• Session 1: #WETHEFUTURE
  • Session 2:  Reimagine Peace in our Time
  • Session 3: Consciousness and Leadership – How can humanity implement the SDGs to help solve our greatest challenges

On 11th November #WETHEFUTURE invites a highly curated group of committed pioneers, experts and trailblazers in the fields of social innovation, design thinking, impact media, cause-based entertainment, healthcare, government and business to launch #WETHEFUTURE to transform how humanity will harness AI as a superpower with consciousness and leadership to fuel this new trajectory from one of doom and gloom to light and prosperity.

The Declaration of AI for Climate Action is one of the most important outcomes that will emerge from this convening and will be endorsed by global leaders as a call to action for countries and organizations, as well as youth and elders, to work in partnership with both public-private industry. #WETHEFUTURE represents a compelling vision and action plan leveraging AI for climate action and technological innovation to achieve a net zero carbon and energy standard while transforming our world for a better future.

Mission: Transforming humanity as we bring the soul of leadership to unify all generations to address climate change using exponential technologies such as AI while embedding a new narrative of positive consciousness focusing not only on our global climate but also our inner climate that affects all of us here and now. Inviting youth leaders to share a noble vision to reimagine global peace and wellbeing at this time leading up to COP-28 amidst Diwali the festival of lights.

Objectives: Convene a global summit focused on creating local and global action driven by the youth supported by the wisdom of the elders harnessing AI as a force for good to reimagine peace and foster deeper unity. To be human is to be responsive to change. We will focus our attention on actionable leadership that will help garner the resources necessary to solve for climate change as well as the UN SDGs. The summit will be an auspicious occasion given the timing of Diwali, a well-known South Asian tradition that will empower us as humanity to turn inwards towards the inner light and focus on transformation to inspire more meaningful impact on the outside world and foster peace in our time. #WETHEFUTURE will bring the soul of leadership to guide global citizens from all walks of life towards an action-reflection model to shift the narrative as well as our collective approach towards solving for climate change.

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