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Grow Your Small Trading Account with Zero Risk ChatGPT Trading Bot – Boost Profits Now

Grow Your Small Trading Account with Zero Risk ChatGPT Trading Bot – Boost Profits Now

The Winning Trading Strategy: Stochastic RSI


The trading strategy I’m about to show you in this video has one of the highest win ratios on my channel. It is very easy to use, works extremely well on the Euro US dollar pair, and most importantly, it makes money. Okay, enough talk, let’s get straight into it.

Understanding Stochastic RSI

The strategy is based on the stochastic RSI, a technical analysis indicator that helps identify overbought and oversold conditions in the market. It combines the concepts of the stochastic oscillator and the relative strength index to provide more sensitive and accurate trading signals.

When the stochastic RSI goes above the upper threshold of 80, the security is considered overbought, indicating a potential sell signal or opportunity to short the asset. When the stochastic RSI goes below 20, the security is viewed as oversold, indicating a buy signal or the potential to go long on the asset.

The indicator consists of two lines, K and D. A buy signal occurs when the K line crosses above the D line, and vice versa for a sell signal. To maximize signal accuracy, one way to adjust the indicator settings is to set both the RSI and stochastic lengths to 10.

Completing the Setup

In addition to the stochastic RSI, two more trading view tools need to be added to complete the setup. The Signal moving average by Lux algo and Heatmap volume indicators help confirm the signals given by the stochastic RSI. Adjusting the settings and input values will ensure the accuracy of the signals.

Rules for Entering Trades

For a sell trade entry, the stochastic RSI must first reach the overbought condition. Once it goes above 80, a bearish cross must occur, followed by confirmation from the other indicators. The price position against the moving average and the market volume must also be considered before placing a sell order.

For a buy trade entry, the stochastic RSI must reach the oversold condition, with a bullish cross below 20. The price position below the signal moving average and high market volume are additional criteria for entering a long trade.

Testing and Performance Metrics

To determine the performance of the strategy, it can be manually back-tested or coded in a pine editor and tested using the strategy tester. The results for the Euro US Dollar, Pound Dollar, and Aussie US Dollar pairs show impressive win ratios, profit factors, and minimal drawdowns.

By adjusting the sensitivity of the strategy in the code, traders can fine-tune the signals and improve the quality of the trades. Overall, the stochastic RSI trading strategy offers a high win ratio, profit potential, and minimal drawdown on selected time frames.


In conclusion, the stochastic RSI trading strategy provides traders with a reliable and effective method for identifying overbought and oversold conditions in the market. By following the set rules and criteria for entering trades, traders can maximize their chances of success and profitability.

Give this strategy a try on the recommended time frames and pairs, and don’t forget to share your results and feedback. Happy trading!


  1. can somebody please help me! when i select a 2 hour chart and the strategy shows a profit, does that mean it takes 6 months to see such profits? example, 1 day = 1minute, 5 days = 5 minutes, 1 hr = 3 month, 2 hr = 6 month.. is this correct? My strategy shows a open trade on a 2hr chart, open for nearly 22 hours!

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  10. What was the question that you asked Chat-gpt to generate your pine script code. Maybe not exactly but can you point us in the correct direction. ???

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  13. Some of those drawdowns are outrageous! Definitely needs serious improvement.
    Video content suggestion:

    Try showing strategies that you benchmark the results against typical prop firm requirements.

    The main things to show would be:

    1. Did it grow the account by more than 10% in 30 days

    2. Was the daily drawdown less than 5%

    3. Was the total drawdown less than 10%

    If it meets those criteria then it's a potential strategy for a funded account trial.

    You could list all the strategies that passed prop requirements on a google sheet, people can then try/test the one they like based on win rate, drawdown, timeframe, instrument used etc.

  14. Could you do a video on how to link different broker accounts to trading view to make the script act as a trading bit strategy. I work really long days and struggle to find time to trade but I still have an interest. And I love your videos. Thanks heaps.

  15. My god man! … excited to try this out. The Lorentzian thing is doing a fine job but always good to have more tables in the casino.
    [Edit] Signals do look really quite decent across a fair few symbols (but not all). Thanks so much for this kind of concrete output!!


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