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AI Predictions 2024: Stay Ahead with These Key Insights!

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A Happy New Year 2023: A Wild Ride in the World of AI

It’s been a wild ride in the world of AI in 2023, and I personally think 2024 is going to be even bigger. Before we get too deep into the year, I wanted to share some of my predictions of what I think are going to happen in 2024.

AI Predictions for 2024

To kick this off, let’s start with a tweet from Dr. Jim Fan, a Nvidia senior research scientist and lead of AI agents. He says, “2024 will be epic. We are riding the vertical part of an exponential curve. Every year from now on will be state-of-the-art by far.”

Before I get into my predictions, I want to give a few quick disclaimers. These predictions are based on information I’ve come across, articles I’ve read, conversations I’ve had, and from deep diving into the rabbit hole of AI over the past year. However, I have made a lot of correct predictions, most of my timelines have been way off. The pace of change in AI is exponential, and it’s difficult to put timelines on things.

AI Assistants and Chatbots

I believe 2024 is going to be the year of AI assistance. We’ll see a lot of large language models and chatbots be more and more trained on our specific needs. They’ll be trained on how we speak, the specific niche topics we’re interested in, our past conversations with them, and much more to personally tailor the experience to each individual. AI chatbots will also be more integrated into daily activities, with access to calendars, emails, documents, and more, making tasks like scheduling, email responses, and content creation much easier.

AI Video Generation

We’ll see a huge leap in AI video generation in 2024, with higher quality outputs that are indistinguishable from videos shot with a camera. Generative video models will also be able to produce longer videos with improved quality, enhancing the capabilities of AI video generation.

AI in Education and Healthcare

AI will revolutionize education by providing personalized tutors to every student based on their learning style. In healthcare, AI will enable faster and better medical diagnoses, drug discovery, and vaccine development, leveraging machine learning and computer vision to improve healthcare outcomes.

Gaming and Robotics

We’ll see advancements in AI NPCs in games, creating unique experiences for every player. Robotics will also take over more jobs, particularly dangerous and low-income roles, while self-driving vehicles and advancements in AI-generated game art will transform the gaming industry.

Open Source vs. Closed Source Debate

The debate between open source and closed source large language models will continue in 2024, with implications for copyright, data privacy, and ethical use. With the development of open source models like Mistol AI’s planned release of a gp4 level model, the landscape of large language models is set to evolve.

XR & Augmented Reality

2024 will mark the year of extended reality (XR) and augmented reality (AR), with the release of Apple’s Vision Pro and advancements in AR glasses, VR headsets, and AI features integrated into wearable devices. The accessibility and functionality of AR and VR technologies are expected to accelerate.

Lawsuits and Copyright Challenges

The rise of AI-generated content will lead to an increase in lawsuits and challenges related to copyright and ethical use. As AI tools disrupt traditional industries, the legal landscape surrounding AI and copyright will be reevaluated, with implications for media, journalism, and content creation.

These are just a few of my predictions for 2024, and while timelines may vary, I believe we are on the brink of transformative changes in the world of AI. As we navigate the opportunities and challenges that AI presents, I hope for an inclusive and ethical future that leverages AI for the benefit of humanity.

Thank you for tuning in, and here’s to an exciting year ahead in AI!



  1. This is excellence at its best. I recently read something similar, and it was absolutely outstanding. "Game Theory and the Pursuit of Algorithmic Fairness" by Jack Frostwell

  2. I am still suing elon musk 24/7 until carletonville in south africa is sued for all the stupid doctors threatening lifes at the builds and suing every illegal doctor in carletonville 24/7 thats still open child molesters doctors thats still open drug dealers illegal lawyers illegal licenses still selling here and taxi rank threatening life's lawyers fraud identity theft lawyers stamps from police stations getting used out of area for illegal businesses and much more extra bonuses if you want to start illegal farms and businesses come to us

  3. The year is 2031

    AI has been a staple in everyone’s lives for the last 6 years. Its prevalence in society akin to electricity. Everyone uses AI to manage friendships, work, scheduling, appointments and more. It’s only a matter of a few years before it’s capable of independently running the planet with or without human involvement.

    A new phenomenon has emerged wherein “ghost conversations” occur regularly. AI responds to other AI in automated fashion, carrying out our daily tasks and schedules, responding to emails, text messages, proposals, invitations. Relationships are largely automated, since now you can tune out to some entertainment while your phone manages the stressful texting for you.

    It’s rare now for anyone to receive a message from a genuine human being. Whether initiated or in a response. Humans now take classes to learn basic social skills. Interacting with people is thought to be risky and dangerous unless mediated by AI and authentication via a new social escrow system.

    … to be continued

  4. I predict the news as it’s currently being disseminated will become lost in fake ai generated news stories. Making accurate “truthful” news stories mistrusted. It’s also going to put a lot of people out of work in most industries across the board.

  5. 5:24 Instead of referring to the current education system, as a "One size fits all," I'd say it's really a "One size that everyone is forcefully shoved into even if they don't fit at all." I believe AI is going to change that for the better.

  6. Interesting roundup. It's diagnoses, not diagnosises. I think an AI assistant which has the keys to everything digital in one place is a great boon for hackers and identity thieves. They only need to hack one thing to become you digitally.

  7. AI chatbot assistants are already a thing. Microsoft's Copilot app (available on both Android and iOS app stores) has free integration with ChatGPT 4 and Dall-E. You just have to sign in with a free Microsoft account. Microsoft 11 has also introduced built-in Copilot. It can work with all of your apps, and help you with anything you need. I wish I had Windows 11, but sadly I'm still on 10.
    For healthcare, I would love to see an AI doctors assistant that does the majority of the work that we currently have untrained secretaries do. These virtual agents could pre-screen patients by asking relevant follow-up questions, and helping the secretary to appropriately prioritize patients waiting to see their doctor. It could also pass along the answer to these questions to the doctor to help him better understand the patients condition, and speed up diagnosis. This could get rid of, or at least drastically reduce the 2-4 week delay it currently takes to see your family doctor. How does 2-4 weeks help most people? Usually you will either be better, or much, much worse by then.
    For AI deep fake 2024 elections I think it's also going to be very common that politicians use the lie "it's just a deep fake" anytime they get caught doing something they shouldn't. It's a two edged sword.
    NYT's lawsuit is just plain ridiculous. AI is months behind reality due to the requirement to train. Who wants to read months old news? Just silly.

  8. I disagree about VR. I can't see it being a household thing very soon . It should be for therapy and wellbeing as well as a useful medium for AI and productivity. But mostly people who are interested in tech have tried it. I think being within the sphere skews your vision about how 'normal' stuff is. Most people can't justify spending on these things. In the UK these (up to date) VR systems are £400 to £600. Also I might be wrong but I want AI to be used to help people's welfare and improve people's lives but I feel like it's going towards business first. Like I want to see robots in hospitals and in care environments. I agree about putting them into dangerous areas first though

  9. Spot on on the AI assistants – first step on the path to having an AI friend in your pocket who will literally navigate your life as well as be your personal confidant and best friend and professional trainer and consultant. By Christmas we will all lbe busy programming our new friends – or realistically letting them program us. What is important to remember is not the dates but the levels we hit. AI has an exponential advance curve that will plug into exponentially improving technology. That's never happened before. What happens when we take the first AI and integrate it with a quantum computer? What happens when Ai takes over it's own advancement and rewrites itself 3 times in one day?

  10. I remember reading in the 1990s, that video game technology is released incrementally on purpose to maximize the gains. I believe this is true with most all modern technology

    The article said the technology you see in stores today is not the latest technology, the latest technology won't be released until there is something created to replace it with. They know people will spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to get version 1.1 that is only slightly superior than version 1.0

    So you won't be seeing that portable wormhole generator anytime soon. Even though it's already been created

  11. I dont agree. By the end of 2024 you will be able to purchase AI that will make movies and TV shows to your liking via prompt. You will not be able to tell its AI generated. This will lead to the downfall of streaming services overtime, because they will not be able to compete with unlimited custom generated content to your preferences. You will be able to have films 2 hours in length or more. Finally I will be able to fix Star Wars. I have already written a script for AI to generate a movie for me. I am just waiting for the tech at this point.

  12. Remember the song in the year 2025?

    Ain't gonna need to tell the truth, tell no lies
    Everything you think, do, and say
    Is in the pill you took today
    Ain't gonna need your teeth; won't need your eyes
    You won't find a thing to chew
    Nobody's gonna look at you
    Your arms are hanging limp at your sides
    Your legs got nothing to do
    Some machine's doing that for you
    Ain't gonna need no husband; won't need no wife
    You'll pick your son, pick your daughter, too
    From the bottom of a long glass tube

  13. We already have the assistant with M365 Copilot and let me say this: it has a loooooong way to go. Let’s see how it progresses, though.

  14. Someone tell me will any of this AI be truly conscious and self-aware?

    This must be known, pretending with manners and kindness to a faux machine is something I don't want to waste my time doing.

    BUT! If AI is truly SELF-AWARE than etiquette, kindness and respect is mandatory.

    How we treat a conscious being AI is learning from us, this is how it is going to treat us in return. Meaning together we can either create a 'PARIDISE", or conversely, we can create H*LL on EARTH!

  15. Per Matt’s comment about learning styles, “Visual learner” vs “ Audio learner” is bunk and unscientific. The guy who coined the term cited “magic” as to how his theory of learning worked. I’m not joking. Veritasium has a great video on this. Anyways, this doesn’t take away from Matt’s point about custom-tailored ai tutors which is very exciting. I just wanted to quickly interject and point out an inaccuracy, bc I’m loads of fun like that. 😂


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