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Latest AI News: Exciting AI Phone & AGI on the Horizon – Don’t Miss Out!

AI News Highlights from CES: Samsung’s New Galaxy S24 with AI Features, OpenAI’s New Policies, and More

Last week at CES, major announcements in the world of technology were made, including Samsung’s unpacked event where they unveiled their new Galaxy S24 phone with impressive AI features. While Apple has been slow to embrace AI, Samsung is leading the charge in creating AI-focused smartphones. Here are some of the most exciting AI features of the new Samsung Galaxy S24:

Live Translations

The Galaxy S24 series has the capability to translate conversations in real time, whether it’s through phone calls or text messages. This means that language barriers are no longer a problem, as the phone can automatically translate conversations, making communication seamless.

Personal Interpreter

The phone can also act as a personal interpreter, providing assistance with language translations and ensuring smooth interactions in any situation.

AI Chip and Features

The Galaxy S24 comes with its own AI chip, using the Gemini Nano large language model to power its AI capabilities. Some of the features include automatic summarization of group messages, voice memo summarization, and the ability to generate slow-motion videos using AI-generated frames.

Circle to Search

A new and innovative feature called Circle to Search allows users to highlight or tap on any content on their screen and use AI to search for information related to the selected content, providing instant insights and knowledge.

AI-Powered Camera

The camera in the Galaxy S24 uses AI to enhance image processing, offering features such as background removal, object movement and blending, and AI-generated slow-motion capabilities.

The new Galaxy S24 is available for pre-order starting on January 17th, with a range of models and pricing options. However, it’s worth noting that Samsung plans to charge for Galaxy AI features after 2 years, which may affect the long-term use and accessibility of these AI features.

Aside from the exciting developments at CES, other AI-related news includes OpenAI’s new policies allowing military applications, Microsoft’s integration of GPt4 Turbo into its AI-powered tools, and the latest updates from Elon Musk’s Optimus robots and their partnerships with major companies. Overall, 2024 is shaping up to be a significant year for AI advancements and innovations.



  1. Thank you Matt!! Been watching for a long time, and you content has been extremely helpful however, this was one of the most helpful and amazing videos yet! Cheers! KR.

  2. I bet YouTube and Spotify is staying off of Apple Vision because it comes with some sort of new rules for profit share for Apple.

  3. AGI will not change lives too much? Lol Sam is clearly trying to deescalate AI safety issue 🙂 AGI would change everything beyond recognition, what a fake 🙂

  4. Funny thing about robots: the word robot comes from Czech word meaning forced labor / slave / serf, so if we keep calling them robots and they become smart enough then they are going to not like when humanity collectively calls them robots 🙂 … robots are going to cancel us.

  5. To answer your question about why is humanoid the chosen form for all these robotics. I agree that it is generally inefficient but the world is built for humans. Levers, doors, appliances, equipment, is all built in a way to make it as easy as possible for a human to interact with.

  6. How about a dialect or spoken to text and back in a users dialect. Sorry, I have hard time understanding videos from English speaking people from other countries. Almost a different language to me.

  7. I don't know why almost every single model had to pose as an "assistant", they all suck BADLY at that, hopefully future models will focus more on being reliable in that sense


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