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China to Drive Development of AI, Robots to Boost Growth – SCMP


China’s Industry and Information Technology Minister Jin Zhuanglong has said the country will drive the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics as it looks to boost growth, according to a report by the South China Morning Post.

Speaking to state media CCTV, Jin said the country will promote “emerging and future industries” to usher in a “new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation.” In a separate interview with state news agency Xinhua, Jin said Beijing will “map out digital transformation action plans for key industries and areas with AI as a highlight.”

Jin’s statements further China’s changing approach to artificial intelligence, after the world’s second-largest economy remained reluctant initially to embrace the global rush for generative AI. The past three years also saw China crack down on its once-thriving technology sector, wiping off more than $1 trillion in value from its biggest tech firms, including Alibaba and Tencent.



The change in China’s strategy towards AI comes amid a slowdown and billions of dollars worth of debt crisis in the country’s real estate sector — which has accounted for nearly a quarter of the country’s economic output.

It also follows a campaign by the United States to hobble China’s advanced technologies — ranging from chips to quantum computing. US sanctions targeting key Chinese chip firms have prompted President Xi Jinping to call for self-sufficiency in emerging and advanced technology in order to “avoid being strangled” by the West.

Read the full report: The South China Morning Post


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