Google’s DeepMind team has unveiled “Genie” – a groundbreaking AI model poised to revolutionise the gaming industry and creative endeavours alike.

Genie introduced as an innovative platform capable of crafting interactive 2D video games from a single image prompt or text description, marks a significant leap forward in the realm of artificial intelligence. Developed by Google DeepMind’s Open-Endedness Team, this pioneering project signifies a fusion of cutting-edge technology and imaginative potential.

Unlike its predecessors, Genie operates on a unique principle. Drawing insights from a vast dataset comprising 200,000 hours of unlabelled video footage predominantly from 2D platformer games, this AI marvel learns through observation rather than explicit instruction. By discerning patterns and interactions within the videos, Genie transcends traditional limitations, empowering it to generate immersive gaming experiences from minimal input.

Delving into the mechanics behind Genie’s wizardry, the process unfolds in three distinct stages:

The Video Tokenizer serves as the foundation, breaking down complex video data into manageable “tokens,” akin to a skilled chef meticulously preparing ingredients.

The Latent Action Model, akin to a culinary connoisseur, analyses transitions between frames to identify fundamental actions crucial for gameplay, from jumping and running to object interaction.

Lastly, the Dynamics Model, likened to a creative chef orchestrating flavours, predicts subsequent frames based on current gameplay, crafting a seamless and dynamic gaming experience.

While Genie’s potential is vast, it remains a work in progress, beset by limitations such as constrained visual quality and restricted access.

Jaspreet Bindra, Founder, TechWhisperer UK told Business Today, “Generative AI is a super powerful creative and generative technology and tool which can democratise programming by making every human being a creator and developer, but using natural language like English or any other. Google has taken it one more generative direction with Genie AI, which can help create 2D platformer games using image prompts. It is not of the visual level of Sora or existing games, but it is a clear step in that direction.”

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