Chicago, Illinois–(Newsfile Corp. – October 14, 2023) –  Never before has technology evolved as rapidly as it has over the past century. According to McKinsey forecast, more than 70% of companies will adopt at least one AI solution, furthermore their stimulation showed that AI could generate additional growth of 1.2% of global GDP. It is already faster than humans in uncovering insights from huge amounts of data, contributing to fraud detection and cancer diagnosis. However, beneath the surface of this futuristic promise lies a dualistic reality. While AI offers great benefits, it also presents challenges and pitfalls. AI-driven bank assistants, hiring tools, and healthcare diagnostic systems have displayed alarming biases based on gender and race. With a vision to shape global AI agendas and foster public-private collaboration, the Chicago AI Conference is set to take place on October 26, 2023, in Chicago. Organized by the AI 2030 initiative, FinTech4Good and co-hosted by partners including Chicago AI Council, Star Consulting, Evolving Summit, this event brings together industry leaders, innovators, and experts from around the globe to discuss the latest technology advancements, cutting edge use cases, responsible artificial intelligence (AI) best practices, and real-world applications of AI in regulated industries such as financial services, insurance, payments, healthcare, and so on.

Additionally, on October 27, we will host an exclusive Executive Roundtable. Distinguished AI 2030 stakeholders will convene to discuss pivotal topics including the Open Source Responsible AI Framework, the Global Task Force, AI for Financial Professionals, and the AI2030 Accelerator programs.

Xiaochen Zhang, the Co-chair of AI 2030 and the Producer of the Chicago AI Conference, expressed, “The financial services industry is presented with a distinctive chance to transform financial services, leveraging emerging technologies to make them faster, more cost-effective, highly personalized, and environmentally sustainable. By collaborating with AI 2030 Senior Fellows, we are privileged to have an abundance of industry-leading experts who will collaboratively explore ways to ensure AI’s benefits while prioritizing transparency, fairness, accountability, and the preservation of privacy for all.”

Chicago’s ecosystem for AI and finance places it uniquely at the forefront of shaping the future of financial technology. Notably ranked among the world’s top 10 financial centers, Chicago is not only home to major financial institutions like Northern Trust, Morningstar, and the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, but it’s also a hotbed of cutting-edge AI research within its universities. “Embrace the Chicago advantage: where talent, capital, customers, and culture converge to fuel your company’s success,” said Betsy Ziegler, CEO of 1871. “Building a tech company in Chicago means tapping into a diverse talent pool, being a part of our collaborative community, and creating technology with the potential to make an impact on the world stage.”

This dynamic convergence of finance and AI expertise is fostering a robust pipeline of highly skilled AI graduates poised to make significant contributions to the financial industry’s evolution.

The Conference offers diverse tracks for learning and innovation, showcasing successful AI use cases and addressing ethical concerns. Attendees gain insights from industry leaders on AI’s impact on efficiency, customer experiences, and more, as well as explore regulatory frameworks. Our lineup of speakers encompasses a diverse range of voices, including regulators, financial institutions, tech giants, innovators, universities, and investors.

Reshaping the Future of Finance with AI in Chicago

Join us for a transformative journey at the Chicago AI Conference! Together, we can shape the future of finance through AI innovation.

● Explore cutting-edge AI insights from top experts.

● Network with industry leaders, regulators, and innovators.

● Dive into global AI initiatives, responsible frameworks, and accelerator programs.

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About AI2030 Initiative

The AI2030 initiative ( aims to harness AI’s transformative potential for the betterment of humanity while minimizing negative impacts. By fostering collaboration among experts from government, academia, industry, and various sectors, AI2030 seeks to shape global AI agendas and ensure responsible AI development. The initiative addresses governance, regulations, ethical practices, and innovative solutions, guided by the belief that diverse perspectives drive positive change. AI2030’s mission is “Responsible AI for a Better World.” This mission is realized through collaboration with senior fellows, members and ecosystem partners, leveraging the collective strengths of the AI 2030 programs.

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