In this video I will share with you my top five machine learning indicators that will help you increase your winning ratio and put you on the right track to becoming a profitable Trader. These are not just any indicators – they are your gateway to unlocking unparalleled insights and predictive power in the market. Imagine having the ability to anticipate market movements with extraordinary accuracy by leveraging the cutting edge of machine learning technology in the fast-paced world of trading. Hesitation can mean missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime. The question isn’t if you can afford to incorporate these indicators into your strategy, it’s whether you can afford not to.

I will dive deep into each of these groundbreaking artificial intelligence indicators, revealing how they work, why they outperform the rest, and how you can leverage them to not just follow market trends, but predict them. Let’s begin with indicator number five – the Machine Learning VWAP by YinYang Algorithms.

This truly wonderful script aims to use machine learning to identify the best location to anchor the VWAP at, rather than using a traditional fixed length. By applying machine learning, we can identify crucial areas to reset the VWAP and start anew. Due to how the anchor for this VWAP changes, you may notice that the base line may act as a trend identifier. When the price is above the base line, it may represent a bullish trend, and vice versa for a bearish trend.

You may also notice that when a trend occurs, it may push all the way to the upper or lower levels of the VWAP. It may then proceed to move horizontally until the VWAP expands more, gaining more movement, or it may return back to the base line. If it corrects back to the base line, it may either use the base line as a support and continue in its current direction, or it will change the VWAP anchor and start anew.

There may be times where both volume and price movement isn’t significant enough to cause much of an expansion. During this time, the market may be considered to be in a state of consolidation. While looking at this example, you may also notice the color switch from green to red, helping you estimate the current directional movement the price is facing within the VWAP.

The Machine Learning VWAP also displays signals for potential long and short entries. One strategy you can test is to initiate a long trade by first checking if the VWAP color is green, confirming a pullback to the base line, and looking for a green triangle below the candle bar as a final confirmation. I recommend placing the stop loss at the lower VWAP band and setting the initial take profit target at the upper band. Test this strategy in different time frames, as the best time frames are 5, 15, 30 minutes, and 1 hour.

Dear friends, I am happy to announce that my personal Trade IQ Toolkit indicator has been updated with an option to add alerts. This update makes the tool much more time-effective. With the Trade IQ Indicator, you can enable alerts for buy and sell signals, trend line breakouts, stop loss and take profit targets, and more. To take your technical analysis to a whole new level, click the first link in the description to get your Trade IQ Toolkit risk-free.

Introducing the Simple Neural Network Transformed RSI by Quantra AI. The Simple NNT RSI stands out as a powerful tool for traders who specialize in lower time frame trading. It is an innovative modification of the traditional RSI readings with simple neural network smoothing techniques. This unique combination results in fairly accurate signals tailored to swift market movements, making it resistant to the usual market noise found in lower time frames.

The most suitable time frames for this indicator are 1, 5, and 15 minutes. It works great for scalping cryptocurrencies and forex. To take maximum advantage of this amazing indicator, play around with the settings to find the most optimal ones for the current time frame. Combine this AI oscillator with trend-following indicators like moving averages, trend channels, supply and demand zones, or even with the third indicator on my list – Volume Supertrend AI created by Zyan.

The Volume Supertrend AI is an advanced technical indicator used to predict trends in price movements by utilizing a combination of traditional Super Trend calculation and AI techniques, particularly the K Nearest Neighbors algorithm. By combining these approaches, the indicator aims to offer more precise predictions of price trends, offering bullish and bearish signals by utilizing volume-weighted moving averages.

In practice, a green line displayed beneath the price typically suggests an upward trend reflecting a bullish market sentiment. Conversely, a red line positioned above the price signals a downward trend indicative of bearish conditions. This indicator can be used in your trading strategy by following specific rules to identify potential trade entries and exits based on trend shifts and signal quality.

In second place, I put an artificial intelligence-based indicator called the Machine Learning Optimal RSI by YinYang Algorithms. This AI RSI is 10 times more effective than the old version, as it rates multiple different lengths of RSI to determine which RSI to RSIMM cross produces the highest profit within the look-back span. This optimal RSI is then passed back and used as input into a machine learning calculation.

Lastly, topping our list of the best machine learning indicators on Trading View is the Machine Learning Lorenzian Classification by JD Hordy. This complex machine learning algorithm operates in the background to provide valuable insights for traders. A strategy using this indicator on a 1-hour time frame can be implemented by following specific rules and using signal filters to identify high-quality signals for potential trade entries and exits.

Try out these indicators in your trading strategy and see how they can help you increase your winning ratio and profitability in the market. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different settings and time frames to find the most optimal combination for your trading style. Remember, continuous learning and adaptation are key to success in the fast-paced world of trading. Happy trading!


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