Edward Snowden has advised against trusting OpenAI and its products following the appointment of a former head of the NSA to its board of directors

Edward Snowden has warned people about OpenAI’s latest news(THE GUARDIAN/AFP via Getty Image)

Edward Snowden, the infamous whistleblower, has issued a stark warning against trusting OpenAI and its products following a significant update within the community.

Snowden, who is known for his revelations about global surveillance programmes, took to his X social media account, previously known as Twitter, to share his thoughts on the latest developments at OpenAI.

The 40-year-old was responding to news that Sam Altman’s company had appointed retired US Army general and former head of the NSA – where Snowden himself once worked – Paul Nakasone to its board of directors.

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OpenAI chief executive Sam Altman(AFP via Getty Images)

Nakasone served as the head of the National Security Agency from 2018 to 2023. Quoting a tweet from @MarioNawfal, Snowden stated that Nakasone would “help improve AI’s role in cybersecurity by detecting and responding to threats quickly.”

This announcement comes amid growing concerns about safety culture within the AI firm.

Snowden continued, accusing OpenAI of having “gone full mask-off” and warned his followers not to “ever trust OpenAI or its products”, which include ChatGPT, under any circumstances.

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