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Find out why EVERY moving machine will soon be autonomous with OpenAI, Google, and NVIDIA

You imagine you crack fusion with it or you know room temperature superconductors and you know batteries that are optimal that opens up you know suddenly energy becomes free or cheap then that has huge consequences on you know resources like freeing up like you could do more space travel M asteroids

Maybe becomes feasible all of these things right and then suddenly the nature of of money even changes right so I’m not sure people are really understanding like I don’t know if company constructs would even be the right thing to think about at that point

So the open AI backed robot is ging some traction CEO and founder burnt bornich says new progress update on the droids dropping in 4 weeks looks like morx Paradox might be false and we just didn’t have the data what does that mean we’ll dive into that in just a second

Also Ted Chow who’s working on robotics for Google deepmind says there will be three to four massive news coming out in the next weeks that will rock the Robotics and AI space adjust your timelines it’ll be a crazy 2024 I have a feeling it will shock the entire

Industry in fact just a hunch Dr Jim fan drops a career update is founding a new group called gear which stands for journalist embodied agent research 20124 is the year of Robotics the year of gaming Ai and the year of simulation he finally also got recognized for

Something that for some reason I feel like a lot of people have been missing I did multiple videos on it it’s just not getting the traction that it should be but people are finally waking up we’ll look at that in just a second also opening eye drops some massive news

About the GPT store but first I have to touch on the whole Google Fiasco I didn’t put out a video on the DAT that it was happening but Google has been changing some prompts to be different than what users want them to be I mean

Here are the images of the pope of the founding fathers image of a Viking image of an American woman image of a British woman image of a medieval Knight an Australian woman and here’s their rendition of Chess that last one was a joke obviously but here’s Demi saabi so

He’s the founder of Deep Mind which is part of the alphabet company so the same kind of umbrella that Google under not directly part of Google but looks like they’re merging more and more he just went on an interview and explained kind of what was happening there behind the

Scenes with these image Generations so we’ll take a look at that as well so the this person that made all their tweets private I believe this was this was Jack Kik who is a Google employee who is the senior director of product for Gemini experiences so he’s likely behind a lot

Of the decisions that kind of went into this he was responding to the backlash by saying well no it’s not true that’s not happening here’s the issue with that this person I think nailed it perfectly they’re saying the actual problem is the lack of transparency of what you do with

The prompts and how you’re manipulating the output just be transparent and none of the backlash will occur I understand that the intention is good but if the ethnically ambiguous gets added to a prompt please let the users know that instead of gaslighting them David Shapiro posted this and I think it

Really also cuts to the heart of the matter and here’s what he’s saying one user consent matters hijacking your intentions as a user of any technology is wrong enforcing a particular worldview on users is flatly unethical yes racism is bad but cramming one for-profits company’s view of morality

Down the user throats is dystopian AF and I think that dystopian AF is an excellent way of putting it corporations setting themselves up as Arbiters of morality is Flatout cyberpunk morality and ethics is up to the people not the corporations and not the government looks like we have overwhelmingly people

Agree looks like almost 90% agree strongly or mildly there’s been some people noticing online this week that Gemini doesn’t seem to create a white man if you ask it to or if you try to depict uh figures from history it um it sort of doesn’t want want to do that or

We’ll sort of do it in a historically inaccurate way you know I think with this this is a good example of these nuances right the historical accuracy absolutely we want that um so we need to fix that versus when you have a generic prompt obviously then there things are

Universal so for example if you said you know create a picture of a person walking a dog you’d want a universal you know depiction but then others that you know historical events or historical figures then perhaps that should be narrower and and as I said we’re continually improving our models based

On feedback now here’s an interesting take so apparently this person Yan was once the CEO of Reddit so he’s saying Google’s Gemini issue is not really about woke diie and everyone who is obsessing over it has failed to notice the much much bigger problem than it represents to recap Google injected

Special instructions into Gemini so that when it was asked to draw pictures it would draw people with diverse or non-white racial backgrounds this resulted in lots of weird results where people would ask it to draw pictures of people who were historically white like Vikings or 1940s Germans and it would

Output black people or Asians Google originally did this because they didn’t want pictures of people doing Universal activity like walking a dog to always be white reflecting whatever bias existed in the training set so this person continues this is not an unreasonable thing to do given that they have a

Global audience maybe you don’t agree with it but it’s not unreasonable Google most likely did not anticipate or intend the historical figures who should be reasonably be white result now he continues and he talks about the three LS of Robotics by Asimov The zero flaw and some bad things that happen in those

Books brings up Elija ovsky we’re not going to go down this path quite yet but his point is that AI can have unpredictable outcomes what are the the cases it brings me back to something like this the actual problem is the lack of transparency of what you do with the

Prompts and how you’re manipulating the output just be transparent if the AI is outputting something that doesn’t align what you think it should show if you just start manipulating the user’s request without letting them know that you’re doing it and not being open about it whatever Noble purpose you thought

You had becomes dystopian AF just don’t lie don’t be evil as I was finishing up recording this video this popped up in my feed so this is Google’s blog saying Gemini image generation got it wrong will do better they’re saying that it’s clear that this feature missed the Mark

It’s inaccurate or even offensive basically having a diverse group of people if you’re asking for somebody walking the dog however if you’re asking Gemini for a specific type of person such as a black teacher in a classroom or a white veterinarian with a dog or people in particular cultural or

Historical context you should absolutely get a response that accurately reflects what you ask for and so they’re saying so what went wrong in short two things first our tuning to ensure that Gemini showed a range of people failed to account for cases that should clearly not show a range and second over time

The model became way more cautious than we intended and refused to answer certain prompts entirely wrongly interpreting some very anod prompts as sensitive so some very inoffensive prompts and sensitive these two things led the model to overcompensate in some cases and be overly conservative in others leading to images that were

Embarrassing and wrong they’re saying we did not want Gemini to refuse to create images of any particular group and also Elon Musk posted this a senior exec Google called and spoke to me for an hour last night he assured me that they are taking immediate action to fix the

Racial and gender bias in Gemini time will tell and I’m kind of with Elon this one time will tell I want to believe that this was a innocent mistake caused by over tiing the commands on the AI model but I think all in all this was a

Good thing because it showed to a to a lot of people why it’s important to have transparency with AI why it’s important to understand who is training these models what their viewpoints are maybe this was a simple mistake but if in the future it gets used for malicious intent

How do we know do we have visibility into that decision process so I agree with musk here time will tell often times the argument against have open source AI is the chance that it will be taken over by Bad actors what protections do we have against the big

Close Source centralized AI from being taken over by Bad actors in other news so this is Logan GPT the Ambassador for openi and AGI he’s saying great news for GPT Builders and users we just launched a big GPT store update with GPT reviews Builder social profiles a new about page

With ratings categories number of conversations etc etc so now you’re able to rate gpts provide private feedback directly to the Builder and an about section in the Chad gbt store here’s Nick Doo so he created the grimoire the number one coding wizard GPT so looks like it’s got over 200 reviews so this

Is it right there in the GPT store looks like it’s saying 1,000 plus reviews now now I’m curious are you using gpts are you building building something on there when it was first announced and I was looking at it I thought this was going to be the next big thing the next big

Wave however I’m not quite sure how much of an impact it has made now it seemed like since then we had a lot more news seem to indicate that everything’s moving much faster now like this might have been a much bigger deal if AI progress moved slower but with the way

Things are going this was just maybe this was just a much smaller thing that we first anticipated or is it heating up now because there’s more ratings and potentially people starting to be paid for how many users use their gpts I’m not sure let me know in the comments

What you think are you excited about gpts still did you completely forget that they exist I’d be curious to know now the other big news here is robotics so Dr Jim fan is announcing that he’s launching gear generalist embodied agent research so this is kind of under the

Nvidia umbrella we believe in a future where every machine that moves will be autonomous and robots and simulated agents will be as ubiquitous as iPhones we are building the Foundation agent a generally capable AI that learns to act skillfully in many worlds virtual and real 2024 is the year of Robotics the

Year of gaming Ai and the year of simulation we are setting out on a moonlanding mission and getting there will spin off mountains of learnings and breakthroughs so this is the page on Nvidia so this is the other person that’s going to be on the team one of

The main people on there it seems like I believe he was working with Dr Jim fan on Voyager the Minecraft AI as well as on on the Eureka paper which we’ll touch on in just a minute here and so this Nvidia gear team will be led by the two

Of them and the mission is to build these Foundation models multimodal Foundation models LMS for planning and reasoning Vision language models and World models trained on internet scale data sources we also have general purpose robots robotic models and systems that enable robust Locomotion and dextrous manipulation in complex environments Foundation agents in

Virtual Worlds these large action models that autonomously explore and continuously bootstrap their capabilities across different games and simulations simulations and synthetic data and this is the recent thing that we’ve been talking about with things like Sora emerging simulation infrastructure and synthetic data pipelines for large scale learning and

Their hiring so I got to say this is this would be a very exciting opportunity in part because as Dr Jim fan says Nvidia has enough Capital to solve robotic Foundation model gaming Foundation model and Genera simulation all at once he’s saying our new group is perhaps the most well-funded embodied AI

Lab on Earth so I would not be surprised if Nvidia indeed is the company that’s going to produce a lot of these breakthroughs and also Eureka was named the top 10 Nvidia research projects of 2023 we’ve covered it on this channel it was quite exciting they taught a robot

In a simulation to twirl a pen in its fingers similar to how you used to have kids in school kind of do that if you recall which was just an insanely hard problem to solve previously but it gets even better than that in order to train these robots in simulation there’s

Something that’s called a reward function so basically if you’re training a robot to you know walk have some sort of a walking animation to get from one side to the other you might give it rewards for for example you know moving forward some distance you might give

Some penalties for falling on its face whatever the case is you write out an equation that gets it a adab boy every time it does something right and a you know don’t do that again if it does something wrong kind of similar to some of the things we use to perhaps train

Animals reinforcement learning you know give them a little treat when the dog sits down on command something like that now we humans are pretty good at writing those reward functions up to a point we’re good at writing them when the thing that we’re trying to get the robot

To do is pretty simple like balance something or run across a screen or open a door or drawer or something like that but were’re not really good when it comes to doing something that is more complex like spinning a pen in its fingers so Eureka tried something new

And said you know we humans were not that good at writing this code so you Chad GPT GPT 4 you do it and we told GPT 4 what to do the task description that we’re trying to achieve to make the shadow hand spin the pen to a Target

Orientation then we gave it the environment code sort of like the code behind this simulation and so GP bt4 wrote out various samples different sort of versions different approaches to doing this and that was fed into the Isaac JY the simulation the results of that was taken out of the simulation and

Given again to that same GPT 4 with feedback and said here’s what you told us to do here’s how well that worked and based on that it tried to rewrite it tried to improve it sort of like iterate upon it and this Loop continued and surprisingly Eureka outperforms humans

Across all tasks in particular and this is the really interesting part Eureka realizes much greater gains on high dimensional dexterity environments meaning as humans get worse at doing the very complex tasks at writing these reward functions for very complex tasks Eureka does well on those tasks in other

Words it’s better at teaching robots how to do complex tasks than humans can so by the way this Isaac Jim so it’s a GPU accelerated f physics simulator that speeds up Reality by a,x so gpus are the Nvidia chips that they’re so famous for and so just imagine a universe of these

Like little robots that are floating around trying to land right stretching out for infinity or trying to catch this egg on a plate and this simulates kind of our physics all the friction and gravity and everything else momentum to kind of simulate our reality but it’s

Able to run it a thousand times faster and so Eureka you know in that environment by writing rewards for that environment Eureka is a superhuman reward engineer the agent outperforms expert human Engineers on 83% of The Benchmark tasks with an average Improvement of 52% and it’s much greater gains on tasks that require

Sophisticated high-dimensional motor control and and this is interesting this is kind of a big deal I think so Dr Jim fan here is saying to your surprise the harder the task is the less correlated are Eureka reward rewards to human rewards in a few cases UA rewards are even negatively correlated with human

Ones while delivering significantly better controllers what that means is as the tasks get more and more difficult not only is Eureka better than humans it also comes up with novel Innovative completely creative and different ways of solving those tasks or writing those reward functions than humans do so when

People say oh Chad GPT is just spitting out what it’s learned it’s not making anything new how do you explain this it’s better than humans in ways that humans were not even like creative enough to to come up with those Solutions they’re new they’re novel and they’re better and here he Compares it

To Alpha go where it made brilliant moves that no human go player would make AI will discover very effective strategies that look alien to us so this to me was huge because this really reinforces this idea of AI something like GPT 4 being you know out of the box

Better than us than humans at training these robots in a simulation which then these simulations from what we’ve seen they translate very well to the real world so it’s not like this hand that’s training in a simulation is now only able to do that in the simulation you

Take out that data you put it into a robotic hand with the same characteristics and it’s going to be able to do that so AI will be training the next generation of AI and robots so this is Ted Chow so he’s saying how there will be three to four massive news

Coming out in next next few weeks that will rock the Robotics and AI space he says he believes that all the pieces we need for a modern attempt at embodied intelligence and keep in mind so he’s at Google and deep mine here he’s mentioning how much better the data

Collection for robots will be he’s an open source system it’s 400 bucks it’s from Stanford that’s design to democratize robot data collection how do you collect that data well here’s a human kind of just doing those motions there are two cameras on there recording an mp4 interestingly it looks like they

Ed two mirrors there to kind of create a stereo effect to kind of have just more angles on what they’re doing without necessarily using more cameras and here’s the opening ey back robot saying that there’s going to be a new progress update on the droids in 4 weeks and

Looks like morx Paradox might be false and we just didn’t have the data so Mor’s Paradox is the idea that contrary to traditional assumptions requires very little computation but sensory motor and perception skills require enormous computational resources meaning it is comparatively easy to make computers exhibit adult level performance on

Intelligence tests or playing checkers and difficult or impossible to give them the skills of a one-year-old when it comes to perception and Mobility so he’s saying looks like that might be false and we just didn’t have the data so can’t wait to see what these guys drop

What the new breakthrough is going to be before you go here’s a couple clips from the Miss saab’s interview where he touches on some pretty interesting things take a look do you think the world is ready for something like AGI to show up it’s something that’s going to

Affect everyone in society I think there are questions on International cooperation I would like to see a lot more of that unfortunately the geopolitical nature of the world right now is not very conducive to that so that’s unfortunate timing and then we need to of course accelerate our

Research into safety guard rails control mechanisms and also philosophy too like what do we want from our systems kind of and and ethics right and philosophy of like it’s kind of deep philosophical issues like what do we want our systems to do how what values should they have

And I think Society will have to adapt about what it is you know we want to do in a society where we have ai systems that are able to do very useful things for us maybe we have abundance because of that because we cracked things like energy problems things like physics and

Material design so there should be a huge plethora of amazing um benefits that we just have to make sure are kind of equally distributed you know so everyone in Society gets the benefit of that and then you know I think incredible things might be possible that sort of written in science fiction books

Books like the culture series by in Banks and so on it’s always been my favorite since

Leah Sirama
Leah Sirama
Leah Sirama, a lifelong enthusiast of Artificial Intelligence, has been exploring technology and the digital realm since childhood. Known for his creative thinking, he's dedicated to improving AI experiences for all, making him a respected figure in the field. His passion, curiosity, and creativity drive advancements in the AI world.


  1. It’s a dishonest video that tried to explain away why G@ogle is not r@cist. It can’t be fixed because it’s the whole organization. We need to find a different browser and platform alternatives because this is serious now. The next thing will be wh@te hat@ing robots, yikes.

  2. Sadly, you made some great points but implied wrongly that Go@gle ‘s responses where not racist when they were unambiguously racist and that’s was proven unless you didn’t bother to test it for yourself as I did. You got critical and important facts wrong that make a person draw the wrong conclusion and that’s bad. You should get this corrected asap.

    It’s not just that S@ra is the problem but also the browser, text responses and B@rd/Gemin@. It’s not that the response gives you any race. It’s that often can’t do white responses when it can do any other race. When asked why it gives different reasons based on race.

    This is very obviously intentionally racist. When did you miss it and pretend it’s not deliberate?

  3. Dorothy, we need new laws to protect us all from robots! I can’t imagine a world where my toaster would have the potential for violence without human intervention.

  4. Gemini is the proof tha there is a Social Engineering operation going on, that targets Caucasian people to make them DISAPPEAR. This is the final proof.

  5. People just hype about it too much! It's this intriguing idea that while AI and robotics might be taking over some jobs, especially the monotonous or hazardous ones, they won't completely replace human work. Instead, it's the people who leverage AI in their professions who will lead the way. 🤖➕👨‍💼=🚀

    This doesn't mean we're heading towards a jobless future, but rather towards a transformation of work. The Automation Paradox suggests that AI's takeover is not a zero-sum game. It's not about robots stealing all our jobs, but about a shift in the kinds of jobs available and the skills they require.

    As we navigate this change, I believe it's crucial that we focus on how we can work alongside AI. How can we use it to enhance our skills, creativity, and productivity? How can we ensure that the rise of AI leads to more fulfilling work rather than less? Don't worry about it too much…

  6. What's interesting about those pictures you featured re: gemini, is that deep in the archives (remember chronology doesn't lie and after that you can begin to look at causality), the first texts and remaining pictures, painted or photos, tell a completely different story to what is generally accepted and known today.

    The revision of historical facts has attempted to leave no stone unturned, but due to the immense amounts of information and the work required to completely and successfully rewrite history in all of its versions and mediums, it appears that the instigators of this colossal, global and endemic conspiracy, achieved their objectives temporarily.

    By now, the genie's out of the bottle, Pandora's box has been opened and despite the allegations of woke this and woke that, the mocking and gaslighting has taken a marked uptick.

    It's as if Google used this opportunity to create a pretext whilst also seeking feedback on sentiment.

    One of the ironies i see, is how people have reacted to their own medicine, demonstrating how successful the programming of our minds has been up to this point, unaware of the extent to which what we think is factually correct history is nothing more than a set of lies agreed upon, which they told us it was, but for which many cannot understand or grasp the idea to its fullest application.

    Unfortunately, this is an extremely disturbing truth which is destabilising to say the least and isn't easily accepted.

    The questions it raises are immense, and that's because what's taken place belongs in fiction, not reality, which causes an immediate reaction of total nonsense and disbelief to the people who might be exposed to the information and knowledge, hence the completely emotional and intense response.

    Taking a step back, and armed with verifiable, official sources, not random opinions conjured out of thin air and wishful thinking, it's possible to put the pieces together and have your mind, your beliefs and your foundations completely cleansed of the current alleged course of events which took place in the past.

    All we want is the truth, nothing less, nothing more. With that, we can determine our present and future with far more control and equity.

    The past has been framed by those who had a certain set of ideologies and wanted to keep us under their influence and control.

    It turns out that the past isn't rosy, binary, or easy to digest. It's a total effing mess, with all sorts of nuances, twists and turns, with a different perspective as to what and how we understand it today.

    I hope for everyone, that we take an internal step back and learn how to observe with caution and some detachment, whatever we're being fed, because we simply aren't in possession of all of the material information, including the hidden purposes and agendas.

    Interestingly, spotting and finding the 'easter eggs' is an important skill to develop. Because even when you're being lied to, there are elements of truth all around us. They say that the truth hides in plain sight and that's an age old concept. Traces of the actual past are everywhere and you can begin seeing them once you know how to spot the giveaways, aka tell-tale signs.

    It's quite magical to see, to read and to hear. Gemini was dropping hints of the past, far closer to what most people believe to be true, vs the current editions.

    Remember, zionists love to f-k with the 'goyim'. That's part of their doctrine and there isn't a single line they won't cross.

    Welcome to reality. It's a fkin sh-t show and a lot of it is simply inverted.

  7. Politics and Big Pharma will not allow the creation of cures…… why? because it is not as profit as selling medicine that doesn't work

  8. NO!what it's saying is, please be more specific in prompting.. when you say " historic", the AI is giving you exactly what you asked for, you don't recognize it because it's just wasn't your timeline. so next time ask it according to your "specific timeline. I mean come on y'all the picture in the underwear is the only reason I even learned the word cornucopia!

  9. Let this fail for sake of humanity. There are companies that destroy world using ai, leaving people jobless pushing them into poverty and then helping rich wage wars. Google you are destroying humanity.
    Please the kids upcoming generation too needs to live on this earth. The more this genai is commercial the more people are pushed into poverty. You guys are in a war with humanity, helping people to reach threshold of suicide. What set of evil folks invented genai😡😡😡😡

  10. Vikings where not all white. Vikings had skin tone and was often of diverse origin. The world is more complex than we assume and both people and AI should take this into account!

  11. I haven‘t used ChatGPT because I‘ve heard the stories of it hallucinating. So what would be the advantage of it for an average user. If searching for a correct answer you’d spend a lot more time verifying the answers for trustworthiness. I haven’t heard if it’s gotten better by now and until I do I see no point in using it other than maybe playing around.


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