Real444/Getty ImagesThere’s a lot of excitement surrounding the potential of artificial intelligence (AI), but many experts agree that finding the right business use case is crucial to making the most of this emerging technology.

Thierry Martin, senior manager for data and analytics strategy at Toyota Motors Europe, explained in an interview with ZDNET how the automotive giant is focusing on research and development in AI.

According to Martin, Toyota’s work in AI is currently centered around data science, rather than prediction and automation. The company is using tools like Power BI to gain deeper insights into how people are using their cars and to analyze different driving behaviors in various locations.

While Toyota is currently focused on using data science for analysis, Martin believes that the company will eventually start using AI in production. However, he emphasized that Toyota is proceeding with caution when it comes to deploying emerging technologies, following guidelines for safe and secure AI implementation.

Toyota is considering using AI tools like Microsoft Copilot at a personal level to help people complete tasks using non-sensitive data, as well as exploring the use of generative AI within the enterprise to boost productivity. The organization is also developing a data mesh on a Snowflake platform to ensure well-governed data access and to explore AI with technologies such as Dataiku, Collibra, and Denodo.

Martin and his team have already built chatbots on Dataiku and are continuing to explore different applications for AI within the company. He hopes to have AI-enabled chatbot services in production by mid-2024, while working closely with business leaders to demonstrate the value of these AI tools and to determine the best ways to implement them in specific areas of the organization.



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