Elon Musk mentioned naming OpenAI as he critiqued the direction taken by Sam Altman’s company. Speaking at Cannes Lions, Musk delved into technical innovation, AI, and the future of technology. The Tesla CEO was one of the co-founders of OpenAI in 2015 but parted ways with the company three years later. He previously sued OpenAI, but recently dropped the lawsuit, accusing the company of deviating from its original values.

Elon Musk had co-founded OpenAI in 2015 but left the company three years later.(Getty Images)

Concerning OpenAI, Musk stated that his initial goal was to rival Google. He remarked, “It was a unipolar world with Google dominating AI.” The company was founded with noble intentions, with the ‘open’ in OpenAI symbolizing ‘open source.’

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Musk confidently mentioned, “I gave it the name.”

He criticized the company by remarking, “Now it’s closed-source for maximum-profit AI, which is contrary to the original vision. I’m unsure how it reached this point.”

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Regarding the potential of artificial intelligence, he expressed, “In an optimistic scenario, AI will strive to make you happy. That could turn out quite well.”

He also addressed his social media platform X (formerly Twitter), stating, “Advertisers have the right to associate with content that aligns with their brands. That’s acceptable. What’s not acceptable is insisting on excluding any content they disagree with on the platform.”

Reflecting on his own posts on X, he noted, “I do occasionally undermine myself. If you’re constantly being filtered, you’re not being genuine. It’s best to be authentic.”

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