Los Angeles-based video game developer Space Nation released the roadmap for its upcoming flagship game, Space Nation Online, on Wednesday, saying that the massively multiplayer online game will tap generative AI to provide players with a personalized experience.

Founded in 2019 by gaming industry veterans Jerome Wu and Tony Tang, Space Nation is backed by “Stargate,” “2012,” and “Independence Day” filmmaker Roland Emmerich and media entrepreneur Marco Weber.

“Our newly revealed AI integration is far more than just a technological advancement—it redefines how personal narratives unfold within the MMORPG universe,” Wu said in a statement. Wu serves as Space Nation co-founder and CEO.

Using AI, Wu said, Space Nation can create stories tailored to individual gamers that adapt as they progress in the game—something he said is impossible in an MMO using an “all-human writing team.”

While Space Nation did not go into further detail on the AI model being used, the company says its large language model uses “ethically sourced training data.”

Despitec calling attention to the use of AI, Space Nation says major plot elements will be created by a team of dedicated—and human—writers.

In addition to a personalized AI experience, the developers said that Space Nation Online will feature a crew system mechanic that allows players to manage a team of characters with unique skills, traits, and roles.

“Over time, these crew members will grow and evolve as they are shaped by their experiences in the field,” the team said. “This dynamic allows players not only to manage their crew, but also to actively develop their individual stories and skills through various missions, making for a truly engaging and personalized gaming journey.”

Adding a Web3 element, Space Nation says each crew member a player picks up during the game will be linked to a player-owned digital asset or NFT. Community members can expect other benefits, including airdrops, the company added.

“The sophisticated Web3-based token economy and AI components of the game make it an experience like no other,” Space Nation said. “The closest any entertainment product has probably come to live up to the visionary ideas of Ernest Cline and Ray Kurzweil.”

Space Nation Online is set to begin testing the AI integration on Discord this month in preparation for a beta launch in March. The official launch of Space Nation is scheduled for fall 2024.

Edited by Ryan Ozawa.

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