You know what they say, the more things change, the more they change. It’s called Tech news or entropy. In the latest developments, Nintendo is suing Tropic Haze, the makers of Yuzu, which according to Google is either an emulator for the Nintendo Switch or a small yellow citrus fruit similar to a lemon. Tropic Haze sounds like a Gatorade flavor. In the 41-page lawsuit, Nintendo claims that Yuzu knowingly facilitates piracy on a massive scale. They suggest that Yuzu’s technology was used to play pirated copies of the Legend of Zelda tear of The Kingdom. A bold claim, as the game was illegally downloaded over a million times in the weeks before its official release, accounting for around 5% of the amount of official copies sold. Around 20% of download links pointed prospective Pirates to Yuzu.

Nintendo will have to prove that the Yuzu emulator was created primarily to circumvent anti-piracy protections rather than its legitimate uses, like enabling legitimate owners of a game to play it on an Android, Linux, or Windows device with a decent frame rate and a comfortable controller designed for big meaty adult hands. Apple has reportedly killed plans to build its own self-driving electric vehicle, a project that was never officially acknowledged but known to many due to the permits they had to obtain and the number of people working on it.

Moving on to other developments, Intel has added an ambitious 10A equivalent to 1 nanometer chip process to its 2027 roadmap. Another 14A or 1.4 nanometer node is scheduled for production in 2026. CEO Pat Gilling has bet Intel’s future on the success of the upcoming 18A node. The company plans to invest $100 billion into expanding production over the next 5 years, with heavy use of cobots in fabrication plants.

In more news, Adobe has revealed a new generative AI tool for music editing and customization, coined Project Music Geni. The White House has released an executive order aimed at curbing the sale of American citizens’ sensitive personal data to foreign adversaries like China and Russia. Meanwhile, Tumblr and are reportedly looking to sell user data to Ocean Journey and Open AI.

In a heartwarming but tragic moment, Aditus, the first private spacecraft to make a soft landing on the Moon, has less than a day left to live due to landing with its solar panels at the wrong angle. Honda has also figured out why VR hasn’t gone mainstream yet, as no one has tried riding their new hands-free personal Mobility device while playing a game reminiscent of a CD ROM game from the late ’90s. It looks like tech is always evolving, bringing both opportunities and challenges along the way.

As the tech news landscape continues to change, it’s clear that innovation and legal battles go hand in hand. Companies like Nintendo, Apple, Intel, and Adobe are constantly pushing boundaries and facing challenges in the ever-evolving tech industry. Stay tuned for more updates on the latest tech developments and news.


  1. I think its funny, I was like "I wanna play the new Pokemon but I heard terrible things about it so Id like to try before I buy." So I went out looking for yuzu but the first thing during the setup it tells you to add a dump of the system of your own switch, which I didn't have so I just walked away. I did not go out and buy a switch as a result of this interaction btw, I still have never used one and probably never will because there's no system selling app like Pokemon anymore.

  2. I'm not a lawyer but their case is pathetic, they start it off by demonizing emulation and saying it exists as a means to pirate on a large scale and that software is made to be sold and played on the original hardware only, then a couple of pages later they mention their OWN use of emulation in making older games available on their modern consoles.
    Yeah right, emulation is bad when others do it, it's good when we do it.

  3. So. Here is my question for these people making lunar landers that are unmanned. WHY do you insist on making them without the ability to correct their orientation? Is it too much to ask for a couple of panels or push rods that picks the lander back up if it falls? Or just make them have an inflated shield and let them bounce till they rest then orient themselves? Seems like ALLOT of money is being thrown around on obviously flawed designs.

  4. A question: did you expect Nintendo to let you keep stealing their games? How entitled we gamers are, think we just deserve every game (which costs money, time, energy and effort to make) for free. How dare they… smh.

  5. The new claim is that modding the switch and reading those roms are illegal due to encryption. Not that emulation is illegal. But if they claim and win that that is illegal, yuzu has no legal way of playing roms like previous consoles. Therefor yuzu is illegal. Thats their biggest claim in the law suit

  6. I bought Tears, on my Switch, in order to play it on emulator at a reasonable framerate. I'll be happy to stop paying you at all if that is what you want, Nintendo.

  7. every video the frequency of AI-related news keeps growing. at this rate in a few months tech news are just gonna be "microsoft's AI division has unveiled their plans for AI-powered AI, meanwhile apple has stated that AI AI AI, AI AI AI AI! AI AI, AI AI AI."
    like what the fuck does an AI-powered processor factory even mean? god i can't wait for this bubble to pop

  8. Aw yes, Pirate Nintendo games while harassing and insulting casual gamers for enjoying games on switch hardware, drag in the developers and the employees considering the fact they have absolutely nothing to do with the DMCA legal team that makes those decisions, wishing Shigeru Miyamoto Is dead or gone because of story changes, supporting disgusting Super Smash Bros Community and bomb threat Nintendo HQ over Gary Bowser.

    No wonder a bunch of casual gamers are absolutely sick of the Nintendo negativity Hate train.

  9. Let me guess, harassing and cyberbullying and insulting anyone for enjoying switch games on switch hardware, While rapidly saying pirate Nintendo games which is extremely annoying as hell….

    Am I correct?

  10. Wow, Apple says it's too hard to add an icon in the app drawer that goes to a different browser. Lmao. Other than the icon, the rest of the features should be implemented by the browser vendor and even the icon should just be a syslib call. Stupid. Pwa never gets the support it deserves

  11. I use Yuzu. But here's how I do it.

    I have a Gen1 Switch that exploits it's recovery mode. Recent laws state that I, as the owner of MY purchased device, can do with it as I please for my own personal enjoyment. This is why warranty stickers can no longer be used for "tamper-proofing".

    So, I BUY the game (i.e. Zelda) I back it up on my switch to an SD card. Then in turn, transfer it to my PC.

    Using my switch's product key files and various other files, I back those up into the necessary Yuzu folder directories.

    My game.

    My Switch.

    My Personal Experience.

    All perfectly legal.

  12. Nintendo: "We have a new console coming up, how do we maximize profits"
    Nintendo Ninjas: "Get rid of th emulators to force people to buy the new one"


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