Renowned Artificial Intelligence (AI) giant OpenAI is prioritizing the security of its Large Language Models (LLMs) by appointing former United States Army General Paul M. Nakasone to its Board of Directors.

U.S General Brings Cybersecurity Experience to OpenAI

General Nakasone retired at the beginning of 2024 after holding various positions in the U.S Army, including playing a key role in establishing the U.S. Cyber Command. As the longest-serving leader of USCYBERCOM, Nakasone was responsible for overseeing the National Security Agency NSA/CSS and enhancing the country’s cyber-defense capabilities.

General Nakasone’s vast experience in cybersecurity and collaboration with elite cyber units in different countries will now benefit OpenAI’s Safety and Security Committee. This committee is tasked with advising on safety and security measures for all OpenAI projects and operations, demonstrating the company’s commitment to protecting its models and user data in the evolving landscape of AI technology.

OpenAI believes that Nakasone’s insights will be invaluable in enhancing cybersecurity efforts, particularly in detecting and responding to cyber threats to prevent attacks on critical institutions like hospitals, schools, and financial organizations.

Concerns About Insecurity Amid New Onboarding

OpenAI recently introduced the Safety and Security Committee led by Bret Taylor, which includes members like Altman, D’Angelo, and Seligman, in response to concerns about the potential risks of AI technology. However, the decision to appoint General Nakasone has sparked criticism due to his background in surveillance and previous concerns about data monitoring.

Despite facing backlash, General Nakasone believes in OpenAI’s mission and is eager to contribute his public service experience to enhance the company’s security measures.

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