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Can ChatGPT Choose My Drawing Subject? Let’s Find Out!

to be here creating art and sharing it with all of you. I hope you enjoyed the process of creating these characters with me using the prompts from chat GPT.

Creating characters like Seraphina Moonshadow and Valerian Darkbane was a challenging but rewarding experience. It’s always fun to see how a simple prompt can lead to the creation of complex and interesting characters.

If you’re ever stuck and don’t know what to draw next, I highly recommend trying out prompts from chat GPT or other AI-generated suggestions. It can be a great way to spark your creativity and come up with new and exciting ideas for your art.

Thank you for joining me on this art challenge adventure. I hope you had as much fun as I did creating these characters. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more content like this and stay tuned for future art challenges and tutorials.

Remember, art is all about expressing yourself and having fun, so keep creating and exploring new ways to challenge yourself artistically. Until next time, happy creating!

Leah Sirama
Leah Sirama
Leah Sirama, a lifelong enthusiast of Artificial Intelligence, has been exploring technology and the digital realm since childhood. Known for his creative thinking, he's dedicated to improving AI experiences for all, making him a respected figure in the field. His passion, curiosity, and creativity drive advancements in the AI world.


  1. Imagine that the only way of killing him is having a child with him and train that child to kill the villain that the child doesn't know it's father wouldn't that me messed up and i like that ☺️☺️


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