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Accelerate Autogon’s Progress with Instant No-Code AI Solutions

Autogon AI allows business and governments to rapidly build, integrate, and leverage AI for growth and productivity – no coding required

SAN FRANCISCO, February 28, 2024–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Autogon AI, a no-code AI orchestration platform, today announced it has received backing from Fast Forward Venture Studio. Autogon’s model allows any business – regardless of size – to conveniently harness the power of AI.

Autogon’s platform offers a drag-and-drop interface that enables users to build AI models in minutes – without prior knowledge or technical skills. The interface also features a marketplace with ready to go AI models.

Autogon achieves this via an infrastructure as a service framework that creates and aggregates no-code tools and APIs that subscribers can easily access, modify, and deploy.

Founded by Obi Ebuka David in 2023, Autogon AI is headquartered in Houston, Texas, and serves a global marketplace. David is a previous co-founder and CTO of Identity Pass – a Y-Combinator backed identity verification API for emerging markets. His current mission is to simplify access to the benefits of AI.

“We founded Autogon AI based on proprietary innovation that reduces the complexities and technicalities that come with implementing artificial intelligence solutions for businesses and public organizations,” said David.

Autogon serves over 20 industries, including finance, healthcare, marketing, and retail – offering tailored AI solutions to meet specific needs.

Additional benefits of Autogon AI’s platform include the following:

  • Simplified data-engineering that collects, transforms and prepares accurate, relevant and valuable inputs for machine learning (ML) models.

  • A centralized location for deploying, monitoring, managing, and governing production models through MLOps.

  • Advanced ML monitoring built on a robust governance framework; and

  • Access to an array of AI models to rapidly integrate into one’s business or public sector organization.

With Fast Forward’s backing, Autogon aims to enhance its existing product suite and expand its global market presence.

“Autogon’s platform is a true game changer because, one, it enables any organization to become an AI company with only an API. Secondly, Autogon empowers any developer in any location to build end models that organizations can lease and pay for. This will allow hundreds of thousands of developers to generate revenue from the AI opportunity without having to start companies,” said Opeyemi Awoyemi, General Partner at Fast Forward Venture Studio.

“We are thrilled to have the backing of the experienced team at Fast Forward as we scale our vision of delivering no-code, drag and drop AI solutions to private and public sector partners globally,’ said Obi Ebuka David, Founder and CEO of Autogon.

Autogon welcomes inquiries from large and small businesses and public-sector entities interested in seamlessly leveraging the power of AI, automation, and machine learning to boost productivity and advance their goals.

You can get started on Autogon and request a demo via Autogon’s AI portal.

About Autogon AI

Autogon AI offers a no-code AI infrastructure for businesses. The platform supports various AI use cases, such as image classification, sentiment analysis, fraud detection, and more. Additionally, Autogon AI offers a marketplace where users can buy or sell AI projects and models, fostering collaboration and community support.

Autogon AI’s signature products include the following:

  • Autogon Studio – Offers advanced numerical model creation with low-code tools.

  • Autogon Label Craft – Enables precise visual model crafting effortlessly.

  • Autogon Chatbots and Service Bots – Provide customizable AI solutions for seamless customer engagement across various communication channels.

  • Autogon Datalake – Facilitates instant dataset generation and insightful data analysis tools.

Autogon serves over 20 industries, including finance, healthcare, marketing, and retail – offering tailored AI solutions to meet specific industry needs.

To learn more about Autogon AI use cases please reference this video page.

For more information on leveraging Autogon AI to boost the growth and productivity of your organization, visit Autogon’s No-Code Tutorials page:

About Fast Forward

Fast Forward is a venture studio – and early stage fund – that backs African founders building companies to unlock prosperity through technology.

Fast Forward provides first-in capital with priority on platform and infrastructure plays. Fast Forward portfolio companies have scaled in multiple sectors and gained follow-on investment from prominent accelerators and investors, such as Y-Combinator, TechStars, and Base10 partners. Current Fast Forward-backed startups include Bumpa, Dojah, Chimoney, Caregave Health, Cloudmall, Priv Health, and Cribstock.

You can learn more about Fast Forward Venture Studio and Fund at

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Leah Sirama
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