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Discover the Top 8 ChatGPT Alternatives and Boost Your Productivity Today!

<a href='' title='Discover the Ultimate Guide for Mastering Google Gemini AI in 2024' >AI</a> Use Cases: A Roundup of the Week’s Most Exciting Developments

This has been an exceptional week for AI use cases

Discover the latest and most practical applications of AI

From chat GPT mentions to Code Lama 70b and more

This week has been packed with practical applications for AI. Let’s dive into some of the most exciting developments that have occurred in the world of artificial intelligence. From chat GPT mentions to Code Lama 70b, there’s a lot to explore and discover. So sit back and relax as we take you through the highlights of this week’s AI use cases.

First up, let’s talk about chat GPT mentions. While this feature may not be as revolutionary as some may think, it does open up new possibilities for combining multiple GPTs in one conversation. However, it’s important to note that this feature may trip up with existing GPTs, especially those with specific communication sequences. For the best results, stick to using GPTs that have external-facing actions and can perform specific tasks.

Next, we have updates from OpenAI, including new embedding models and an improved version of GPT4 Turbo. These updates are aimed at developers and offer quality of life upgrades and cost reductions for those using the API. Additionally, Bart, an AI model that has been quietly improving under the hood, is now fully up-to-date and offers an up-to-date knowledge cutoff, making it a valuable tool for those looking for the latest information.

On the developer front, Meta recently released Code Lama 70b, a powerful tool for code generation that allows for fine-tuning and specialization. This release is significant as it offers developers the ability to run a local GitHub co-pilot, opening up new possibilities for code generation and customization.

For non-technical users, a new app uses GPT Vision to rename screenshots based on their content, offering a simple yet effective solution to a common problem. This app showcases the creativity and innovation that AI can bring to everyday tasks.

Additionally, Mid Journey V6 from AI Journey offers a powerful anime model that has garnered praise for its capabilities. This model allows users to create stunning visual art with ease, making it a valuable tool for artists and creatives.

Finally, a new app allows users to practice for tech-related interviews using their microphone, offering a valuable resource for those looking to improve their interview skills. This app demonstrates the diverse range of applications that AI can have in the professional world.

Overall, this week has been filled with exciting developments in the world of AI. From chat GPT mentions to Code Lama 70b and beyond, there are endless possibilities for how AI can be utilized in various industries. As technology continues to advance, we can expect to see even more innovative use cases for AI in the future.

Leah Sirama
Leah Sirama
Leah Sirama, a lifelong enthusiast of Artificial Intelligence, has been exploring technology and the digital realm since childhood. Known for his creative thinking, he's dedicated to improving AI experiences for all, making him a respected figure in the field. His passion, curiosity, and creativity drive advancements in the AI world.


  1. Thanks for the news, and really love the artist(Haze?) you mentioned, his/her works on Niji are impressive! Do have his/her instagram or any other link for me to follow?

  2. 🎯 Key Takeaways for quick navigation:

    00:00 🎉 Introduction to AI use cases week
    – Overview of various AI applications and announcements,
    – Mention of a voice-based interview practice app,
    – Introduction to ChatGPT mentions and code Lama 70b.
    01:10 🗣️ ChatGPT Mentions Explained
    – Explanation of ChatGPT mentions and its simplicity,
    – Tips on how to use and not use ChatGPT mentions,
    – Mention of combining specific action-oriented GPTs for better results.
    03:17 💻 Developer Updates from OpenAI
    – New embedding models and improvements to GPT-4 Turbo,
    – Price reduction for GPT-3.5 API,
    – Introduction of a moderation model update.
    04:14 📈 BART Model Enhancements
    – Silent updates and improvements to BART,
    – BART's current performance and up-to-date knowledge,
    – Comparison with other models in chatbot arena rankings.
    06:21 🌐 10Web AI Website Builder Demo
    – Demonstration of 10Web AI Website Builder for creating WordPress sites,
    – Discussion on the ideal use cases for the tool,
    – The process of creating an informational website with AI assistance.
    07:34 😂 Fun AI Application for GIFs
    – Introduction to an app for recreating GIFs with different faces,
    – Demonstration of the app's capabilities and speed,
    – Commentary on the app's potential for quick comedic effects in chats.
    08:19 🧑‍💻 Code Lama 70b Release
    – Significance of Code Lama 70b for code generation,
    – The ability to fine-tune the model for specific use cases,
    – Comparison with other models in terms of programming capabilities.
    09:55 🖥️ AI for Managing Screenshots
    – Use case of AI for renaming screenshots based on content,
    – Demonstration of an app that applies AI to organize screenshots,
    – Benefits of the app for users with a high volume of screenshots.
    11:22 🎨 Mid Journey V6 Nii Model
    – Introduction to Mid Journey V6 Nii anime model,
    – Showcasing examples of anime-style images created with the model,
    – Discussion on the model's capabilities and how to use it.
    12:33 🎤 Practice for Job Interviews with AI
    – Use case for practicing tech-related interviews with AI,
    – Demonstration of a mock system design interview,
    – Plans for expanding the use case to various scenarios.

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  3. Man its like Telepathy or soemthing lol the renaming acreenshota gosh i need an app on phone lol i win for most junk in my trnk lol had get external memory stick for phone yet stillso many images videos screenshots would he amazing to categorize easily ❤n that mock interview how cool u rock keep it coming brother ur borat meme betta see it in ur videos lol 😆 epic

  4. Hey Igor, I've been a fan of your work since the beginning. I respectfully disagree on the mentions aspect. I believe there's a significant difference between it and custom GPTs with specific instructions. Consider this: the more precise your instructions, the better results you'll get for a particular task. For me, a concern has been citation generation, quotation extraction, and source location. When I ask ChatGPT to handle all three simultaneously, it tends to become less accurate or confused. With the new GPTs, I've started breaking down the elements, using multiple role-setting prompts to achieve the same output. Just sharing my perspective.

    Additionally, it's not only about actions but also data retention. When you load too much data into a single GPT, it can't retain it all effectively. By having multiple GPTs, you can access a broader conversation history, leading to better output quality. Am I overlooking something crucial here? Your insights would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your content!

  5. Why chatgpt is lazy nowadays, it does not follow my instructions, does it happen to you also❓or it is difference between the plan, I am using chatgpt plus basic plan. Plz tell me anyone.

  6. Is anyone else experiencing this issue with misgif – after saving the GIF to my phone, I send it through WhatsApp but it appears as a still image. It looks like it should be a gif (the image has the gif icon over it in WhatsApp), but it doesn't actually move – it just stays on a still image. The GIF functions normally elsewhere (e.g. when I view it through my Google Photos).

  7. Correction required: GPTs aren't merely about the instructions embedded within them; they are designed to be trained using proprietary data. Therefore, merely copying the GPTs’ instructions into a standard ChatGPT will not yield the same results


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