CeADAR launches two AI models tailored for financial services

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CeADAR Releases AI Language Models for Financial Services Sector


CeADAR, the national centre for applied artificial intelligence (AI) and satellite technology, has recently announced the launch of two tools specifically designed to assist companies in the financial services sector in integrating generative AI into their operations.

FinTalk: Improving Financial Chatbots

The first tool, named FinTalk, is a domain-specific dataset created for the fine-tuning of Large Language Models (LLMs), which power generative chatbots like ChatGPT. FinTalk extracts information from discussions on popular forum site Reddit and categorizes it with tags like ‘Personal Finance’, ‘Financial Information’, and ‘Public Sentiment’. The main objective of FinTalk is to enhance the chatbot’s comprehension of financial topics, enabling it to offer contextually relevant information.

FinanceConnect: Tailored for Finance Discussions

The second tool, FinanceConnect, is an open-source chat model customized for finance and economic dialogues. It facilitates the generation of finance-oriented content to professional standards. Both FinTalk and FinanceConnect were developed by Dr Arsalan Shahid and his team at the CeADAR labs in NexusUCD. These tools are readily accessible on CeADAR’s HuggingFace.

Empowering Financial Services Companies

Dr Arsalan Shahid emphasized CeADAR’s commitment to equipping Irish businesses with cutting-edge resources to leverage the potential of emerging AI technologies. He stated, “These tools will enable financial services companies to experiment with generative AI and enhance their business offerings.” CeADAR has previously introduced four complementary AI tools and collaborated on the development of an AI-driven early warning system for floods.

Positive Reception and Performance

FinanceConnect has garnered substantial interest within the developer community, amassing over 5,000 downloads in its initial month of release. Dr Shahid highlighted its superior performance compared to competing proprietary models such as BloombergGPT in various benchmarks. He reiterated that these tools will empower financial services firms to embrace AI responsibly, in alignment with the highest standards of trust and ethics essential for deploying AI technology.

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