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**Tech News: Google Settles Lawsuit, AI Advances, and More**

In a recent development, Google has agreed to pay $700 million in damages to US consumers as part of a settlement with every state attorney general over alleged anti-competitive Play Store rules. While Google has admitted to no wrongdoing, the settlement will see a minimum payout of $2 per user, with more going to higher-spending users. This settlement comes as Google also agrees to simplify sideloading and allow Android phone OEMs to pre-install more apps on new phones.

On the topic of AI advancements, consulting firm deoe is using AI to assess employees’ skills and shift them into higher-demand roles to avoid layoffs. Additionally, weo has reported a significant reduction in crashes with its driverless cars, showcasing the potential for AI in improving safety on the roads. However, AI isn’t just limited to practical applications, as evidenced by YouTuber Jschlatt’s AI covers and his response with a Frank Sinatra cover.

In other news, Comcast has reported a data breach affecting 36 million Xfinity customers due to the Citrix Bleed vulnerability. Intel is on track to launch its next-gen Battle Mage GPUs in 2024, with hopes of competing with other GPU offerings on the market. Mercedes-Benz is looking to use turquoise tail lights to communicate when a car is driving autonomously, adding a unique touch to self-driving technology.

Despite these advancements, the VR and AR industry has seen a decline in sales this year, raising questions about the future of virtual reality technology. In a surprising move, the EU has added three adult sites to its list of very large online platforms, sparking a debate on the classification of these sites under its regulatory framework.

Overall, the tech industry continues to evolve and innovate, with AI playing a significant role in shaping the future of technology. As companies adapt to new regulations and advancements, it’s clear that the tech landscape is constantly changing.

Stay tuned for more tech news and updates as we continue to explore the latest developments in the tech world.

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  1. around on 0:55 to 1:02
    i recently factory reset my brothers old phone ( we are testing to play chinese limited versions of regular games )
    and oh boy was it just pure BS
    there were 3 notifications after doing the Language selection and personal info selection

    it was something like : Android update ready to be installed,
    no sim card installed
    and then the last one was something like "download apps ( 11 ) around yoUr prEfErencEs " and what it isntalled were bunch of those random trash old popuar games that arent worth the time like Coin Master, Candy Crush saga, King something / knock off Candy Crush )
    and it was hilriously stupid because i had only spent 2 minutes putting 3 informations that were brand new to the phone
    my email ( new email made for the phone ) my language and my preferred dark mode/light mode

    it was also nutty that i couldnt remove the message

  2. Too much screaming again… 😢

    Why is especially Riley so likely to randomly shout? Random shouting/screaming does not equal to more funny.

  3. "that's raised some concerns that some phone manufacturers may pack devices with bloatware…… even more than …. they currently do COUGH SAMSUNG COUGH "

  4. Google and Apple now being forced to allow outside apps is good but while I know Google was paying people to take apps off other stores… you could still download apps from other platforms? Like what's Epic's problem on Android? They were putting Fortnite on their website already? The game is so poorly optimized on mobile that the best current market Samsung Phone can't play the game at a stable framerate. I'm so glad we went through so much legal issue only for an unplayable game.

  5. Why are ppl so crazy over that blue bubble crap…. The sharing of full raw files in imessage is more important and impressive than the color of the text… Stupid

  6. The image used in that videocardz article in the Intel Arc QuickBit is a bad AI image. Is there willing to use that, it's probably safe to say their article is done the same way.

  7. Xfinity has lax security practices? Good thing there’s healthy competition…we can just go to a competitor with better security.

    Oh wait….🤦🏽‍♂️

  8. Society has flooded the IT industry with way to many over decades. Instead of allowing people to think for themselves and choose careers based on what is actually needed and is profitable for them.

  9. Self driving cars are a dumb idea. They should be treated the same way as cars were originally treated. Be limited in speed to walking pace, and be preceded by someone on foot waving a red flag to warn that there is a self driving car approaching. And given what will inevitably happen with AI, said person with flag should be a convict on death row.


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