guys think so far look at that I’m surprising myself here now time for some final details all right let’s bring out some of this sharpness and strands in the hair there we go guys there’s death in human form yassified beautiful Fantastic there’s all of our Puss in Boots characters in yassified human form alright fantastic hope you enjoyed watching this process drop a like on this video if you want to see more stuff like this that would be fantastic you know what else would be fantastic if you Subscribed to my Channel with that being said though that’s it for this video see you guys on the next one my camera shut off like two times during this shoot because it was apparently overheating Emily what it’s not even hot in here what happened must be the heat of my Drawings they’re they’re hot they’re yesified they’re desirable right okay all right that’s it bye see you guys later peace out.


  1. I liked the concept behind these human versions of the characters, and I think most of them looked pretty good. (Why did Perrito not get a human counterpart, though? Why let him stay a dog?) However, Jack Horner does not deserve the honor of being yassified by Sam, he's to despicable and heartlessly evil. And I would've liked to see more ethnic influence over Puss and Kitty. Puss is supposed to be Spanish (like Antonio Banderas; since Banderas played Zorro, Dreamworks used Zorro's mannerisms as inspiration for animating Puss and I think the human version could use some of that) and Kitty is supposed to be Mexican (like Salma Hayek.) Maybe adding some minor key features from the voice actors so the characters still LOOK like themselves, but also have some authenticity?
    Looking at this version of Puss makes me think he has a Southern American accent, and Kitty looks like she could have… basically any American accent. Salma's voice doesn't seem like it would sound right coming out of human Kitty.
    In terms of hair, I would've let Puss keep his goatee and maybe put his hair in a little ponytail or a man-bun, just so he could have that luscious hair he'd love to brag about but still get it out of his face in a cool-looking way.
    I would've given Kitty a shorter haircut, and/or a braid to keep it out of her face. I also would've given her stronger brows since a lot of Mexican women with dark hair tend to have thick eyebrows (reference: my family, who are from Guadalajara.) I like her cravat and gloves, though I would've given her a wiry, athletic build instead of a basic slim build, since she's very acrobatic and strong, as well as fast.

  2. Amazing art but I kind of feel like kitty is Hispanic and could have more ethnic features, instead of just looking like all your other characters (no hate Iโ€™m so sorry just an opinion I luv u Sam)

  3. When I was watch8ng the movie, I felt so bad for kitty soft paws. The reason why she called herself that is because she was declawed by her owners. This means they did a procedure to take out her claws. This is painful for the cat, and normal circumstances makes a cat lash out with biting and having bad attitude.

  4. him yassafying characters is just turning them into humans ๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€

    im just being mean because i found kooleen first, your actually a really good artist <3 DONT TELL KOOLEEN I BETRAYED HER ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  5. The reason why the highlight you put at around 2:18 looks so good is because hooman skin is a slight bit transparent, so in the spot right next to the shadow you can see the light bounce around inside the skin.

    Technical term: subsurface scattering (at least in 3D art).



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