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Welcome everybody to today’s live stream!

This is going to be a quick one as we explore Dolly free, a newly released AI image generation model. Join me as I show you how to use it and discuss my first impressions after using it for a few hours. Let’s dive in and see what this incredible tool can do!

Introduction to Dolly Free

For those who are unfamiliar, Dolly free is an AI image generation model that allows users to create stunning images with just a few simple prompts. It was announced in early October and is now available for free to use. By logging in with your Microsoft account, you can access the image Creator on Bing and get 100 free credits to generate images.

Using Dolly Free

To access Dolly free, simply visit and log in with your Microsoft account. You will receive 100 free credits to generate images with just a few prompts. You can prompt Dolly with simple phrases or concepts and it will generate unique and creative images for you.

Examples of Dolly Free Images

During the live stream, we explored various prompts and generated some amazing images using Dolly free. From creating memes to logo designs, Dolly free is a versatile tool that can be used for a wide range of creative projects. Here are some examples of the images we generated:

  • MTV logo with AI Advantage text
  • AI meme with humorous text
  • USA meme with patriotic themes
  • Character design sheet of a great horned owl


Overall, Dolly free is a powerful tool for creating AI-generated images. It offers a wide range of creative possibilities and is easy to use with just a few simple prompts. Whether you’re looking to create logos, memes, or movie posters, Dolly free can help you bring your ideas to life. I encourage you to try it out for yourself and see what amazing images you can create!

Thank you for joining me in today’s live stream. I hope you found it informative and inspiring. If you have any questions or would like to share your own Dolly free creations, feel free to join our Discord community and connect with other AI art enthusiasts. Have a great day and happy creating with Dolly free!


  1. I don't believe it's the full version of Dall-E 3. From what they showed in the teailer and other Dall-E 3 images. Nothing I've generated or others have generated that i've seen have impressed me anywhere nare as much as them

  2. What about trying a several characters creation? AI generators always get confused with legs and hands once your prompt requests a few entities (like a turtle that carries a kitten and a rabbit) .๐Ÿค”

  3. Any images created with the Bing Image Creator are for non commercial use only. Also, Microsoft owns these images as their intellectual property and can reuse, remix, or use for any purposes they see fit. You cannot make prints, or use them in your business etc. Just wanted to point that out to anyone in case they didn't read the terms of use.

  4. Awesome test drive and amazing results! I'm so excited while experimenting with Dalle 3 and can't wait for the ChatGPT integration to see what that will do.

  5. I don't know yet much on prompting, except for what I've seen as examples on Playground and Leonardo. But I dare say it's excellent in drawing hands, and texts. Yep, I'm also from the Philippines


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